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10 Free Images Sites to download HD images

If you blogger or are into posting social media content, you will need high-quality unmarked images for free. So, where do you think such free images in HD quality are available? Well, worry not. This article shall highlight some of the top ten free image sites in 2023. 

Finding the right image in HD quality is a struggle for many. No matter what purpose you use the image for, there could be potential copyright issues or watermarking. While using images from public domains is valid, you should take note of the Creative Commons in images. 

It is without a doubt that the internet has tons of free stock images under various categories. But if you come across some terms and conditions while accessing and downloading the photos, that’s additional hard work. 

As mentioned previously, the image you are downloading must be accessible for any purpose you use. That is why there are some related terms that you should understand first. The ten image sites we have listed here include these associated terms. 

Terms to know about before using any images from free stock image sites.

Knowing these terms will help you determine whether you can use the particular image from the site for personal and commercial purposes. For instance images under the CO0 license are free to use for any reason by any user. You can access the image, modify it, and publish the modified ones without adding any linking source. There is no requirement for attribution. 

Creative Commons Zero (CO0)

Creative Commons Zero license is a free legal tool that enables users to access and utilize the images with no particular restrictions. While some CO0 licenses allow free will, some allow for broad usability without modification to the picture. 


If you think royalty-free images are entirely free, you are wrong. Specific photos are exclusive; you need to pay a one-time fee to obtain the image rights. After accessing the rights, you can utilize the image as you like. But that also only means that you do not have to pay a royalty to the image’s owner every time you use that image. Anyhow, you can always find royalty-free images from many reliable sites. 

Public domain

Images in the public domain are those with expired copyrights, forfeited images, or inapplicable copyright cases. But that does not mean that any image you find is under the public domain.

Nonetheless, the image sites you will find here have something in common. Those are:

  • All the image sites listed have Creative Commons Zero licenses. 
  • You get a search option for faster results on the platform. 
  • There are over 10,000 images. 
  • There are numerous images from multiple categories. 

With all that being said, let’s get into the top ten free HD-quality image sites below. 


One of the many popular websites for free stock images in HD quality is Pixabay. It has the most downloaded images to date and the most prominent stock images collection. The numbers could round to more than 1.7 million. So, it is highly likely that you will find your needed images on this platform. You can access this site from any device, including Android, iOS, and the Web.

And as mentioned earlier, Pixabay enabled Creative Commons Zero (CO0) licensing on all its images. That means you can download any picture from here and use it for any purpose, personal or commercial, without worrying about copyright issues. Additionally, there are also a good collection of royalty-free vector graphics, videos, and illustrations available. With such diverse image content, the platform is applaudable for its high-quality assurance. 

Since the users’ needs vary from person to person, you can download the images in your required resolution. More importantly, the Advanced Search option makes image search even more accessible. So, without a second thought, you can get your preferred images in the best quality from Pixabay. 


If you are looking for the best stock image site with free downloads, Unsplash is the best website for various image integrations. You can access this site from any device, including Android, iOS, and the Web. as for the numbers, Unsplash supposedly contains more than 3 million images plus multiple plugins, making it the most extensive stock photos collection. 

If the site is not excellent for free stock image collection, it is also integrated with popular tools like Squarespace, Trello, Notion, and Figma. This integration allows you to easily search for your needed photos in the best quality on the site. 

Unsplash also has native apps available as an Android photo picker, iOS app Apple TV, and desktop wallpaper apps. It also has a Chrome extension, which randomly chooses the background image when you open the browser. 

The fantastic feature of Unsplash is its Collection section. You can create your collection on the platform by adding your favorite photos. It also has a search bar where you can enter the keyword for your required image. Go for Unsplash if you need multiple photos or pictures in a particular theme and category. 


If you are a blogger or a content creator, you will be familiar with Canva. It is pretty famous for its free stock images that can be used as overlays and simple enhancement factors. Canva is widely compatible with various Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Web devices.

Canva, as a platform, is not only a site for quality stock image collection. It is also a web-based graphic designing tool that you can use to alter your images easily. Canva offers both free and paid account options to its users. Using a free account, you can still access over 1.6 million stock images for any purpose. 

You can take any image from Canva and enhance or modify it with simple text overlays or tweak the vibrancy of the photos or transparency. The process is very streamlined. You can use the built-in design tool of Canva on the site. 

A fantastic feature of Canva is that the site automatically creates a color palette for your selected image. That is helpful when you want to design a presentation with photos, as you get a consistent color scheme. But for a downside, Canva only has one-size images even though they are high-resolution.


Grastisography has a unique collection of quirky images you cannot find on any other site. This site is accessible on Android devices and via the Web. the image collection here is curated by this excellent graphic designer Ryan McGuire. He has a thing for quirkiness that you can see from the images on the site. 

Even if the free stock images on this site are of lesser variety, new photos are uploaded every week that are indeed eye-catchy. The typical nine image categories you can find here are animals, food, fashion, business, people, objects, urban, whimsical, and nature. While all the images are free to download, you can also subscribe to its newsletters if you are interested in receiving alerts of the latest photos. 

While the site is undoubtedly great, it has some significant downfalls. Despite being of high quality, the images are available only in one size. The site visuals are too distracting with all the cartoonish UI elements and bright colors.

The following free stock image site on our list is StockSnap. This site host royalty-free photos with Creative Commons Zero (CO0) license. A community of photographers provides their works (pictures) on this site. Browsing through this site is easy as everything is categorized by most favorite images, most downloaded images, most views, or what’s trending. Besides high-resolution image collection, there is also content for users interested in technology and gadgets. 

The fantastic thing about this site is that it uploads hundreds of new images weekly. While most images are free to use, note to avoid the photos with star signs in them. Those images are sponsored and hence require fees to use. You can quickly notice such pictures in the top section itself. 

Life of Pix

Like any other photo-sharing site, Life of iPix is primarily the same. But at the same time, it is somewhat different. It is the hub site where photographers from various genres share shots for free. While doing so, they do not compromise on the quality of the photos. You can say that this platform is a dedicated page for skilled photographers from around the world. You may even find your favorite photographer’s work here. 

Despite having a bunch of photographers, the photo selection section is limited to the best-quality pictures. From animals to nature to cities, the categories are broad. The week’s best photo is consistently featured on the site and other social media channels. 

You can search for photos using the search box by entering your favorite photographer’s name or the type of photo you are looking for. The photo search can be filtered via color, category, and orientation. The best thing is that to know about the details of the photo; you have to hover the mouse arrow above them. That will show you details of the image regarding its photographers, picture name, etc.

A related site to this photo site is the Life of Vids. The only difference is that this site offers free videos to users instead of pictures. 


Flickr is one of the most popular yet older photo-sharing sites on social media networks. While this site is not necessarily public domain images, you can still find a massive collection of high-quality photos for free. The numbers could roughly go about five billion pictures if you get to the numbers. These pictures are works of amateur and professional photographers together worldwide. 

It also provides fantastic editing tools for image enhancement to get your desired photo properties before downloading them. It also has a feature where you can organize the images in different albums, plus it also serves as a very convenient image hosting platform at zero cost. 

If you are interested in commendable photography skills, you can also put your works here and refine your artistic skills. Go to the Camera Finder on the site’s homepage under Explore from the dropdown menu. That will show you the most popular and best-loved cameras by the Flickr community photographers. 

The photo search feature on this site is exhaustive. Every photo contains rich metadata about tags, EXIF data, geolocation information, and many more. While images are precisely categorized, you can search by recently added and trending photos. 

While the site is excellent, some photos are not entirely free. If you want a picture for commercial use, you would have to pay for it. Its like subscription-based. That is why, when downloading any image from here, do not forget to check the pictures for licenses. 


123RF is famous for providing the best stock photos for social media optimization for free. This site has a massive collection of stock photos suitable for upload on Instagram and other social media platforms without copyright or license issues. You not only get varieties of free images and vector illustrations, but you can also pick your required download size suitable for the Pinterest post, Brochure cover, email header, and Facebook cover. 

Since the downloadable sizes of the photos are pre-set, you do not have to spend additional time resizing and cropping the images to get the proper optimization. Hence, pick a picture with a clear focal point at the center to prevent errors with the aspect ratio. 

Overall, it is an easy-to-use and clean site for new users. Additionally, when you pay a small fee, you get certain privileges like access to stock audio and footage to use in projects and presentations. 


Since its launch in 2004, Stockvault has become a hub for all kinds of photographers and interested people in the related field. From skilled and amateur photographers to designers and students, all are invested in this platform. They come and freely display plus exchange their works like graphics, vector files, and images. 

This site provides all kinds of free stock photos along with logos, ready-to-use site layouts, and quality assistance to those in need of royalty-free agencies.

According to the statistics, more than 138,000 free photos are added to its weekly collection. So, you know you will indeed find what you are looking for. Surprisingly, specific photos in its collection are licensed. Unlike the other image sites, the pictures here could have any of the three licenses – public domain, commercial, non-commercial, and the Creative Commons Zero license.

You can search for your needed photos using the subject tags and check via collections and category based. After getting to the desired class, you can filter the images based on licenses. Since there are sub-categories as well, finding the selected high-quality photo is easier. 


Reshot is the free stock photos site best for UI and UX designers. That is also why you can only access it via the Web. Technically a new resource for UI/UX designers, Reshot has a massive collection of icons, stock photos, and vector illustrations. 

A design team by the name of Envato Elements provides the site’s photo collection. They are a paid subscription service for music, photos, templates, and many more. Reshot offers the same free visual resources to designers at feasible rates. 

The billions of images on the site are free for commercial and personal use. The site’s minimalist design makes it easy for users to navigate and search for what they want. You can also use the search bar to find it quickly. Apart from photos, PNG and vector illustrations are also downloadable. And to make things even better, you can directly download images from Reshot straight to Figma. 

Sharing photos from this site is more straightforward as it is integrated with Twitter and Facebook. However, the downside of this platform is that photos are available for download only in JPEG format. No other sizing options are there despite offering high-res photos. It is a great free image site for basic ideas for prototypes or wireframes. 

Bottom line

So, these are the top ten image sites where you can find your desired photos for free. What you should keep in mind, though, is that special attribution request with specific pictures. Beautiful, high-quality images are visually attractive and engage the viewers to content more. There are impressionable elements on the internet.