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The Backpackers travel guide

For those of you who want to travel on the road mode, always adventurously discovering different places, more busy walking than lying in the sun, the use of the “suitcase” is a very bad idea.
If you are up for the challenge and willing to brave the idea of traveling adventurously then it is time to ditch the suitcase and opt for a backpack. And we are here to help you get started.

First question that arises in mind is how big is the backpack?

It all depends on where you are traveling and what do you need. It is sufficient to say that you want to pack only the essentials. Trust us when we say you don’t want to lugging useless items all day. So, you need something akin to an adventure bags, a one stop shop for all your travelling needs.
Now What to pack:
Limited stocks of toiletries, which are often known to pack the most weight in a suitcase
Only the essential clothing, a few pairs should be enough. Packing a jacket is not a bad idea.
Electronic devices such as portable phone chargers with different types of cables.
An alternative pair of shoes and slippers to relax.
A small first aid kit.
Depending on your size and mode of travel, a 50L backpack should be the minimum size. Get a sturdy one with good quality. You can offset the price if you look for deals such as millets discount code or when there is a sale on.


The backpack is full of pockets and compartments. The basic rule is to think carefully about how to organize everything right from the start. The things you need every day in the most comfortable pockets, the less useful ones in the deepest area of ​​the backpack.
Remember that, despite the water-repellent materials, a backpack is not as protected as a rigid suitcase and in case of bad weather it could get wet. If you have electronic devices, water wrap them between your clothes so that they do not get wet and that they are also protected from shocks. Unfortunately, we all know how suitcases are thrown at airports.
Nowadays you can find backpacks, designed especially for travellers like yourself. They will have specialized pockets for all your needs. Some even contain small solar panels and charging docks built in the bag. Such bags can be found in specialty stores and cost a bit more, but as mentioned before buy one when they are on sale or use promo codes such as millets discount code.


Most countries in the world have health care that is very different from yours. Both first aid and hospital stays have very high rates. To leave with peace of mind, just subscribe to an insurance that deals with paying directly for every health requirement.
Whether it is one-off or scheduled over longer periods, it is in any case essential to think of providing ad hoc insurance that covers:
Unlimited medical expenses
Loss, delay and theft of baggage (which usually also includes a sum for the purchase of basic necessities on site)
24-hour assistance and repatriation (even the body in case of a misfortune)
Civil liability (especially if you think you want to rent means of transport)
Accident insurance (which acts a bit like a refund in case of serious events that happened during the trip)


Before leaving, it is always best to make a copy of all your documents, including passport, airline tickets, online reservations and insurance documents. We live in a digital world, this is true, but it would be really problematic to find yourself in a moment of need with a dead mobile phone.
Many recommend traveling with a photo ID and a copy of the birth certificate.


Do you know the term ICE? It means In Case of Emergency and is an international abbreviation that identifies the person to call in case of need.
Add it on your mobile phone to the contact name of your relatives or friends who are able to handle emergency situations and preferably speak English. Also report them to your insurance as a contact person to call in case of need.