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SnapTravel – Does It Work Or Not?

No matter how frequently you travel, we all want to get the best values on flights & hotels. Snaptravel official site claims to be able to assist people to find hotels at reasonable prices than other travel sites. But does it really work?

Well, we have used it and can say that we were just surprised: this will actually get you deals that you never find on Any other online popular travel sites. While you had to go from one website to another comparing deal, Snaptravel currently does the work on behalf of you. Also, provide each and every trip detail and get the travel deal directly on their website or via message – it’s that simple as well as straightforward.

We love locating other travel utilities & trying them out. We can give you the all-in-one trip planning that not only matches your choice but also your budget. Moreover, we’re always searching for other cool travel sites to try out as well.

Well, if you are interested in trying Snaptravel, then check out this Review! Here, we mention a brief overview of the agency, how it works, and, last but not least, let you understand if using Snaptravel is worth it.  

What is Snaptravel? 

Introduced in 2016, Snaptravel is actually a virtual travel company that connects travellers with top-notch flight & hotel deals. Snaptravel’s fundamental goal is to “make travel an easy and magical experience” by offering outstanding travel deals at the most reasonable market values via an easy-to-use platform. 

Snaptravel’s agents have access to the most modest values that previously travel agents with physical stores only would have access to. Snaptravel also uses AI agents & algorithms to find out the best flight & hotel deals. Moreover, their agents are 24*7 available to help with customer service concerns & queries. 

Conveniently, you are not required to leave your place to benefit from Snaptravel’s incredible deals! The whole process can be effortlessly achieved via and via different social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, or even text message. And you do not even require to download any applicable as well. 

Snaptravel was introduced by entrepreneurs Hussein Fazel & Henry Shi and is purchased by SnapCommerce. Currently, Snaptravel has a user base of more than twenty million. 

The agency has even got investment from well-known names like Expedia CEO Peter Kern & NBA player Steph Curry. Snaptravel official site has been featured by the LA Times, Bloomberg,  Forbes, and so on. 

How Much Does Snap travel Cost?

Well, Snaptravel is a free-to-use site! No matter what sort of tour you’re intending. There are no additional charges for using Snaptravel as opposed to any other travel agencies.

Only when you determine on a specific travel deal will you be needed to pay for that hotel and/or flight offers. And the most exciting thing is you will save a significant amount of money booking via Snaptravel instead of directly via airlines or hotels.

The one add-on thing offered is buying access to the Snaptravel Plans

  • VIP plan for $30 upfront for up to 6 months.
  • And after 6 months, the VIP plan is $5 each month.

The most exciting fact of this plan involves free upgrades as well as discounts on bookings, booking alterations, & round-the-clock concierge service.

Moreover, you can also pay for hotels, flights, and even the VIP plan on Snaptravel through PayPal, Apple Pay, or credit card. 

How Does Snaptravel Work? 

We will be going to look at how Snaptravel official site gets its low rates & how to book through Snaptravel. 

The agency works with airlines & hotels in a “private 1:1 environment” that enables them to get the most modest rates for every customer. Snaptravel’s incredible algorithm finds discounted flight fares & hotel deals that aren’t accessible on traditional travel websites.  

Henceforth, if you desire to book via Snaptravel, initially head over to and choose the  “Hotels” or “Flights” according to your requirements!

Snaptravel Hotel Booking 

Whenever you need to book your hotel through Snaptravel, simply follow these undermentioned instructions: 

  • In the very first place, you need to input the city you have to visit, mention dates of the tour, & the number of guests. 
  • Afterward, choose how you want to be contacted: via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or normal Text and provide the required contact information.  
  • Once done, you will get a customized offer with 3 Snaptravel hotels deals for the requested tour with the best possible price offered.
  • And if one of these deals works for you, then you can hassle freely book & pay straightforwardly through your device & get a prompt confirmation.  

Snaptravel Flight Booking 

When it comes to flight booking through Snap travel, there aren’t any large offers or discounts since airlines do not actually have unique “private 1:1 rates”.

So, if you desire to use Snap travel for flights ticket booking, then you need to follow these instructions: 

  • Primarily, decide one-way, multi-city, or round-trip. 
  • Enter each and every detail including departure & return airports, flight dates, passenger details, & flight class ( business, economy, first-class, etc.) 
  • Flights that suit your criteria will be displayed on the website, & you can then choose the flights with the best price & time for you & your preferred airline. 
  • Next, you need to add the other passenger details, including gender, date of birth, & contact details.
  • Last but not least, add the payment details. When you are done with the payment processes, you will get a confirmation message in your email. 

What Are the Major Advantages of Snaptravel? 

The following are the most essential pluses of using Snaptravel overbooking straightforwardly via an airline or hotel or booking through another online travel agency, like Expedia. 

Simple and straightforward to Use 

Snaptravel is outstandingly simple & straightforward to use, and the agency has a highly user-friendly site. You need to input the required details about your tour & get access to the best possible deals instantly.

Afterward, you will be able to book directly via Snaptravel & add upgrades accordingly to your taste and preferences. All of your tour details & confirmations are stored by Snaptravel thus, everything relating to your tour is in one place. 

The most modest prices on Hotels and Flights 

Regular users of Snaptravel have access to the lowest hotel & flight rates around. The majority of the Snaptravel reviewers say that when comparing prices with other online websites and airlines or hotels directly, Snaptravel had the best rates consistently. Averagely, customers get 30-50% discounted rates when booking via Snaptravel. 

Customizable Deals 

Snaptravel locates prices specifically for you & your needs. Therefore, instead of providing one-size-fits-all deals, you will be able to search for exactly the type of hotel or flight you require. Along with details like the dates of your tour, you can also request room types, & more to get a personalized deal. 

Round the Clock Customer Support 

Snaptravel provides round the clock service to its customers so that no one faces any sorts of difficulties while booking their personalized hotel or flight. Snaptravel employs a unique combination of bots & real agents to assist answer questions & aid with complaints & concerns. You can effortlessly reach customer support via Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, SMS. You can also give them a ring on their toll-free Snaptravel customer service number at 1-833-600-5830.  

It’s absolutely Free!

Using Snaptravel online won’t cost you anything. You just need to pay for the hotel or flight you want to book. If you feel this online site is pretty beneficial for you, then you can upgrade to the VIP plan for $5 each month, however, it is not necessary to get the best possible deals.

Does Snaptravel Have Any Drawbacks? 

Despite having a number of amazing features, Snaptravel does have some drawbacks, which we will be going to address in the next section!

Problems with Rewards Programs 

There are a few hotels that will not give you membership rewards points if you book your room through Snaptravel online service. This does not appear to be a difficulty with airline rewards points. 

Unable to Package Hotels and Flights 

You can’t book accommodation & flights together via a package deal since you have to deal with the two different service providers. And if you are looking to book both accommodation & flights through Snaptravel, then so it separately. 

Booking Issues Can appear 

It’s more likely that booking-oriented problems & errors can appear when not booking through an airline or hotel. Some negative Snaptravel reviewers focus on this point, saying that they reached a hotel & didn’t find their booking even after having paid & got a booking confirmation message from Snaptravel. There are some reviewers who say airlines canceled flights, & Snaptravel didn’t inform them about the cancellation. 

Customer Support Issues 

Some reviewers also say that connecting with a real person when requiring customer support is a pretty challenging matter. 

Is Snaptravel Authentic and Legit?  

There are a number of people who wanted answers to the questions, “Is Snaptravel official site Authentic and legit?” & “Is Snaptravel reliable and trustworthy?” Both of the answers are yes! Snaptravel has legitimately assisted millions of users to locate the best possible accommodation & flight deals. 

The top-notch customer satisfaction among Snaptravel users is shown in their reviews. Snaptravel has 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot, based on more than 22,000 reviews. The agency also has a top-grade rating & 4.6/5 stars, based on over 2,000 reviews with the Better Business Bureau. 

Are Snaptravel Deals Refundable? 

Snaptravel flight bookings & hotel bookings might be refundable. While you will be able to cancel some of the hotels & flights for a complete refund, most of Snaptravel’s deals are non-refundable. However, you might get Snaptravel credits that can be employed on a future booking while canceling a certain booking.

In order to check the Snaptravel official site refund policy, check your booking confirmation or you can also type “my bookings” into the messaging thread. Additionally, note that you might incur charges if the airline or hotel made any alterations or cancels your booking. 

Snaptravel recently has a Covid-19 cancellation procedure & is more flexible regarding the refund policies. If your tour is non-refundable & you have to cancel it due to Covid-19 oriented factors, get in touch with the support team! They might help you to get a complete refund.

Is Snaptravel Worth It? 

Now, we are going to answer one of the most frequently asked questions: “Is Snaptravel worth it?”

Because of its ease of use, amazingly low rates, and several satisfied clients, Snaptravel seems to be an agency worth booking flights & hotels with. 

At least, it’s worth getting a few quotes from Snaptravel when preparing a tour. If you get the best rate with Snaptravel & determine to book, it looks as though you get the best quality service & have access to support if required.  

A number of positive reviews left on websites like Trustpilot aid to prove that booking flights & hotels via Snaptravel is worth it. And the average of 9 to 10 % of reviews is negative, while all the rest are positive. 

Happy Snaptravel customers state:

  • How protected & secure booking via Snaptravel online site is 
  • That Snaptravel help to save a lot of money
  • Booking via Snaptravel is not only simple but straightforward as well

One especially happy customer says: “I just book with Snaptravel for the most modest rates on hotels. I ensure you the rates are actually unbeatable. I love Snaptravel.” and I recommend this to everyone!

Another five-star reviewer: “The whole experience was nice &  Snaptravel had excellent communication along the way. I would definitely recommend them” 

If considering booking via the online site: Snaptravel, it’s pretty essential to be aware of the drawbacks discussed earlier. However, clients rarely have problems, with the large majority having a nice experience. 

Well, if you think your plans might alter, Snaptravel might not be the best alternative as most bookings are non-refundable. Moreover, it’s suggested that you ask the airline or hotel to double-check your reservation. 

Finally, using Snaptravel in order to book flights & hotels should save you a significant amount of money & make your tour planning easy as well as hassle-free!


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