WhatsApp business verification
WhatsApp business verification

How to verify WhatsApp business verification

Having a tick sign or badge along with the username on most social media platforms is a trend and a business strategy. Thanks to this green and blue tick, people are now engaging more in such platforms with great innovation and creativity. 

Like Twitter’s blue tick, the popular messaging social media application WhatsApp introduced its version of the green tick not long ago. Now, unlike the other platform’s tick signs, WhatsApp’s green tick has a significantly different meaning and focus. 

Follow this guide to learn more about WhatsApp’s green tick sign. We have included almost everything there is to know about it. While we will focus more on how you can get this green tick on your WhatsApp, we shall also have insight into many more aspects. 

What is WhatsApp’s green tick all about?

Almost everyone eligible and accessible has a WhatsApp account globally. With such vast individual users, rather than making the platform only a medium of messaging and conversion, it also now serves as a business platform for eligible people and businesses to reach out to customers. 

This specific green tick on WhatsApp is the “WhatsApp Business Verified Badge.” it focuses explicitly on business for better recognition, expansion, and within customers’ reach. That is why entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups, small home businesses, etc., are more interested in this green tick rather than ordinary WhatsApp users.

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In its initial phase, WhatsApp rolled out its accessibility only to selected brands and business categories like BookMyShow, RedBus, etc. The WhatsApp Business API is, however, different from WhatsApp for Business. In any case, a verification badge indicates that you are credible and genuine. 

Make sure to distinguish the different editions of WhatsApp. A regular WhatsApp messenger, WhatsApp for Business, and WhatsApp Business API exist. All these three editions have different purposes and different target audiences. While the regular one is for everyday private use, the other two are for businesses, per se.

Regular WhatsApp Messenger App

Almost everybody uses the WhatsApp App. Even if people rarely open and interact via the platform, you can find it on every smartphone. The WhatsApp messenger app is meant for private use for everyone. It does not serve any aspect of the business context. There are no terms for commercialization in this edition of the app. However, despite such an immense number of worldwide users, there is no secure data protection or GDPR guarantee. 

WhatsApp Business App

As you can easily assume by the name, this edition of the WhatsApp app is for business purposes. To be more precise, uniquely designed to cater to the needs of small business owners. And interestingly, it is entirely free, with no paid subscriptions or plans.

The notable attributes of the WhatsApp Business App are:

  • WhatsApp account verification
  • Product Catalog
  • Opening hours of business
  • Text templates, etc.

Since you are running a small business, the catalog feature is great for organizing your products or services as per the working business hours. There is an option for an automated response for quick customer support. Nonetheless, the WhatsApp Business App aims to make small business owners interact efficiently with their customers. 

But no matter how good and positive this app is, shortcomings can only partially be eliminated. 

  • Despite being a business-focused app, there is no guarantee for data protection and GDPR compliance. 
  • Even though there are text templates, no chatbots are available. 
  • The app interface is only compatible with smartphones. 
  • The same business account can only be opened in one location. 

Overall, it is a decent application for small business owners. 

WhatsApp Business API

Now, this edition of WhatsApp is something considerably different. Unlike the regular business edition app, this WhatsApp Business API is for larger businesses and companies. It is a programming application that companies can link to the official app interface. As a result, the API is not free, and to get the verification badge to the API interface, WhatsApp Business Solution Providers are needed. 

Who or what is WhatsApp Business Solution Provider?

WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), which is also known as WhatsApp for Business, was created by WhatsApp to help businesses and organizations communicate with their customers. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play free of cost. Some features are only available with a paid subscription.

They are a professional that can help businesses develop and implement WhatsApp as a business tool. The provider can also offer support and advice on how to use WhatsApp to benefit businesses. There are many benefits to using WhatsApp as a business tool, including communicating with customers easily and quickly and sending messages and files.

WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp Business is an Android app built with the small business owner in mind. It enables business presence on WhatsApp and communicates more efficiently with your customers, and helps grow your business. 

If you have separate personal and business phone numbers, both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger can be installed on the same phone with different numbers registered. 

WhatsApp Business is like a cover of WhatsApp Messenger. It includes all the features, such as the ability to send multimedia, free international messaging, group chat, free calls, offline messages, and much more. It is an excellent business account with API access but no green badge or tick.

You need to set up a WhatsApp Business Account to use WhatsApp Business API. Setting up your business account is accessible and only takes a few minutes. We shall discuss this below. You can create your account by going to the WhatsApp website and following the instructions.

But since we are talking about the green badge on WhatsApp, that is the Official WhatsApp Business Account. 

Official WhatsApp Business Account

The official WhatsApp Business Account is the one with green tick verification. It means that your business is recognized and authentic. Your account will have a visible chat list, chat group, contacts view, and even chat screens. The green badge will be displayed with the name. However, the verification badge is applicable only if you use WhatsApp Business API. 

How to obtain the WhatsApp Business Verification Badge

You must complete the WhatsApp verification process to obtain the green badge for your business account. But before that, it would help to know that specific business categories or industries are prohibited from receiving this Green Verification Badge. If your business is any of the following, you cannot be eligible nor apply for the WhatsApp Business API access.

Such prohibited industries are: 

  •  Weapons and Ammunition
  • Adult products or services
  • Medical and healthcare products
  • Alcohol brands
  • Gambling businesses
  • Dating services
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Tobacco and drug items

So, ensure that your business does not fall under these industries when applying for the WhatsApp verification badge.

Pre-requisites to apply for the WhatsApp Business Account:

  • You must have WhatsApp API approved. 
  • No violation of any law, be it WhatsApp eCommerce Policy.
  • Verified FaceBook Business Manager Account. 
  • You must be a business owner running a business, not an individual.
  • Your brand must be reputed and notable. 
  • Your WhatsApp API must have two-factor authentication. 
  • Must be in Tier 2 or higher messaging level. 

Other than that, you will have a higher chance of getting Green badge verification if your company or business has about three to five PR articles running. 

By now, you would have known that you need help from a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider to get the verification process going. They are not only the intermediary but also act as consultants. Some service providers may charge free, though. 

You can create a WhatsApp Business API account via the BSPs, as the official green badge is only for WhatsApp API accounts. Below is the process for WhatsApp green badge Verification.

Verify your FaceBook Business Account.

First, you can check your official FaceBook Business Account status here: business.facebook.com/settings/info.

Now, to verify your FaceBook Business Account, you should:

  • Open your Facebook Business Manager and go to the Security Center. 
  • Click on the Start Verification under the Business Verification section. 
  • Input your business details.
  • Choose your business industry or category.
  • Confirm the business details you provided. 
  • Now, verify your domain or request a verification code. 
  • If domain verification is not applicable, use the verification code. 

Find a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP).

After successfully verifying your FaceBook Business Account, you must choose a WhatsApp BSP. They are the ones who will proceed with all the aspects regarding WhatsApp. Popular WhatsApp BSPs offering the service are Eniglo, Twilio, 360dialog, WATI, and MessageBird.

Provide relevant information to the WhatsApp BSP. 

You would have to provide the following information to WhatsApp Solution Provider.

  • Your Facebook page URL.
  • Your official Business site address.
  • Screenshot or proof of your verified status.  

Application submission.

Once all the work is accomplished, the next thing to do is apply for the WhatsApp Business Account verification. The overall review process may take about three weeks. You must wait three months to reapply if your first application gets rejected. Moreover, you cannot appeal their decision. 

What benefits can you get from WhatsApp Business Account Verification?

When you see a verified badge on a WhatsApp Business account, it means that WhatsApp has confirmed the account. This verification process is designed to help established, and growing businesses increase their global audience base. A WhatsApp business verification definitely enhances credibility.

Regular WhatsApp Business account has some benefits on the app; having an official WhatsApp business verified account via the WhatsApp Business API will get you the famous green badge in your business profile and much more. 

The badge is a coveted status symbol that can help businesses appear more trustworthy and professional. There are a few ways to get verified, but the process can be arduous and time-consuming. However, the effort is often worth it in the end, as the badge can help businesses boost their bottom line.

So if you’re looking to add more credibility to your business, getting verified through the WhatsApp Business API is a great way to do it.

Standard notable advantages of WhatsApp Business verified accounts are:

  • A verified WhatsApp account gives you access to WhatsApp APIs, which you can use to send notifications to your customers. 
  • You can also use WhatsApp CRMs to manage customer support, including using a shared inbox and automating tasks with bots. This can save you a lot of time and make your customer support more efficient.
  • Having an official and verified profile that your customers can trust is essential. 
  • All communication is encrypted and compliant with GDPR standards. 
  • There are many ways to get in touch with your customers, whether it’s for customer service, consultation, or marketing purposes.

Advantages to the company or business:

  • Worldwide reach to the target audience. 
  • Efficient customer support via any medium. 
  • Automation of certain factors. 
  • Cost-effective.
  • Accessible to tools and platforms.
  • Privacy compliance with a higher level of genuine feedback.
  • Motivating the employees.
  • Increasing customer loyalty.  
  • Improved business credibility and trust. 

Tips and tricks to get your WhatsApp Business Account verified

While the verification process is not as it may seem, you can still improve the chances of getting your account verified by following these tips:

  • It would help to have a detailed article about your business or brand. 
  • Spend on ads on your Facebook Business Ad account. 
  • Improve brand awareness by growing followers on your other business’s social media profiles.
  • It is all the better if your business operates internationally. 

Alternatives to verify your WhatsApp Business Account. 

Here is how you can apply for Official WhatsApp Business Account on MessageBird:

  • Open the MessageBird dashboard and navigate to the WhatsApp Channel Configuration. 
  • Now, click on the edit icon to verify your WhatsApp channel.
  • It is safe to enable two-factor authentication, then set up a six-digit pin. Then, hit the Save button. 
  • Contact the MessageBord support team after setting up the PIN. Put your request for Official WhatsApp Business Account forward. 
  • They will then send the request to WhatsApp on your behalf. If the application is accepted, you will get a confirmation email on the same. 

Verify your WhatsApp Business Account via the 360dialog

360dialog is another WhatsApp Business solution Provider where you can apply for your Official WhatsApp Business account verification. The process simple is quite simple. After you have signed up with them, provide the following details as necessary:

  • Official Facebook business account page URL
  •  Official business email address
  • Business website address
  • Facebook ID
  • WhatsApp phone number
  • Original business name in the first language
  • Chosen display name for your Official WhatsApp Business Account. 
  • Details about your company and business. 

When your application is accepted, your WhatsApp account will upgrade automatically. But if rejected, you can do nothing about it other than wait three months to reapply. 

Verify your WhatsApp Business Account via the Twilio

Here is how you can apply for Official WhatsApp Business Account on Twilio:

  • Open Twilio and get a support ticket. This ticket is a request for an application containing information like Facebook page URL, proof of verified Facebook Business Account status, Business site address, etc. 
  • After filling up the details as needed, submit the support ticket. The service provider will then use the ticket to connect with WhatsApp for account confirmation.

How do companies get the WhatsApp Business API?

Businesses will get the green badge verification only if they already have the WhatsApp Business API. So, companies can access the WhatsApp API in three ways.

Direct Acess

Gaining direct access to Meta can be a challenge, but it is possible with the proper permissions from Meta and a strong IT infrastructure. This option is best for companies with many developer resources and individual needs. Building the complete software or CRM integration can be time-consuming, but it is a viable option with the right team.

Using a Professional SaaS (Software as a Service).

The WhatsApp Business app is a great way for companies to communicate with customers quickly and easily. However, if you want to use WhatsApp for your company without needing to invest in IT resources, and with 100 percent data protection guaranteed, there are ready-to-use software solutions! With them, companies receive a software solution with an intuitive interface ready for customer communication. This is worthwhile for all companies with ten or more employees.

API vendor interface

WhatsApp business solutions offer an excellent way for companies to communicate with their customers. However, implementing these solutions can be challenging for companies with no development team or IT resources.

If this is the case, Unified Messaging API offers a single interface for multiple messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger by Meta. This solution is GDPR-compliant and can make it much easier for companies to communicate with their customers via WhatsApp.

Bottom line 

All in all, WhatsApp Business account verification is a process that helps to ensure that only legitimate businesses can create and use WhatsApp Business accounts. This process helps to protect users from scams and phishing attempts and ensures that companies can be held accountable for their actions on the platform.

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