Set Foot In The World Of Microsoft Edge 2023 And Unlock Greatness

With several months of research and experiments, finally, Microsoft released the most anticipated update, Microsft Edge. It comes with alluring features and a remarkable break from the brand name of IE, thereby hampering the age-old tree structure.

Internet Explorer comes with certain features to meet several compatibility purposes. However, you have to move ahead of it. So, let’s walk you through the most obvious reasons for using Microsoft Edge.

Alluring Features you’ve Experienced Never Before

As per the latest reports, Microsft Edge is one of the fastest browsers available in this competitive market. Before, giving it a try, go through the notable features.


Speed is one of the most significant factors that you should consider before you decide which browser is your first choice. Chrome happens to be the king for quite some time. But the release of a myriad of features along with the endless extensions demeans the advantages.

As per the latest report, the target of the Microsoft browser is to beat Chrome and Safari with the JavaScript formulation. Edge is 100 times faster than Google Chrome, or at least that’s what they claim. On the Apple JetStream platform, Edge is almost 30 times faster than Chrome.

Although, Chrome works slightly faster at times as per the independent testing is concerned. But with the integration of several extensions, it attained the number one spot.

Annotate Pages

Microsoft Edge is the fastest browser that permits you to incorporate notes to the webpages you are seeing. This comes with a lot of benefits for a variety of users. Using this, students can easily annotate certain pages for their school project. Cooking freaks can use this to make tweaks and changes to recipes. After that, they can print and share those with their friends and colleagues.

Designers who want to give feedback on the basis of the layout will find this process very easy as well. Please take into consideration that this will work much better if the touchscreen is equipped with a computer and pen.

In order to enable this unique feature, you need to click on the paper and pen icon present on the top-right corner. Once you make the necessary changes, you can save that as a bookmark and share that through OneNote. Else, you can save that in the reading list.

Reading List

This is a brand new feature found in Windows 8. It was left unused previously and very few people know how to operate. It is now at the forefront. However, you can easily avail a similar feature with the help of certain apps and add ons like Pocket. But the main thing is it has now become a native feature.

You can easily add an item to this list. You just need to press the Favorite icon available in the toolbar and after that, click on the select option in order to add that to the reading list. This reduces your burden to search that in the Bookmarks folder.

Reading Mode

Stay connected to the reading list in the reading mode. Just like the reading list, other browsers come up with certain plug-ins or tweaks that imitates a reading style for a prolonged period of time. However, it turns out to be an in-house feature now.

The main agenda behind this is to remove an article by eliminating advertising and sidebars. This will give you a more viable experience similar to reading a newspaper.

Moreover, you can easily access the function easily and that too at a faster rate. For that, you just have to open the page which you wish to read. After that, click on the small book icon available on the top-right side. Finally, click on it in order to take an exit from the reading mode.

Enhanced Security

Since browsers are insecure programs and IE is the worst, Microsoft grabs this seeming opportunity to address the concerns. They perform this in a variety of ways. Edge is more of an app now. It signifies that the process models have undergone significant modification. Alongside, there is an outer manager as well as assorted content processes.

Microsoft Passport Technology came into limelight to safeguard against the phishing attacks. Also, Certificate Reputation is now available with new kind of reporting features. W3C and IETF standards are now available after their integration with the latest rendering engine. Thus, it becomes much more secure.

Free of Clutter

Most people often criticize and points out to the IE owing to the unusual complexity. With the ushering of the Internet Options page in the early 1990s, the settings spread throughout the program in a chaotic fashion.

This is owing to the fact that the designers built this with a very minimalistic approach. The main page is really very basic removing all the unnecessary information. Anything which appears to be important but unnecessary is concealed in the Menu. From there, move to the Settings option. After that, navigate to the Advanced Settings option.

The outcome is a clean one different from the one with an extension packed alternative.

Customizable Start Page

First of all, you should ask for your language. After that, you can personalize the entire content which you wish to see. You will get all sorts of news like the favorite team or athletes you wish to follow. 

The page draws from a variety of sources to provide variation. You will get all the news based on the particular choice of the country.


Cortana has taken great steps in the personal assistant space. It is a great alternative for Google Now and Siri.

When you enable Cortana to work in connection with Edge from the Advanced Settings menu, it comes with certain benefits. Suppose you like to view a restaurant on the internet, that webpage will show up and give you the direction as well as opening and closing hours.

If you are going through an article and not aware of the context, simply right-click on Cortana to get more information. Also, you will get company reviews using the Yelp results.

Coding Support

Microsoft certified the Edge browser for a long term use. A slight look from the developer conference will give you forward-thinking technologies incorporated recently. It also supports RTC which is nothing but a new format of WebRTC.

Also, this will come up with several ES6 language offerings. 


The bad part is that there are no extensions present at this point in time. However, the good news is that they are coming and in a better format with the use of Javascript and HTML.

It signifies that the extensions required for either of the browsers require less coding to integrate with Edge. And, you will find this in the upcoming month.

What’s There to Like About Edge?

Did you ever switch to Edge? What drives you to change the decision? Maybe you have made an attempt and move a step backward to Chrome or Extension. Whatever be the scenario, you will not regret.

Therefore, follow this user guide to know the useful features of Microsoft Edge 2019 before you choose the best one. Moreover, you can refer to the user manual to have a quick glance. If you have any new idea, you can provide that in the comment section.

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