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How to improve support managers on the site?

Nowadays, online business is trending. Increasing customer experience is increasingly important as a way to increase revenue. Most of us know the concept of online sales, which is a seller through social networks to interact and sell the products to customers without the need for a direct presence between the seller and the customer. Therefore, the experience of online customers also has many differences from customers buying directly at the store.

Through that website, businesses not only capture how customers are looking at themselves, but also have more goals to improve and refresh the experience for online customers. With the addition of livechat on the site, buyers are more inclined to buy as they feel more confident and trustworthy. Another useful feature for direct advertising without the need to switch to another tab, we advise you to enable pop-up advertising. Follow this article to understand and know more about improving support managers on the site.

Concept of Pop-up Ads

Pop-up advertising is similar to a TV commercial that interrupts programs. Pop-up ads are intermittent ads of various sizes, sometimes taking up the entire screen, sometimes just a small corner, with varying degrees of interaction: from static to dynamic.

Characteristics of Pop-up Ads

Pop-up advertising is also known as “emercial” or “intermercials”. The user can press to remove the intermittent ad that appears on the screen (which cannot be done on TV), but it is impossible to know when it will appear again. Marketers in general love to use intermittent advertising because it is sure to be known to users. At the same time, marketers have a better chance to get their message across without having to compete with other content on the screen, and can use more images.

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The downside of intermittent advertising that marketers need to pay attention to is how to do it so as not to upset customers. The internet was the medium for the free exchange of information, and in the beginning there was no advertising. Online users are often unhappy about which sites marketers force them to view intermittent advertisements. To avoid this, a lot of sites nowadays use extra windows (a small window that appears and takes up only 1/8 of the screen).

Concept of Livechat

Integrating live chat for the website helps businesses improve the efficiency of closing orders and customer care. 

Livechat is a popular online chat program on the website, allowing users to talk directly with the manager right on the website interface. Integrating live chat for websites helps businesses increase responsiveness and customer satisfaction. Businesses can quickly support by support managers and take care of customers in a timely manner, and customers can easily exchange and receive feedback sooner.

support manager

When your customers browse your website, a livechat window will pop up and allow them to interact with your customer service agents or sales staff via text. Your customers can enter questions in the live chat box, and your team can respond immediately from the backend.

This is important because research shows that the extent to which consumers will be able to “immediately” respond to their sales issues is very important. Providing answers to these questions immediately can greatly reduce cart abandonment and help you increase sales.

Final thoughts

At PNews, we believe that the top features to improve support managers to support your customers are livechat and pop-up ads. Hope you will find a suitable automation marketing tool for your business.

Automated marketing solutions can also positively affect the customer experience due to its ease of use and continuous availability. The chat application should provide basic lead acquisition functions, such as the ability to capture emails. Ideally, these emails will become contacts in your CRM. Knowing this, we hope that you will find software with the exact features and prices that suit you.