The solutions to have a beautiful buttocks

Well-curved buttocks, firm and lifted, such is the image we have of beautiful buttocks. But from an anatomical point of view, how to define beautiful buttocks. These are tall, round and muscular buttocks with smooth skin.

Buttock implants

This technique was developed by Dr Raul Gonzalez, a Brazilian surgeon. Moreover, buttock implants are a common operation in Brazil, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the USA.

To introduce the implants, the surgeon makes an incision in the crease of the buttocks. It lifts the patient’s large gluteus muscle (the part that overhangs both buttocks) in order to introduce the cohesive silicone implants. These implants take various forms and their volume varies from 250 cm3 to 350 cm3. The choice of the prosthesis to be used is made according to the original shape of the buttock and the buttock volume that the patient seeks to obtain.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately two hours. It is followed by hospitalization for three to four days. During the following week, it is not recommended to apply pressure on the buttocks or even to sit down to prevent the implants from moving.

Buttock implants can cause discomfort, including hypersensitivity and tightness for the next three months. To reduce the risks, strict and impeccable hygiene is essential. Care, to be carried out by qualified personnel, is also essential.

Buttocks implants Price in Turkey:

The price of BBL surgery in Turkey or buttock implants varies between 5,000 € and 7,500 € including tax.

Buttock augmentation by lipofilling

Lipofilling is defined as an autograft of fat. Fat cells are taken from an area where it is in excess. This sample, by liposuction, is generally done at the level of the hips or the inside of the thighs. The fat is then reinjected into the part to be remodeled, in this case the buttocks. This intervention is therefore not possible in a very small person, having only a few fatty locations.

In order for the procedure to produce the desired results, it is necessary to inject between 250 ml and 350 ml of fat for each buttock. These results were not noticeable until after about three months.

For a buttock lipofilling, it would take an average of between € 5,000 and € 6,000.

Buttock augmentation with Hayat Med

The Macrolane is no longer sold by the laboratory Q-Med. He decided to withdraw it from its production because of unscrupulous doctors injecting it outside authorized areas such as the penis or the chest.

Hayat Med in Turkey is currently the only hyaluronic acid on the market for the body.It has its marketing authorization concerning the buttocks, post-liposuction body irregularities and calves. It is strictly forbidden on the chest in women or the pectorals in men and on the penis.

This is a non-invasive procedure, an injection of Hayat Med, a variety of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is used to increase the volume of the buttocks. The surgeon begins by disinfecting the area before injecting the product with micro-cannulas or needles. To properly reshape the buttocks and ensure uniformity of the result, he performs a light massage.

For this painless procedure, it takes between half an hour and an hour and a half, depending on the extent of the correction to be made. Local anesthesia is sufficient, and it is possible to resume activities directly after the injections. This procedure is performed in the surgeon’s office. Hospitalization is not necessary.

This solution offers a temporary result, and re-injections of Hayat Med may be necessary after six months.

For the first intervention, it is necessary to count 3,000 and 6,000 € according to the necessary quantities of Hayat Med to inject.

Buttocks liposuction

This is a suction of the fatty deposits that form in the buttocks, on the lower back and on the hips. The back of the thighs and the area under the crease of the buttocks may also be affected. Before the operation itself, an interview with the surgeon is to be expected to precisely identify the volume to be removed. The intervention lasts between half an hour and two hours. It is most often done under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is reserved for minimal areas because it is very painful.

A few days after the operation, aches, skin tightness or pain may be felt. Massages help to relieve these inconveniences. Wearing a compression garment is strongly recommended during the month following the operation.

The price of a buttock liposuction varies between € 3,000 and € 4,500 including tax.

The buttock lift

The objective is to tighten the skin that has sagged and at the same time, to restore shape to the buttocks. This intervention is most often intended for people who have had a significant loss of weight so that the skin on the buttocks has sagged. The buttocks then became sagging. The intervention lasts about two hours, or even more if the liposuction of the buttocks is associated with a tummy tuck. General or epidural anesthesia is necessary.

For this intervention, a budget between 5,000 € and 6,500 € is to be expected