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Best Platform to sell domains and websites to earn money in 2023

Do you happen to look for the best flipping platform to sell sites and domains in 2023?

If yes, you are on the right post, as this article discusses the best domain-flipping platforms where you can list and sell domain names. Many of them are free marketplaces, and some marketplaces allow you to list your site for a certain fee. 

In case you are wondering how domain flipping works, it is a simple process, and you can quickly earn a good amount of money. Most people in the domain-flipping business first buy a profitable domain name at a very low price and then sell it at a very high price.

The domain-flipping industry is a hot one. Many individuals are looking to make a quick buck on the internet. Some people have become wealthy purely by investing their time and money in this industry. You must have the right domain-flipping website to make a ton of money in this industry. 

Assuming that you are new to the domain-flipping process, there are a few critical things you must know about. Let’s learn about them first. 

Best way to buy domains

Before improving a domain for domain flipping purposes, you must get your hands on an affordable yet potentially profitable website or domain name. Finding the right buyer at the best price might take years if you buy the wrong domain name. So, you should not blindly buy a domain right in front of you. 

Below are some tips to help to buy the right domain names:

  • Decide on your domain name. Think of a name that is easy to remember and reflects your business or website.
  • Check availability. Use a domain name search tool to check if the name you want is available.
  • Choose the right domain name extension. Standard domain name extensions include .com, .org, .net, and .info. Out of all these, .com and .org are the most popular. 
  • Choose a domain name registrar. Look for a company that offers affordable prices and good customer service.
  • Register your domain name. Provide the registrar with your contact and payment information.
  • Set up your DNS. Bring your domain name to your web hosting provider so your website can be accessed online. 

Best way to sell domains

Now that you have purchased some quality domains, what to do next? How to get on selling those optimized domains at the best price, and where? Let’s start with a few tips listed ahead. 

  • Build a portfolio of high-value domains – Research market trends and demand for specific types of domains. Identify the most profitable types of domains and build a portfolio of them.
  • Create an online presence – Create a website and social media accounts to promote your domains. Ensure to provide information potential buyers need, such as descriptions of the domains, estimated value, and what markets they are best suited for.
  • Reach out to buyers – Use your online presence to reach potential buyers. You can also use forums, online marketplaces, and auction sites for advertising your domains. 
  • Auctions – If there is a lot of interest in your domain, put it up for auction. This is the best approach to achieve the best possible price when there is overwhelming interest.
  • Make an offer – If your domain name is more niche, it will get less public interest than it did in the previous case. In such cases, you may need to make an offer, as there may not be helpful guidelines for determining the termination value of a domain name.
  • Negotiate and close the deal – Once you have found a buyer, negotiate the terms of the sale. This includes the domain name, the purchase price, and other details, such as transfer fees or hosting services. Finally, close the deal and have the buyer transfer the funds to your account. 

Best platforms to sell domains. 

Assuming that you understand the process to profit out of your domain-flipping business, we shall look at some of the top and best-flipping platforms for sites and domains. 


Flippa is known to be the number one platform for buying and selling domains. If you are looking for the best domain-flipping platform, Flippa covers all your needs. The wide popularity of this site is all thanks to affiliate marketers. You can sell domains, Amazon FBA stores, online businesses, blog sites, and identical tangible assets.  

It has an easy user interface with excellent filtering features where you can efficiently check the newest bids available. Its automated setup system helps immensely when you want to enter a domain list your domain names on Flippa, you can set a base price for negotiation purposes and other domain details like traffic history, domain age, redirect links, etc.  

Flippa offers its users listing packages with a fixed fee. A fixed fee of 5% of the sale price is for when you sell your domain via Flippa. Other than that, you get four listing packages at varied rates, which are Ultimate ($499), Premium ($399), Enhanced ($299), and Standard ($29). 

GoDaddy Auction

GoDaddy is technically a domain marketplace where you can make deals. It is one of the world’s biggest domain registrars and offers web hosting services and many online marketing tools. Here, you can only engage in selling domain names and not websites. 

To put your listings on GoDaddy, you must get a membership first ($5 per year). After that, you can freely list your domains for sale and use Auction Tools and other advanced features. However, there is a commission of 20% on successful domain name sales. The platform employs a unique vetting process for bids to protect its sellers from fraud and spam.

The next domain-flipping platform on our list is which allows everyone access to unused domain names. It is a platform that is a subsidiary of the GoDaddy marketplace. After setting up your account, you can buy and sell domains. Since you can access many valuable features, you can sell your domains at the best prices using the right tools. Dan allows users to safely and securely modify their domain names’ ownership and control. The best thing is that there are no hidden charges. 


Namecheap has been in the domain-flipping industry for over 20 years now. So, you know that the platform is best for buying and selling domain names. The domain buying process is pretty straightforward here. You can view the domain listings for sale and click them on the cart if you want to buy. After registering, you can list your domains for sale at premium rates on the marketplace. There is a commission of 10% on domain sales. 

Other than domain flipping, Namecheap offers services like ID validation, web hosting, WHOIS lookups, SSL certificates, email & website hosting, and Domain transfers. The only drawback of Namecheap is that you cannot register a domain if you have them entered in other registrars. You have first to transfer them to your Namecheap account, and then you can put them up for sale on the Namecheap marketplace. 


Sedo is a global platform for buying and sell of premium domains. When you list your domain names on Sedo, you can negotiate with buyers with a base price or set a “Fixed Buy Now” price. Sedo claims to give you the best value for your domain flipping. While the domain name listing is free, a specific commission is charged when there is a sale. The commission percentage is based on the sale type and TLD. 

The unique feature of Sedo is that brokerage services are available to buy and sell premium domains. Sedo provides the sellers with a variety of domain selling options, which are Buy Now (Free), Make Offer (Free), Marketplace Auction (No initial fee), Direct Auction ($59), Auction Events ($10), and Broker Service (Zero upfront fees).   


Afternic is another old marketplace with over 5 million premium domains on sale and owned by the GoDaddy domain marketplace. The best thing about here is that your domain listing will be visible on every website (more than 100) partnered with Afternic. Those major partner registrars are, Enom, Network Solutions, GoDaddy, and many popular platforms. This means you not get better exposure to buyers but also added value options. Like most domain flipping platforms, Afternic also imposes a sale commission on the price. 

Selling domains is easy on Afternic. It involves only three basic steps:

  • Create a seller profile to promote and sell domains.
  • List your domains for sale, and add the base price. But if you put up a Buy Now Price, your domain will be listed as a fast-transfer premium domain. 
  • Once you have listed your domains, optimize them for better sale probability. 

Hence, these are the top and best-flipping platforms to sell sites and domains in 2023 and grab the opportunity to make big money. 

Last thoughts 

While domain flipping is a good business idea to increase income sources, getting the best results takes time and patience. Also, domain flipping involves certain risks and benefits that you must be aware of when entering the domain sales process. 

This blog post focused on the best platform for selling your domain names and websites. It is easy to determine which platform is best for you based on your specific needs. This post is a must-read if you want to sell your domain names and websites!

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