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How To View Blink Camera on a Computer [Best Guide]

It is completely wireless and pretty small in size so that you can install the camera anywhere you want. The camera can be easily controlled or previewed from the Blink App. In today’s guide, we will give you an in-depth guide on how to view Blink camera app for PC. The app is only published for Android and iOS smartphone devices. However, it can be also used on PC by using a simple technique. Keep reading the below paragraph to find out how to use Blink cameras for PC.

What is a Blink Camera System? What are its Benefits?

The Blink is an Amazon Go product that lets you take control of your home or office from anywhere in the world. Blink cameras are compact and wireless as they operate on powerful batteries. There are both indoor and outdoor cameras from the manufacturer. The camera can offer you HD and ultra-clear video even in full darkness.

The Blink cameras are operated by AA batteries which can be easily replaced whenever needed. Moreover, ultra-powerful batteries can offer you two years long service without any issues. You can easily manage the Blink camera and live telecast the video feed using the Blink Home Monitor app for PC.

The well-engineered app shows you the required data instantly. You can view and manage a large number of cameras from anywhere. Moreover, as the camera supports 2-Way communication, you can also talk with individuals in front of the camera. The cameras also work with the Amazon Alexa voice commands.

If you often need to stay outside the home then the Blink camera can be a great way to keep an eye on the house anytime. As it also features motion detection, you can also easily detect and take action against unethical activities.

How to Blink Camera login & Set up

Blink cameras offer an accessible way to cover your home or office. Setting up and your Blink  login, camera system is a simple process that ensures you have access to real- time videotape feeds and cautions. In this companion, we’ll walk you through the way to get your Blink camera over and running in no time.   

Step 1-  Unboxing and tackle Setup 

Unbox your Blink camera system and ensure you have all the necessary  factors, including the camera unit, sync module, power  appendage, and mounting  tackle. – Plug in the sync module to a power outlet near your Wi- Fi router and connect it to your router using the  handed Ethernet  string. – Follow the on- screen instructions in the Blink app to add your sync module and camera to your Blink account.  

Step 2- Download and Install the Blink App

Hunt for the Blink Home Monitor app on the App Store( for iOS  bias) or Google Play Store( for Android  bias) and download it to your smartphone or tablet. – Open the app and  produce a Blink account if you do not have one  formerly. You will need to  give a dispatch address and set up a  word. – Log in to your Blink account using the credentials you just created.   

Step 3- Add Your Camera to the Blink App 

Formerly logged in, tap the”” icon in the app to add a new device. – Follow the on- screen instructions to  overlook the QR  law located on the  reverse of your Blink camera unit. – Choose a  position for your camera and follow any  fresh prompts to complete the setup process.  

Step 4- Configure Camera Settings 

After adding your camera, you can customize its settings to suit your preferences. This includes  conforming  stir discovery  perceptivity, setting up  exertion zones, enabling night vision, and more. – Explore the  colorful settings available in the Blink app to knitter the camera’s functionality to your specific  requirements.  

Step 5- Penetrating Your Camera Feeds 

Once your camera is set up, you can pierce live videotape feeds and recorded clips directly from the Blink app. Simply open the app, elect your camera from the list of bias, and valve on the live view option to see what is  passing in real- time

How to reset Blink Camera

To reset a Blink Camera, follow these ways   

1- Power off the Camera: Open the camera from its power source. 

2- Remove Batteries: If your camera is battery- powered, remove the batteries.

3- Stay for a Many Seconds: Allow a brief period for the camera to fully power down.

4- Press and Hold the Sync Button: On the  reverse of the camera, detect the small sync button. 

5- Reconnect Power Source or Reinsert Batteries: While holding down the sync button, plug the camera back into its power source or reinsert the batteries. 

6- Continue Holding the Sync Button: Keep holding the sync button for about 10- 15 seconds until you see the LED light on the camera flash blue.

7- Release the Sync Button: Once the LED light flashes blue, release the sync button.   

8- Stay for Reset: The camera will now reset, which might take a couple of  twinkles. During this time, the LED light may blink red and blue.   

9- Reconnect and Set Up: Once the reset is complete, you can reconnect the camera to your Blink system and set it up as you did originally.  

Flash back, resetting the camera will abolish any custom settings and configurations, so you will need to set it up again as if it were new.

Features of the Blink Camera App

The Blink app is not like your regular apps. It includes a large number of features to ensure ease of use and security of your data. Here are some features of the Blink Camera app:

  • Get live feed from Blink camera at high-quality 720p resolution.
  • You can see videos without any blurriness or distortion both day and night.
  • Add a large number of the Blink camera device and manage them all from one place.
  • Motion detection sensor to warning you about activities in front of the camera.
  • Ensure safety by showing a red LED while recording or viewing life feed.
  • Arm or disarm the cameras anytime both manually and automatically.
  • Shows you the exact temperature in front of the camera with a temperature sensor.

How to Use View Blink Cameras on Computer?

The Blink camera manufacturer didn’t release any Blink App for the PC devices. That means you cannot employ the Blink cameras on your Windows or Mac computer. However, you may try using the third-party emulator apps to run the Blink app on PC. The app will create a virtual situation of android inside your PC to run the android programs.

There is several free and open-source software that can assist you to run the Blink Camera app on PC. Some of these include LD Player, Game Loop, Blue Stacks, and much more. Check out the recommended procedure to run the Blink home monitor app for PC.

  1. At first, get your preferred emulator downloader. You can either find the file by searching on Google or by visiting the official site of the software.
  2. Now install the file that you just downloaded. You will find the installation guide on the setup page when you begin the process.
  3. After doing so, you should find an app with an android lookalike UI. You will find the Play Store option inside it.
  4. Login to Play Store to start app installation from the Platform on the virtual android. Then search the “Blink App” using the search bar of the Play Store.
  5. Complete the installation of the Blink app and it should be available emulator after doing so. Click on the Blink App icon from there to begin using the camera control app.

How to Add Blink Cameras to the App

Setting Up the Blink camera app is also pretty easy. Here is the thing that you need to do for starting the installation.

1- Start the Blink app from the emulator program’s UI by clicking on the icon of the app.

2- Now go through the guide on setup wizard to complete the setup process of the app.

3- Click on the camera icon on the homepage of the app to connect a Blink camera.

4- Capture the QR code or use an alternative process for detecting the camera.

Once completed, you can start viewing the camera feed and utilize the other features of the app.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Blink Camera:

Is there a blink app for PC?

Without problems, you can use the Blink app for your PC. 
By the application, the quality of your video is crystal-clear 720p HD. 
Get immediate warnings with video link just after the video is attached. 
View the Blink camera’s live streaming through the app.

Is there a blink app for Windows 10?

Free Download- Blink App For PC, Windows 10 
The Blink App is superb app for easy monitoring of your location.

Can blink camera be hacked?

Blink cameras are susceptible to hacking, like most wireless technology. 
While Blink cameras are vulnerable to security, recent documented hacking instances have not occurred.
Backed by Amazon, Blink safety cameras are usually updated using more secure firmware to prevent hacking.

Why is my Blink Camera flashing red

Blinking red light when camera is not connected to the internet. Firstly plug and unplug your camera. Flashing red light when it’s in set- up mode or changing systems or Wi-Fi. However, remove the batteries for five seconds and also reinsert them, If the red LED isn’t flashing as anticipated. 

Final Words  

When Blink Cameras are primarily designed for remote viewing through the Blink app on mobile  bias, there’s a workaround to view them on a computer. To view Blink Cameras on a computer,  druggies can use the Blink web gate. By logging into their Blink account via a web cyber surfers, they can pierce a live view of their cameras, view recorded footage, and manage settings. Still, it’s important to note that the functionality of the web gate may be limited compared to the mobile app.

Thus, druggies should be encouraged to primarily use the Blink app for the most comprehensive and stoner-friendly experience, reserving the web gate for occasions when  penetrating the cameras via a computer is necessary. I hope that I have given you complete information through my article. Then if there is anything left then you can ask by mail.