Live exams
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Ensure the same eye with the use of live proctoring

It’s a changed phase and, people have started adopting the new normal. In these tuff times, where there lies no clue when everything will be back on track, it becomes redundant to forego any works. Every other act, be it exams, recruitment, and manufacturing on broader ideas needs to be performed. Though on different terms, it may be difficult to conduct any virtual assistance, it is surely possible to get tests conducted or any recruitment process conducted through the proctoring software. The live proctoring test which is facilitated through the proctoring software makes it even easier and possible to get the tests done. From a wider perspective, it paves off the way for any virtual physical presence, i.e., to maintain a constant watch physically. The live proctoring software instead helps in several ways, especially taking into account the live proctoring component.

This proctoring component is a tool in understanding the broad overview as to what does live proctoring mean. Live proctoring is a tool that takes into account every possible check to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity undertaken in any exam. Also, it takes into account any unfair means adopted by any candidate in any possible examination conducted. In a wider sense, it can be easily ascertained as a simple tool facilitating the conducting of the examination, while ensuring that the examination is being conducted without any malpractices or unfair means adopted by the candidate. It would provide for a seamless conducting of examination while taking into account that it is even cheating free. To understand the numerous benefits of live proctoring, we have identified some of the benefits which would be detrimental in picking up live proctoring software for conducting any test or examination.

1) Ease of setting up the test:

As physical teaching is discouraged in the pandemic; the future of the students could not be left jeopardized. To combat and ensure that the student’s future remains intact and preferably the students remain updated while balancing their mental health, the live proctoring would come as handy and would help in setting up the test easy for the students. The test can be conducted at the convenience of the teacher from any location. Moreover, to get things done, it can be scheduled to get uploaded and a definite time frame may be provided, which will provide the option to the student to hop in and get at the scheduled time and attend the test.

2) Ensures minimal or no cheating

Cheating is natural among the students. While dealing with this can’t be easy on the physical out front, but it may be certainly minimized or ensured that there is no cheating through the help of the live proctoring. The auto-proctoring takes into account the services of the web-cam and the entire pattern used by the candidate in attempting the question. The component provides for algorithms that determine the behavior of the candidate, which would help the facilitator to determine any malpractice or cheating adopted by the candidate. It will thus help in either minimizing cheating or ensuring zero cheating in any test proctored through it.

3) Quicker Results:

The proctoring software would ensure that there lies a faster declaration of results, as compared to any other means. The results could be pronounced within some moments and it would ensure that a speedy announcement of results is being made. It will not only provide the candidate for the fast-tracking of the marks scored but would also provide for an opportunity to analyze the flaws which might have led to scoring the marks. It will also help in the teacher taking strategic steps to guide the candidate well into account to ensure that the student’s concern based on the performance is being looked into.

4) Simultaneous conduction of tests: 

It offers the benefit of conducting the test simultaneously. It provides for the option that the software serves to the numerous potential students appearing for the students at the same time. It facilitates conducting the test at one-go and is par in views like that of the physical examinations, where students are required to appear o the same day and time. It thus provides the window to conduct the test simultaneously for all the students without causing any difficulty and maintaining the whole objective of the test.

5) Verifies identity: 

Taking into account the virtual world, it becomes difficult to keep a watch upon any student. The student may not be the one who is actually opting for the examination. It may be the case where any other person may be posing as the real student and may be appearing for the test. To curb down the menace and ensure an effective tool in determining the legibility of the student, the live proctoring takes into account for verification