how to use multiLogin

How to use MultiLogin – An in-depth review

Increasingly, it has become necessary for people to use multiple devices to access the internet. It’s also becoming more common for employees to be required to use various devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With all the problems employees encounter when working from home or another device other than an official work device, many face the issue of identity block or login restrictions due to unknown technical assumptions.

For instance, if you are accessing your work site/browser with your official login ID from another device at another remote location, the software may deem you suspicious and block you from accessing the work browser. Now if you have some urgent work to be done at that moment, that would be a big problem. 

Experts have understood this common issue and developed a software application that enables browser automation and identity management with no risk. Yes, we are talking about the popular Multilogin app, regarding which this article will cover almost everything you might have to know in case you will be using the valuable app. Multilogin is an advantageous app for those who manage multiple accounts daily.

Multilogin is known to be a browser automation and identity management solution for businesses and individuals alike. It allows users to manage multiple online accounts and identities with a single set of credentials across various web and desktop applications. It helps users maintain their digital privacy and security by using virtual machines and browsers while providing an easy-to-use interface to manage multiple accounts. 

So, let us now begin and have an in-depth review of Multilogin. We shall discuss how to use Multilogin, its purposes, usage benefits, and multiple pricing plans. 

What is Multilogin?

Multilogin is a new cloud-based app that lets you impersonate your computer by creating virtual browser profiles. Instead of using physical devices, Multilogin uses physical device simulation. This app allows you to create a personalized browsing environment. This way, you can keep your PC parameters confidential while browsing websites. Websites can only read virtual browser profiles that you create. In addition, cookies, caches, etc., are stored separately for each profile.

The Multilogin app also offers browser fingerprint protection. Whereas regular browser fingerprint protector protects your fingerprint by preventing websites from reading them, the Multilogin app creates another virtual fingerprint to replace the original. Since websites always continue reading fingerprint data, with Multilogin, they won’t read the actual data even if they do read it.

Multilogin offers several practical and powerful features like session management, password & profile management, geolocation spoofing, automated form filling, and automated login. This helps users save time, avoid account lockout, and access geo-restricted content.

Multilogin – Purpose

The Multilogin browser automation app aims to help users manage multiple accounts and access numerous websites simultaneously by providing them with a secure and automated browser solution via separate virtual identities. This app helps users easily switch between multiple identities and accounts, allowing them to access different websites with a single login. It also helps to secure and protect user data from malicious websites and hackers, as they can only see the virtual profile details, even the fingerprints. Multilogin also simplifies managing multiple accounts and provides users with a more secure browsing experience.  

Multilogin – Core Functions

Multilogin is the product of significant and long research with a few vital core functions making it a unique and exemplary product or app. 

ASW Cloud data storage

Multilogin records user data in securely encrypted AWS Cloud storage. This provides the best uptime rate with no compromise on security and stability. 

Total control over profile sharing and team management.

Multilogin’s Teamwork 2.0 enables streamlined work collaborations, irrespective of company size or diversely located teammates effectively.

Task automation of up to 1000 scale iterations

Fulfilling 100s of manual tasks is tiring and often ineffective for employees. Multilogin’s task automation takes over the manual activities, including profile creation, purchases, account creation, merchant activities, and many more. 

Creation of secure virtual profiles with distinct fingerprints

Multilogin efficiently generates virtual browser profiles appearing as different virtual devices with their distinct identity, fingerprints, and storage. 

Multilogin – Features

Ultimately, Multilogin proudly and securely leads the market competition with its anti-detect software application. From generating virtual yet customizable browser profiles to browser automation options to 24/7 customer support to beneficial teamwork management to cookie import, Multilogin captures businesses and startups with powerful features that enable success for the users.

Below we have listed all the powerful features that Multilogin promises its users.

  • Quick create – Create browser profiles in two clicks with the auto-delete function when you close these profiles. 
  • Quick edit – Make changes to your browser profile settings without leaving the app’s main page.
  • Transferable profiles – Transfer browser profiles with members with full control over the accessibility and ownership of the profile.
  • Mobile profiles – Customize your desktop browser profile to an Android profile for more mobility. 
  • Group profiles – Organize many browser profiles into defined groups. 
  • Session lock – Activate active session lock to prevent one profile from running/launching on multiple devices. 
  • Mimic and Stealthfox – Select Stealthfox, Mimic, built-on Firefox, or built-in Chromium to fit your needs best.
  • Multilogin checker page – Automatic fingerprint integrity checker. 
  • Custom start page – Choose a custom URL to open instantly as soon as you start a profile.
  • Cookie import – Give a profile a realistic history and help authentication by importing cookies.
  • Cookie Robot Create a realistic browser history from scratch with the automated CookieRobot.
  • Time zone – Customize your browser profile’s time zone automatically or manually. 
  • Geolocation –  Select your geolocation and choose masking modes.
  • WebRTC mode – Choose your WebRTC settings to balance masking and media requirements.
  • JSNavigator Object Parameters – Help to increase your undetectability with customizable settings for JSNavigator parameters.
  • Manage team permissions – Teamwork 2.0 streamlines collaboration with full permissions settings for team members.
  • Add team seats – Customize your plan by purchasing extra team seats as required.
  • CLI local API support – Use local API automation for simple manual tasks.
  • Selenium and Puppeteer automation – Use browser automation to run tasks within Multilogin browser profiles.
  • Multicores – Multicores revolutionize anti-detectability by letting you open different browser versions with the matching browser core.
  • Paste as human typing – Input data through copy and pasting at the natural speed of human typing to increase undetectability.
  • M1 and M2 compatibility – Use Multilogin stably with M1- and M2-chip devices.
  • Proxy integration – Easily integrate with the top proxies in the market, and benefit from exclusive deals.
  • Dark mode – Use dark mode for greater comfort in low lighting.
  • Live support – Get the most out of your subscription with multi-lingual support in-app and by email.
  • AWS Cloud storage – store your data securely on AWS Cloud with encryption.

Multilogin – Benefits

Firstly, Multilogin, as a browser automation tool, can be used for several purposes, which we will discuss below. In this section, we shall see how using Multilogin can benefit you. 

One-click account creation 

Businesses using Multilogin have high scalability as things get done in seconds. For instance, creating a virtual browser account takes only a few seconds. There are also extra tools like CookieRobot to help you create automatic account history.  

Native browser fingerprints

Having an online identity is always risky due to hackers and data theft of severe confidential information. It is without a doubt that suspicious websites always attempt to read and imitate user fingerprints. But, when you use Multilogin, the software replaces your actual fingerprint and sensitive data with virtual browser fingerprints, which appear as a separate device from the site. 

Manual processes automation

The manual process automation function of Multilogin allows you to create, customize, and delete accounts individually or in bulk, follow up with routine tasks, do ads management, and many more. 

Multi-lingual specialist support

While customer support is available 24/7 to assist the users in need, Multilogin caters to its diverse users by providing multi-lingual support in three main languages, including English, Chinese, and Russian. You get live chat support, video guides, and written guides curated by over 60 specialists.

Separate browser environments 

You can create 1000s of different virtual browser profiles in no time and even easily manage them without any risk of data leaks, history records, or information sharing with others.

Multilogin – Use Cases

When you visit the Multilogin website, you can find several helpful Use Cases. Below is a complete list of them. 


Overcome the barriers of the sophisticated eCommerce market by using Multilogin to run multiple browser accounts for better opportunities. With Multilogin, you can;

  • Run multiple merchant accounts or profiles on eCommerce platforms.
  • Safeguard your brand’s identity.
  • Automate time-consuming tasks for more effectiveness.
  • Work with a team from anywhere by sharing profiles.  

Affiliate Marketing

If you are an affiliate marketer, you need multiple profiles on different platforms to get higher returns. Use Multilogin to prevent any account bans from any platform. You can;

  • Advertise and grow your reach with multiple accounts.
  • Grow your brands by focusing on brand authority.
  • Capture traffic through multiple campaigns.
  • Scale rapidly without any risks.

Online Ads

You can use Multilogin to promote your online ads and prevent account suspensions by doing the following:

  • Capture diverse and key audiences by running multiple profiles.
  • Grow ad placements through multi-ad bids.
  • Target campaigns and ads placements.
  • Research competitors in different demographics and locations.


Forget the manual processes, and use automation to manage a team and multiple profiles. With Multilogin, you can;

  • Scale up the automation activities.
  • Better team management with profile sharing and control. 
  • Prevent account bans with the powerful native fingerprint technology. 
  • Create 1000s of virtual profiles to manage clients’ accounts and grow your portfolio.

Traffic Arbitrage

Overcome the risks of multiple accounts clamping down with Multilogin.

  • Growth in traffic with 1000s of profile launches.
  • Improve scalability to different segments.
  • Easy collaboration with teams.
  • Growth with automation processes. 


Betting platforms restrict players from using multiple accounts. But what if there is a loophole to earn more? Well, Multilogin has you covered. You can;

  • Place automated wagers in seconds.
  • Team management with account sharing.
  • Spread wagering risk by playing on multiple betting platforms.
  • Use Quick accounts creation to create 100s of accounts in seconds with auto delete.


The Stealth technology of Multilogin is quite helpful in generating and managing 1000s of accounts with automated window purchases. Here’s how Multilogin can help you.

  • Build native profiles that seem from different locations and segments. 
  • Scale up fast without a huge investment.
  • Automated purchase of bulk tickets.
  • Use multiple accounts with native browser fingerprints.


The market of crypto is vast, with a lot of opportunities. Seize the chances to prime position with great automation.

  • Stealth browser prevents account bans and minimizes virtual profile detection.
  • Manage 1000s of accounts to boost your NFT coins.
  • Automate tasks to improve scalability.
  • Manage multiple IDO lottery profiles on different platforms to upscale. 

Multilogin – Pricing Plans

Multilogin offers its users three subscription plans, with little difference in what you get from each. Still, select a plan that satisfies your needs and toward success. All three plans are on a monthly and yearly payment basis. 

But if you opt for an annual payment, you are entitled to an additional 25% discount on the base price. 

Available payment methods: American Express, MasterCard, Cryptocurrency, and PayPal. 

Multilogin Subscription plans:  

Features/Benefits  Solo Team  Scale
$105.57 per month or $950.12 per year $212.20 per month or $1909.83 per year $425.47 per month or $3829.26 per year
Browser Profile Management  Yes Yes Yes
Browser Profiles  100 300 1000
Automation No  No  Yes 
Team Members Collaborations No 3 team seats 7 team seats
Customer Support Yes  Yes  Yes 

Multilogin Referral Credits

Multilogin offers its users the chance to earn cash via referrals. Here’s the process:

  • Share your Promo Code with your contacts if you need Multilogin credits.
  • Wait for them to purchase a Multilogin plan using your Promo Code at checkout.
  • During the payment, they get 50% off on the selected purchased plan, which is later credited to your account. 
  • You can use the credits earned after 30 days on the subscription plans or by buying add-ons.

Get started with Multilogin.

To begin, you should download the Multilogin app on your device. The system requires 4GB RAM, 1GB free disk space, 64-bit OS, and a high-performing GPU. After successfully downloading the app on your PC, register an account using an email and password. After registration, you can begin creating browser profiles. 

Last thoughts

To be precise, Multilogin is an all-in-one solution for web automation that allows users to open multiple browser sessions in a single window, each with its IP address and location. This software application replaces your physical computer with secure virtual browser profiles generating different identities where the browser cannot read your actual fingerprint and block you. It is the perfect solution for businesses, freelancers, and individuals who need to manage multiple online accounts.

If you require assistance masking your native browser fingerprints, use high-quality and reliable proxies with Multilogin. For any queries and confusion, please comment here.