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What is Smart Toothbrush? Know How it Works and What Are The Prices?

It appears that anywhere we head, our world is getting smarter each and every second of the day. We are within-side the age of smartphones, clever watches, and clever houses—and clever motors are both already anywhere or simply at the horizon. Believe it or not, clever toothbrushes have entered the gambling discipline of era now too, and they may simply shop your tooth.

What is a Smart Toothbrush?

Well, first of all, a digital toothbrush has already been demonstrated to cast off greater plaque than a popular guide toothbrush, and toothbrushes with timers have additionally extended how lengthy human beings brush their tooth. However, reflect on consideration on how you sweep your tooth each day, two times a day. How lots time do you spend in your molars? The lingual facet(tongue-facing)  of your tooth? What approximately your dogs and bicuspids (the ones tooth among the dogs and molars)? Are you brushing they all lengthy sufficient?

Or do you generally tend to spend a piece of time brushing the cheek-facet of your molars, a few in your front tooth, and sort of gloss over all the ones tooth in among? Do you clearly brush the lingual facets of your tooth properly sufficient? Do you practice sufficient pressure? Too lots?

Can you even name to mind ‘how you sweep your tooth?’

It turns into an automated system for maximum human beings, however what in case you had a thing that could assist you to recognize wherein you ought to spend greater time brushing? What in case you had a non-public brushing instructor that taught you the way to completely optimize your plaque manage and oral health? Well, with clever toothbrushes, you do.

Working & Pros of a Smart Toothbrush

Smart toothbrushes have sensors within-side the head of the toothbrush that ship records in your brushing conduct to an interactive app in your smartphone, usually through Bluetooth. The smart, or Bluetooth, toothbrush statistics brushing times, how lengthy you sweep special regions of the mouth, how a good deal stress you apply, what perspective you keep the comb at, and more, and the app helps you to recognize all of those facts points. Plus the app commonly has some of different beneficial functions as well, like timers, games, ancient facts, and more.

How Smart Toothbrush is different from normal & motor brush?

Smart Toothbrush is way different than normal & motor brushes. A motor brush & a smart toothbrush both possess replaceable heads but the motor used is quite different in nature. A smart toothbrush will have approximately 20,000 more vibration per minute as compared to a normal motor brush. The stroke rate is much higher in a smart toothbrush due to which it gives a more effective cleaning process.

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The next difference lies in the bristles of the respective brushes. For the normal motor brushes the bristles will have a soft & hard texture depending on the nylon used for making while the bristles of a smart toothbrush will be DuPont that is antimicrobial.

The price range of both the brushes is another factor which separates them. A normal brush can be as low as $0.5-1, while a motor/electric brush will cost around $70-100. A smart toothbrush usually costs around $150-300 depending on the features it offers.

Do we really need a Smart Toothbrush?

To ease this question, we took reference from one of the clinical practitioners. Dr (Major) Chandra Prakash’s saying, a Gurgaon-primarily based totally dental healthcare professional and previous senior resident, Safdarjung Hospital believes that the solution is also yes and also no. “If my clients require extra care and complete dental hygiene to be maintained then it is going to be a lot less complicated to do with a smart toothbrush,” he says. However, he insists that it’s the method of brushing and not how longer the comb that performs an extra essential position in the preservation of dental health. “Smart toothbrushes maintain a pleasing report of your brushing records and its overall performance discloses how nicely you are taking care of your teeth,” he adds.

The offerings of smart toothbrushes and toothbrushes with timers are clear, which might be each capabilities of smart toothbrushes. However, many smart toothbrushes maintain a record of your brushing habits and overall performance. This offers you a higher feel of the way you want to enhance your brushing. For example, whilst your toothbrush says you observe an excessive amount of pressure, slightly brushed an area, or aren’t retaining your toothbrush on the proper angle, you may restore it.

Furthermore, the apps that pair with a lot of those toothbrushes additionally operates video games, coaching, and rewards to cater to youngsters and adults alike. These dreams and rewards provide extra motivation to sweep properly. When you attain a goal, you could get a digital trophy or success like in any video games you play on a console or mobile device. For youngsters, the video games flip the chore of brushing into a hobby that they could enjoy. Overall, the motivation is to gain a higher oral health.