Silver Trading

How to Start Silver Trading: 3 Ways to Buy and Sell It

At $724 per kilogram, silver is a popular investment and trading instrument. All over the world, high-flying trading gurus and stay-at-home amateur stock players are trading millions of dollars in silver every single day.

But what makes the world of silver trading tick? If you’re an outside observer, the ups and downs of silver live trading can seem pretty overwhelming! How is it possible for the average person to break into this helter-skelter world?

Great questions, and we’re here to answer them. Stay put and keep reading to learn just how you can get into buying and selling silver

Coins and Bullion

If you ask the average person to image ‘silver trading’, they probably conjure images of thick silver bars and endless rolls of shiny coins trading hands.

Well, if coins and bullion are your preferred way to trade, that’s not so far from the truth.

This is physical trading with a capital P. Trading coins and bullion means buying up material silver — silver coins and silver bars — and selling them at a profit. It can be an intense but satisfying way to trade, since you’re dealing with physical objects you can see and touch rather than some data points on a computer screen.

It has its downsides, of course. Physical goods can be stolen, and you might come across unscrupulous coin and bullion dealers, but if trading through a screen isn’t for you, this is your best option!

Exchange-Traded Funds

Not up for storing all your investments in a Scrooge McDuck style vault? If physical trading doesn’t tickle your fancy, you might want to look into buying into an exchange-traded fund that owns silver. 

The advantage? You don’t have to store anything and you don’t have to worry about theft. Even better, you can buy and sell your stock pretty much instantly, so long as you can access the stock market.

Of course, plenty of people still opt for bullion because it’s such a satisfying way of trading. But if you don’t have the space or desire to maintain and care for your owned silver yourself, an ETF is a great idea.

Invest in Silver Mining

Maybe actually owning silver is a little gauche for your taste. Maybe you’re confused about the legality of precious metals and would rather not think about it. Who knows? Either way, you don’t want to invest directly in silver.

So invest in silver mining.

This has many of the benefits of investing in silver directly, but you also own stock in a company that’s capable of growth. Just make sure you pick a good one!

The Age of Silver Trading

So there you go, folks, a quick guide to some of our favorite ways to get your feet wet in the wild world of silver trading. Whether you have a vault full of shiny silver coins, or you’re only just getting started, there’s something here to help you make important choices.

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