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Google Maps Update Brings New Timeline To iOS

Google Maps has recently come up with a new update for iOS users. So, if you own an iOS device and have recently updated the application, you will be able to access the new activity timeline. Its new update involves tabs like “World” and “Places” to acknowledge different locations you have recently been to.

Moreover, through this update, users will be easily able to access the countries they have traveled so far. If the device’s location is turned on, then Google Maps will be able to track the location history of the user.

What this Timeline will Offer to Google Maps Users?

Now, this Timeline feature has mixed reviews from the user community. For some users, it’s quite helpful. However, others might think that this unnecessary stalking is nothing but creepy. 

So, no matter what, the feature is pretty useful in certain scenarios where you want to know your travel details on that particular date. This will also help to track some of the common places you visit.

For iPhone users, this new timeline update involves tabs like Places, Cities, and World. Hence, you can easily access the places, cities, or the part of the world you have visited. This means, if you tap the World tab, it will provide access to the countries you have recently visited.

Once you tap these countries, it will provide you the complete information regarding your visit there. Moreover, the feature will also report the last time you were in that country. On the other hand, if you tap the Cities tab, a list will appear stating the cities you have been to. This will become easier for you to know the cities you visited recently without thinking much.

Similarly, if you tap the Places tab, you will get a list of the specific places that you have been to. This signified places like restaurants, malls, hotels, etc. You can always sort it by choosing filter options like Food & Drinks, Hotels, and Shopping. 

Suppose you are unable to remember a restaurant you visited in a particular city during any recent country visit. To know about it, you can easily take the help of Google Maps as it tracks your location history. It will help you recall your visit in detail with accurate information. 

However, if you are not satisfied with the update and the entire concept does not sound appealing to you, then simply disable the location services. As you do so, Google Maps will not be able to track your location history. 

If you want, you can also fix any mistakes made within the Timeline. Similarly, if you want to delete a day from the timeline or the entire location history, you can do that as well. 

Moreover, the new update of Google Maps is considered quite useful by several users. As they can keep track of their visits in various countries and date-wise activities.