Top Five Netflix Series To Watch On A Chilly Night

You have got a lot of shows to watch but only a few of them could be watched when your mood matches the weather outside. If it is a chilly night that you are spending alone, then you must try watching the following list of top five shows which are available on Netflix and can be best enjoyed on a chilly night!


The Next Hunt’s report has confirmed that  the filming of Ozark Season 4 is currently underway and fans might get to see a teaser trailer for the same really soon. Ozark is an extremely captivating crime drama which has a lot of elements of thrill and suspense. The show is full of surprises and will never cease to amaze you. If you are stuck somewhere and it is chilly out there, you might want to tune-in to this show because the ambience is going to support the environment of the show. It is dark, gripping and extremely thrilling to watch. That is why, it makes for a perfect watch on a chilly night and you should not let go of an opportunity to watch this on such an occasion if you ever come across one.


This show has everything that you need to get scared and amazed. As the name suggests, Stranger Things is full of strange things and weird incidents which would have no explanations if they were seen in the real world. However, the show tries to make sense of these weird things as the story moves forward in a dark environment. Watching this show on a chilly night is going to be the perfect treat for yourself if you want to have fun. Also, the fun will be multiplied if you are calling some friends for a watch party.

  • DARK

A German language show which has renovated the concept of time travelling by blending it with a thrilling journey of love, family, betrayal and more! You are going to love every single episode of this show because of how well it is made and to make things even better, it would be great if you watch this show on a chilly night.


Despite being an animated show, Castlevania is not everyone’s cup of tea. It has a great story and even greater voice acting to back it up. The show is a good watch on a chilly night when you are getting all cozy and comfy in your bed.


Sabrina The Teenage Witch is a show which can be best enjoyed alone as it is a darker and realistic take on the classic tale of Sabrina. You will find the show extremely amazing on a lonely chilly night in your room. But beware because it has some seriously terrifying moments which might scare you big time. So, you gotta watch it at your own risk.

Which one of the above shows are you going to watch first the next time that chilly breeze begins to blow in your city? Let us know and subscribe to our website for more such awesome content!