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WhatsApp Upcoming Features in 2020: WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp came up with new and exciting features in 2019 that included finger locking and advanced privacy settings. 2020 is also going to be a fairly busy year for WhatsApp in terms of updates that are going to be rolled out for beta versions first. These updates primarily focus on addressing the security protocols. 

However, even after adding several new features, the feel and look of WhatsApp have remained unchanged. This is because these updates are yet to be available in specific geographical locations. 

WhatsApp has announced a lot of new features that are going to be available in 2020. These include the dark mode, face unlocks for Android, deleting message with the help of timers. 

The latest updates of WhatsApp have already improved itself in terms of security, interface and overall features. So, let’s get a glimpse of the features that are going to make messaging exciting in 2020. 

   1. Dark Mode:

Dark Mode is one of the most talked-about features of WhatsApp that users are eagerly waiting for, for a while now. But, this feature is still in its developing stage. Apart from an aesthetically phasing dark design factor, this feature also helps the users to experience WhatsApp to a greater level. It overcomes eye exhaustion and also enhances the overall battery consumption power of the smartphone. Furthermore, WhatsApp Dark Mode also improves readability. 

This feature will be coming up with three different options. When this feature is enabled, the screen would turn white and the other background becomes dark. WhatsApp has already released several exciting features for instant messages in the past few years. New placeholders for the Dark Mode like a new VoIP display with a dark factor is going to be one of them. 

    2. Fingerprint Authenticate and Security Face Unlock: 

Fingerprint authentication is another exciting feature of WhatsApp that includes an additional layer of protection for WhatsApp. If you turn this feature On, then the chat can’t be seen by anyone until it is verified by your fingerprint even after leaving the device unlocked. 

It also provides extra protection against tools like Pegasus that try to access the WhatsApp chats by gaining high-level access to your screen. 

WhatsApp has already released this in 2019. However, it is not yet available through the globe. So, certain specific regions have to wait until 2020 to enjoy this feature. Furthermore, this app is going to release a higher level of security feature in 2020, which is Face Unlock. It would work in a similar way as Face Unlock works on smartphones. 

But, the vivid details are yet to release in 2020 as of when the deprived locations and which OS device is going to enjoy this feature. 

   3. Profile Photo and Group Links: 

Profile photo and group links are two crucial updates, that came previously, adding security layers for individuals. Group Links controls the limit of how you can be added to a group. So, if you turn this feature On, then anyone cannot add you randomly to any group without your permission. 

When anyone tries to add you to a group, he needs to send you a link. From that link, you can check the detailed information about the group like group pictures, group image. Furthermore, you can also get a preview of all the members of the group.

The Profile Photo feature prevents any WhatsApp users from downloading your display picture. And both of these two are included to protect the users from any cybercrime like unwanted abuses or misuse of the profile pictures. 2020 might view further additional changes to enhance privacy.

   4. Disappearing Messages / Self-Destructing / Delete Messages:

WhatsApp has announced to let out this feature back in October 2019. It is about to hit the ground in 2020. It was named as ‘Disappearing’ or ‘Self-Destructing’ messages. However, it was known as ‘Delete Messages’ in November. 

This feature would be available in the group settings or contact info. If this feature is enabled in Group Info, then it allows you to mark the WhatsApp chat as ‘deleted’. You can select the expiration time (1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, and others) of the message by tapping on the ‘Delete messages’ option. It is different from the ‘Self-Destructing’ mode where the amount of time was like 5 seconds, 1 hour, or so on. 

   5. Group Calls: 

Group calls on WhatsApp is a prominent key addition to the WhatsApp, that came way back in 2018. This feature has primarily used as a content and text message sharing medium. WhatsApps increased its use by releasing internet calling to suit several small businesses as well. WhatsApp used it as a notch further by releasing this feature. It helps the corporate users to make the conference call for their work or even casual usage in some cases. The developers are calling 2020 a year to flourish more in the tech ground.

   6. Picture-in-Picture Mode: 

This mode was introduced in January 2019. It allows the users to play full YouTube videos or see Netflix trailers from within WhatsApp. Furthermore, this feature also helps the users to view the content of any movie, and to preview links from within the application. So, by using this mode, WhatsApp is planning to enhance the versatility of the chat, this year. 

   7. WhatsApp Payments: 

In 2019, WhatsApp started a pilot survey and allowed the users to make UPI based peer-to-peer payments. The official roll-out of WhatsApp Payments was facing a restriction after certain massive administrative roadblocks. But, after a while, WhatsApp announced that it is working, but only among the local authorities. 

Furthermore, WhatsApp might also release a new payment mode in 2020 where users will be able to make payments via ‘Facebook Pay’. 

The prime intention of the developers is to render a more smooth and safe interface. With all the latest and upcoming updates, the application is bound to enhance the user experience.