Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Even when human beings were evolving from the early stages of our being, knowingly chimpanzees, they are known to have been curious about the world and constantly trying to make sense of everything around us. Humans have always been, and continue to be thirsty for knowledge.

This hunger to know about the things that are not known yet makes us one of the most curious beings on the planet. Not only does our brain produce questions but also equips us with the tools for being able to find answers to such questions.

Science has always been a useful tool and with the help of mathematics, it has developed even further and today, we not only know about our world better, but are also trying to know about other worlds beyond ours.

Throughout history, people have used science to invent things and today their uses are seen everywhere around us. For example, a telephone was the first device used to exchange audio messages with people around the world and now it is not only used for personal reasons but also finds a place in contact center solutions, allowing businesses and organisations to be in touch with their customers, and providing great services.


The early man is known to have invented some forms of weapons to keep themselves safe from wild animals. Fire is also known to have been invented through rubbing of stones with each other, producing sparks that eventually lit a fire.

It seems unusual now but our life began very early and without the help of any technology or machines, our great ancestors survived and eventually died.

Some of the most important inventions happened after people started studying and applying scientific thinking and principles in daily lives. Mathematics is also a very useful field of study as nature seems to understand them and communicate with us through them.

Many equations, statements and laws in fundamental physics are incomplete without mathematics and it has given birth to a number of inventions that have affected the world in a huge way.



Before the invention of printing press by Johannes Gutenberg, people were writing letters and exchanging individual ideas, written on paper with their loved ones or friends.

The invention of the printing press was a game changer as it was the first time that people could communicate with a number of people at once and promote their ideas to a large number of people.

Mass communication also found one way of being invented with the invention of the printing press and later, mass communication became a way of not just exchanging personal messages but also exchanging professional ideas, market products and sustain campaigns.


Thomas Edison, one of the most respected scientists throughout history invented the bulb for the first time, combining the effects of heating through electricity with materials found in our lives.

The benefits of this invention are countless and the easiest way to understand how important this invention was to imagine if there was a power cut for a few days in the present world in a town.

Not only would our usual life and activities be affected but since so many things in our lives and data have now gone digital, the working of whole nations and the planet could be at risk.


Alexander Graham Bell invented the very early forms of telephone which modified through the history over time and now we have smartphones, without which, we feel crippled.

The telephone was one of the first devices that allowed audio signals to be converted into electric signals and be transported through wires or cables to any part of the world where the wires could go. Thus, people could be connected over a large part of the area.

These days, the use of devices has modified but people still use the same technique to speak to people around the world. Contact center solutions offer multiple growth and development opportunities to the people who own a business by improving their communication with their customers.


Oliver and Wilbur Wright, also known as the Wright brothers invented the very early samples of aeroplanes. They not only made it possible for people to fly and connect with people around the whole planet, but also made it easier for exchanging goods across waters.

Never before was it possible for people to travel such long distances over short periods of time and most of the places were inaccessible. This has helped the world be better connected and also helped in overseas businesses to grow