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Significance of Code Review in the QA Process

The main aim of the code review services is to pinpoint errors, early bug identification and guarantee that the standard practices are being followed by the code. It is done via two-way communication where the reviewer and the coder learn from each other. This leads to the eradication of errors that can have a poor impact on the app. However, the teams that work in an agile set-up often tend to ignore the significance of the code review process.

This is because; they think that it is very time-consuming especially when deadlines are approaching. Nevertheless, the significance of the code review process cannot be overlooked. An early issue and bug detection will help the software testing companies to resolve them at an earlier stage. On the contrary, detecting bugs at a later stage will increase the overall cost of delivering an app. Therefore, the software testing companies are now incorporating code review in the initial phases.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you some advantages of incorporating code review in the quality assurance process.

1. Quick Bug Detection 

This will help companies to save time and effort by detecting bugs at an early phase. This makes the process less tedious, more efficient &  helps the brand to climb their Success Stories with less hurdles. Even though software companies are incorporating automation testing, humans detecting and resolving SSL Error is also important.

2. Acquiescence with Standards

Sometimes clients need to follow coding standards in an agile world. Most often new entrants are not aware of the industry-standard coding. Code review assists in guarantying that the code follows the standards being set by different stakeholders.  

3.Collaboration in The Team

Code reviews offer a platform that is common among team members to enhance team collaboration. It creates awareness amongst them regarding their weaknesses and strengths. It also offers protection against working in silos.

4. Agile Practice

As a software development company shifts towards agile practices, they need to deliver on-time quality work. Code reviews assist companies to create a quality code that has zero defects and is created by keeping quality standards in mind.

5.Code Review Practices to Check New Staff

Senior developers do not have sufficient time to mentor or train new staff regarding the latest coding standards. Code reviews provide a viable platform for the juniors to work in collaboration with the seniors. A proper feedback procedure permits new developers to get trained quickly.


Usually, a code review implicates developers that inspect the source code that they didn’t work on. They give feedback to the code writers, which include both negative and positive comments. Mostly, reviewers are not considered to be the project part. This is because; it grows their objectivity and guarantees the maintainability and readability of the code. Therefore, whenever organizations find code review services they want reviewers to look for the common errors and authenticate the code against the company’s coding standards.

Code reviewing is incorporated in all developmental stages, excluding smaller projects that must be designed and positioned right away. Even during the final developmental phases, code reviews lessen the number of regression bugs. This guarantees that the company’s coding practices are not abandoned. By incorporating the best code review practices, the costly quality assurance defects can be mitigated that were detected just prior to the release. This makes code reviews an integral part of the quality assurance procedure for software testing companies.