Must known tips to Download iSmartViewPro Online

Actually, iSmartViewPro is an application that highly assists you to control your CCTV cameras on a laptop or Mac remotely. Commonly, you can make use of this application on any device, but the great thing about using it on a PC is the benefit of enjoying HD videos on a big screen. This application also has a Wi-Fi link, so you can simply upload your videos on the internet.

Also, this app is more beneficial, when you are going out, but need to monitor your workplace or home. All you want to do is just log in and you will get access to the cameras on location. In addition, you can even set up this application to record and save every footage while you are away. So, you can see the videos later on.

If you own a business or work in an office, the chances are high that you have installed surveillance cameras to improve the safety of your assets. Actually, this iSmartViewPro application is ideal for shops in order to monitor their buyers or even small office settings, which require monitoring or for domestic purposes such as fences, keep security at the gate and also complete home monitoring.

Since the androids have minimal space, you might also require this iSmartViewPro application for a laptop or Mac to obtain additional storage space for your videos. In addition, you might require this application on a PC, if you really want the massive working space like a system screen to store your footage every time for future reference.

Absolutely, the iSmartViewPro is specially made for people whose aim is to register the entire things in their CCTV footage and cameras from their offices. Of course, it is worth noting that this app synchronizes with CCTV cameras, which have specialized built-in wireless abilities. When you use this application, you want to have a reliable online connection for accessing this application to run optimally.

Moreover, this app is completely free to use and can be easily identified on the Google Play Store. The good news is that this application can greatly assist you to restructure your workflow and also allow you to have peace of mind. Overall, the iSmartViewPro is a vital solution for you.

Excellent Features of Ismartviewpro for Mac

The iSmartViewPro for mac is an amazing app that is particularly made for P2P IP camera sequences. This P2P connection technology actually enables the users to watch the live videos on multiple devices such as iPhone from any bought IP camera by just typing the ID and password of a camera. The best thing about this app does not even include any difficult routers or IP settings. Below are some of the amazing features of this application that include:

·         Enables you to connect various cameras feeds to your device

Whether you have a laptop or Mac device, you can be assured that you will be able to connect to several cameras, which either you have at home or in your office. In such a way, you will be able to see multiple places from your devices whether it be a tablet or a PC.

·         It is completely free to use

Unlike any other apps, this iSmartViewPro is completely free to use. You will also obtain the complete safety of your business or home for free without even spending more money.

·         Warnings you whenever there is sign

If there is any sign where you have placed your cameras, this application will surely alert you by simply sending you a warning. In this way, you will get to know who was moving in front of your cameras, whether at your office or your home.

·         Able to connect IP cameras

One of the excellent features of this iSmartViewPro app is its capability to connect IP cameras to this application. All you want to do is just enter the ID and password of a camera.

·         No time stamping

With this iSmartViewPro application, you will not be able to timestamp the diverse photos or videos. If you really need to know what has happened on a specific video, then you have to keep track of the time by yourself.

·         Permits you to record the videos from any streams and then watch later

This app permits you to record the entire videos, which you need to watch them later. Moreover, this application also enables you to capture screenshots of any live video streams.

How to Use Ismartviewpro for Mac?

The below steps will be really useful for you to download and install the iSmartViewPro application on your Mac.

  • Initially, you want to download and install the BlueStacks app on the Mac. Here, the Blue Stacks is a specially made app that supports operating the android apps on Mac and windows as well as Mac OS.
  • After finishing the installation portion, you just open the application on your Mac device.
  • Once the application is opened, you need to finish the initial procedure of setup. This procedure is the same as the tablet or android device start-up setup.
  • In the home/ main screen of the BlueStacks application, you will discover a search bar.
  • In that search bar, you have to type as iSmartViewPro and then you can install this application directly from a search bar.
  • In case the search bar refuses to display the iSmartViewPro application, then you can open up the play store as usual and directly install the iSmartViewPro app into your Mac system.
  • After completing the installation part of iSmartViewPro for mac, you can open up this application and then enjoy using it.


If you are searching for a good way to keep an eye on your office or home remotely, you must simply consider downloading this fantastic application. It can really work very well on your PC. Whenever you want this app, you just want to download and install it on your Mac. With this iSmartViewPro, you will be able to monitor your assets, even when you are far away from miles.