Managed IT services

Streamline your Business with Managed IT Services

your day-to-day business activities and that is only going to increase, as we move into the world of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). Digital tech develops so fast that it is unlikely you are making the best use of IT for your business and all it takes to find out is an online inquiry to a managed IT services company.

Here are a few top IT services that are on offer.

  • Internet-Based Business Communication – Voice over Internet Protocol  (VoIP)  technology has changed the business communication arena; we no longer need to rely on the telecommunication giants that like to hike their per-minute charges and the sooner you make the switch to VoIP platforms, the better. There’s no bulky hardware to set up; a couple of wireless routers and you are good to go! Consult with a leading Oregon based managed IT services provider and see what they can do for your business.
  • Secure Cloud Networking – If you haven’t yet migrated all your business data onto the cloud, where have you been? Forget storing files and folders on your workstation PCs and enjoy the many benefits of a secure cloud network, which is managed by IT professionals. You and your staff have instant access to data wherever you happen to be; all you need is a digital device and a stable Internet connection.
  • Hardware Support – As your business grows, so does the amount of digital hardware you need and without hardware support, life will be more than a little frustrating. We all know how unreliable computer hardware can be and if you are stressed out by printers that don’t print or copiers that don’t copy, talk to a leading Portland-based IT support company and all will be well. If you are a digital nomad and want some advice, click here.
  • 24/7 Cyber-Security – You simply can’t take any chances when it comes to protecting your critical business data and this is a job for the managed IT services company. Once they create your cloud network, they ensure it is well-protected and regularly carry out penetration testing to see if they can breach your defenses. In the event of a malware attack, they can quickly trace the origin and you can get in touch with US cyber-crime officials who can take action.
  • IT consulting – Prior to investing in IT hardware, you need to be sure you are making an informed decision and get the most out of your dollars and the best way to do this is to seek out the advice of a local IT support company, who can guide you in the purchase of IT hardware. Things can get complex when you have multiple offices, yet with a cloud network, all your branches are connected and protected on a secure network.

All it takes is an online inquiry to discover whether or not your business is making the best use of IT services that are available today.