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Google and YouTube to Remove Ads and Climate Change-Denial Content

Google and YouTube updated the monetisation policies on climate change on October 7. Creators can no longer upload contents that have misleading information about global warming. This rule will apply to all YouTube users across the globe. Earlier, many advertisers made money by misinterpreting the causes of climate change. But, from now onwards, Google will review the ads and videos which have unreliable claims. By doing this, YouTube is aiming to protect the environment in the best possible way. 

Moreover, the YouTube channels might be penalised for promoting lies about environmental change. Previously, YouTube banned content that had false statements about the COVID-19 vaccine. And, Google announced that it would take down videos that contradict scientific approaches.

Google will allow the publication of those climate change-related videos that are well-researched. Even, the creators can add debates on the effects of global warming in their pages. But, the content that ignores the contribution of greenhouse emissions to climate change will be removed. 

Why Google and YouTube Enforced this New Policy? 

YouTube has more than 2.29 billion users across the world. Among them, 122 million people daily watch videos from this online streaming platform. Many creators use YouTube to inform individuals about the environmental crisis. You will find hefty content dedicated to the effects of climate change in this cross-platform. 

Moreover, there are videos on how to combat the global warming situation. Millions of people have watched these videos to keep the environment safe. The increased use of fossil fuels is one of the prime causes of climate change. Moreover, deforestation is responsible for the rise of global temperature. 

But, the climate deniers claim that these reasons don’t contribute to climate change. Even these trend sceptics or deniers have labelled global warming as a “scam or hoax”. And, they are trying to convey these statements via YouTube ads and content. 

Thus, Google has imposed a stringent rule to prohibit such deceiving videos. Unable to open YouTube or Google? Contact an expert of Samsung service centers Dubai for an instant solution.

What Kind of Climate Change-related Videos Can You Post on YouTube? 

The YouTube creators and ad publishers can post content on new climate policies. Moreover, if you find any new research related to this topic, you can share that as well. Did you come across a new blog about the impacts of climate change? Consider making a video about that on YouTube. 

Make sure to add detailed information about this issue to enlighten the other users. But, don’t include any information which is not verified. You should always create content that has effective solutions to this environmental crisis. Incorrect information can be a threat to the environment. So, choose the topic of the content wisely and contribute towards saving the planet from global warming.

When Google Will Impose this Ad Policy on the Climate Denial Contents?

Google unveiled that this policy might come into existence from November 2021. All the incorrect climate change content will be filtered from the page. Many companies have forced climate activists to share climate denial videos. To prevent this, Google has introduced this exclusive ad policy in their platforms. 

Moreover, Google is planning to add new and advanced tools to YouTube. It will let the users know more about greenhouse emissions. You can even get details on how to make money on youtube by following these steps. You can phrase out HFCs, CFCs and other gases. 

Recently, Facebook added an online portal to help users to avoid misleading information. And, from this section, the users can find authentic climate change-related news. From 2015-2021, even many lawmakers have tried to monetise inaccurate content. 

Additionally, some activists have stated that humans are not responsible for climate change. But, this information is not completely true. To remove these claims from the contents, Google took such a drastic step.

Which Factors Drive Google to Prohibit the Climate Denial Videos?

Google claimed that it made these changes to stand against climate denialism. Over the years, the extent of heatwaves or drought has increased. But, many creators claimed that there is no such change happening in the climate. And, the advertisers simply didn’t want to promote these contents. 

To help the publishers and advertisers, Google took this decision. Though, this company keeps on changing the ad policies. But, this update will prevent the revenue generation of many YouTubers. 

Moreover, Google said that it will evaluate the context of every video. The team will even check the videos of climate change that the users have reported. Have you recently discussed climate change in your content? Google will look at this type of video carefully. And, if you have tried to portray a false claim as a fact, then the video will be banned. 

Who Helped Google to Create this New Policy? 

Google discussed this new ad policy with renowned experts. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel has helped Google to build this strategy. Moreover, Google analysed the Climate Change Assessment Report as well. This company found out the potential causes of climate change in this global report. Google will follow this report to remove the climate denial content in the future. 

Additionally. Google announced a few more facts about this policy. It stated, the company will implement automated tools to identify the problematic videos. Along with this, their team will review the content that violates the policy. 

Do you monetise content via YouTube’s Partner Program? Then, before uploading any video, make sure to follow this policy. And, if you need any further information, go to the “Google Ads Help” page. Right after that, go to the search bar and get the answer that you are looking for. 

The Reasons Behind Adding this Robust Ad Policy

Since its inception, Google has always aimed at promoting sustainability. This is the primary reason why Google introduced this policy. With this policy, Google attempts to strengthen the integrity of its advertising team. 

Sundar Pichai also addressed a few measures to stop climate change. You can now see the fuel-efficient routes on Google Maps. Do you use Google Flights? Google has included carbon emission-related information in that application. With the help of Nest Thermostats, you can even limit energy use. 

The climate change activists have criticised Google for allowing the climate denier’s content. Furthermore, Google has previously bought search ads for these interest groups. According to researchers, YouTube received 21+ million views on a climate denial video. Google will remove this video within a few weeks. 

Being the largest digital ad seller agency, Google has always modified its content. And, now Google is on its way to find and delete videos that deny climate change. So, prevent climate change denial before it gets too late.