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10 Free HD Video Sites 2023 to download without Copyright Video

Finding good quality HD video footage to use in your projects can be challenging. And if you do find some, it’s often copyrighted, and you can’t use it without permission. But don’t worry; there are still plenty of places where you can find HD videos that you can use without worry.

Videos are not only an engaging content element; with time, they dominate the industry much more than pictures and images. You will encounter videos on the front page when visiting any business website, personal blog, or social media page. Do you think those videos are original videos shot by the owner or replicates of other videos?  

Video content is what people desire. They are easily digestible and more expressive of the content that the source wants to represent. Since everyone does not have much time and skills to create appealing videos, copyright-free stock videos have a significant role to play. There are tons of sites on the internet offering such a service. 

The internet is a vast repository of videos, and finding high-quality videos without copyright restrictions can be challenging. Copyright law is a complex and ever-changing area, so it’s important to be cautious when downloading videos. 

There are a number of free HD video sites that offer videos without copyright restrictions. These sites are great resources for finding high-quality videos for personal or commercial use. Other than the copyright issues, download limits and watermarks also considerably restrict the usability of that video on multiple platforms and purposes. 

In this article, we’ll share 10 of the best free HD video sites you can download without copyrighted video and watermarks. With these sites, you’ll be able to find high-quality HD video footage for your projects without any hassle. So, let’s get into it. 

  1. Pixabay

With over 2.3 million stock videos and images, Pixabay is our list’s largest HD video and image site. All of its content is released with an official Simplified Pixabay License. That means users can use their videos and images on the site for commercial and non-commercial purposes, either in print or digital media. If something is off-limits, that will be clearly specified. 

Not only do they have millions of copyright-free stock videos, but you also get an extensive collection of illustrations, music tracks, sound effects, etc. You can download them at the resolution of your choice. 


  • They have 20+ video categories ranging from music, travel, animals, science, education, beauty, etc.
  • Their stock video library has over 24,000 plus a collection of free videos. 
  • The Pixabay interface s user-friendly, beautiful, aesthetic, and modern. 
  • When you search for videos, you can sort the results by Editor’s Choice, Latest, Popular, Upcoming, etc. 
  • The search results can also be filtered by Resolution (4K or HD), Category, or Effects (Slow Motion, Time Lapse, Animation). 
  • Interestingly, the site has the option for SafeSearch that will blick any offensive or irrelevant content from appearing on your feed. 

Pixabay link: 

  1. Pexels

Initially, Pexels was famous for being one of the best free image sites. But at this point, after its acquisition by Canva, it is also well known for providing a quality collection of free stock videos in 4K and HD formats. Since Pexels has a license, you can use their images and videos for any purpose. That, too, without worrying about the Attribution. Like how you can modify the photos and edit the stock videos too. 

The amazing about Pexels is that you do not have to subscribe to the site to download their content. You can sign up for free and follow your favorite photographers and videographers. While there is no issue with watermarking on videos, you can also download them in multiple resolutions of your choice. 


  • The user interface of Pexels is attractive and clean, with easy navigation and no ads.
  • It has multiple tags and filter options. 
  • You can choose your video content from over 31K+ unique HD stock videos suitable for various projects. 
  • You can download the stock videos in actual quality, 4K, or FHD. 
  • They have easy licensing terms with no attributions, but that does not mean that you can resell their assets on other platforms or imply endorsements.  

Pexels link: 

  1. Mix kit

Mix kit has everything you want in a video and engaging visual elements. This site offers a wide range of stock video clips, music, templates, and sound effects. Its massive collection of content is resourced by a designated company named Envato. They are basically a subscription service offering creative assets to its users. 

The downside of this video site is that it has ads and promotions by Envato. Moreover, there are also license restrictions due to Mixkit Stock Video Restricted License. That means you can use their stock videos only for personal and non-commercial purposes, not commercial use. 


  • Mixkit’s UI s pretty trendy and well-organized. They are perfect for beginners to use. 
  • Their features are in eight categories: lifestyle, animals, vertical, Christmas, Transport, etc. 
  • You can sort your search results by duration, resolution, tags, and orientation of the video. 
  • There is no attribution. 
  • While the default stock video res is 1080p, you can download it in different formats like 720p, 1080p, HD, and 4K. 

Mixkit link: 

  1. Life of Vids

Life of Vids has a massive collection of free stock clips, videos, and loops. While there are no copyright restrictions, redistribution is limited to about ten videos. They update new videos every week. Vimeo host all of their videos. 

Not only are their stock videos watermark-free with no attributions, but you also get them entirely free in SD and HD format. You can utilize their content for both commercial and personal use. 


  • The UI of Life of Vids is impressive, with modern elements and no ads. 
  • Their video collections have eight categories: water, nature, cloud, food, city, and many more. But the video numbers are limited. 
  • You get six types of video downloading options, including HD 2160p, HD 1440p, HD 1080p, HD 720p, SD 540p, and SD 360p. 
  • Every content on their site has easy licensing guidelines. 

Life of Vids link:

  1. Videvo

Videvo is an excellent source to acquire high-quality stock videos for free with no watermarks. There will be attributions if you download a 30-second video clip without watermarks. But if you download a 10-second video clip with watermarks, there is no attribution. 

While most users prefer the free form, you can always upgrade to its premium plan for higher benefits like more monthly downloads. There are two versions for paid stock videos – Videvo Plus and Videvo Pro. 

Besides the extensive collection of 20K+ stock videos, they also offer music, templates, sound effects, and motion graphics created by their users’ community. Before you use the downloaded videos, always check the usage rights first. 


  • Its UI is easy to use and modern. But the downfall here is the ads.
  • It has a vast collection of free stock videos in various categories (25).
  • You have three video quality options to download – 720p, 1080p, and 4k.
  • There is a lot of filter option when searching for videos. 
  • The site offers three types of licenses – Creative Commons 3.0 License, Royalty Free License, and Videvo Attribution License.  

Videvo link: 

  1. Videezy

Videezy is considered one of the most significant video communities globally. Here, you can download stock videos for free from a vast collection. While most videos are free to use for any purpose, some require a paid upgrade to the platform. The paid form is the Videezy Pro, with the unique privilege of buying video download credits. 

Since licenses must be checked with online royalty-free stock videos, the Videezy license has both free and paid content. The free content can be used both ways but with Attribution, whereas the premium content can also be used without Attribution. Besides video content, they also have photos, vectors, and brushes. 


  • The top 12 categories of stock videos are further divided into sub-categories. 
  • The filter options include format, resolution, file type, license, etc. 
  • The downloadable video resolutions are in SD, HD 720p, HD 1080p, Ultra HD, and 4K. 
  • There are tons of intrusive ads on the interface. 
  • You cannot preview the stock videos when you hover over them. 

Videezy link: 

  1. Vidsplay

Founded in 2010 by Sammy Fontanez, Vidsplay is a popular stock video site. They update new videos every week. The good thing about this site is that you can download any video with no royalty fees but Attribution. You must put in a credit link if you use the video on any other platform. You can choose any HD stock video from multiple categories. 


  • The UI of Vidsplay is quite organized and vibrant, but no preview option. 
  • Their video collection can even be used to make Youtube videos, as they have texture and background videos too. 
  • You can use their videos for personal and commercial purposes, but with credit links to the creator. 
  • Redistribution or sub-licensing of their videos is strictly prohibited, even with edits.
  • The search filters are pretty limited. Also, ads running on the interface are quite distracting. 

Vidsplay link:  

  1. PikWizard

PikWizard is a widely-known image and video site with over 1 million HD-quality digital assets. Not only are they free to use with no royalty, but also no attribution. It is a good source if you want quality and quantity to your needs. 


  • The UI of PikWizard has a very modern vibe. You can preview any video by simply hovering over them. 
  • Since there are ads, the platform also often appears cluttered. 
  • They have over 20 categories of stock videos, such as texture videos, background videos, slow motion videos, dictionary videos, business videos, tech videos, and many more. 
  • You get video formats in SD and HD when you download any video from here. 
  • They have simple licensing terms with no necessary attribution. 

PikWizard link: 

  1. XStockVideo

Owned by Shatterdesign, XStockVideo is a free HD video platform that has a whole library of HD footage and videos. You can download the stock videos and footage for free and use them for both personal and professional purposes. 


  • The videos are divided into nine categories: holidays, landscapes, education, transportation, etc. 
  • You get multiple sorting options by date, most popular, random videos, top rated, most downloaded, etc. 
  • You can download the videos in any resolution you want. Usually, the options are three video qualities. 
  • While their licensing terms are simple, you must purchase an extended license for redistribution, reselling, or sub-licensing of their digital assets.
  • Since there is no search bar in their interface, you get no filter options. 
  • The platform’s UI is dark-themed which makes it unimpressive and inauthentic. 

XStockVideo link: 

  1. Shutterstock

Last but not least HD video site on our list is Shutterstock. It is primarily a company providing high-quality HD-licensed videos to its users. After you buy the videos, you can use them for personal or professional purposes. Their videos are usually available in HD and 4K formats.


  • Their videos are a mix of technical and artistic excellence.
  • They have a massive royalty-free library full of HD and 4K stock videos.
  • Their search option is simple, with multiple options like length-wise, video resolution, frames per second, etc. 
  • The site adds new videos automatically every week. 
  • You get a broad range of video categories from Art, Wildlife, buildings, and many more. 

Shutterstock link: 

Steps to download the stock videos without the watermarks

Open any of the video sites listed above on your browser. After that, follow the steps below:

  • On the search bar, enter the type of stock video you want to download and hit the Enter button.
  • Now, scroll through the stock video results and click on your needed video.
  • You see the Download button on the side; click on it.
  • That will initiate downloading your required stock video without the watermark. 

Why use copyright-free stock videos?

Violating copyrights is a legal case. So, it is better always to avoid it. Since there are many reliable HD video sites online, they are advantageous. 

  • Using copyright-free stock videos saves time. Since you get any video you want, from resolution to genre to category, your search is not endless. That saves the time and effort you would have otherwise spent shooting and editing videos. 
  • Shooting videos is expensive. They need money to set up cameras, lighting, arrange models, and many other factors. They are also often risky and do not turn out as expected. Using copyright footage at zero expense is also valuable, relevant, and cost-effective.  
  • Professional videographers and expert designers create every stock footage from online sources. That proves the high quality and reliability of the stock content. 
  • Using someone else’s property and work can land you in legal trouble. However, free videos from royalty-free sites are free of copyright and watermark cases. These sites have their version of license terms and usage rights. 

What does a “Copyright Free License” mean?

Any work by an artist or any individual that claims to be under a “Copyright Free License” means that their works are free for the audience to use, with no particular restrictions. In this case, you can get their work and videos for your personal needs, commercial or professional purposes.

Licensing, when seen separately, regulates the usage and rights of any digital asset. This is why these free stock video sites use different types of licensing.

What does Attribution mean?  

Attribution primarily means acknowledging someone if you are using their work for your purpose. That means giving credit to the original creator of the digital asset or video. For Attribution, you can attach a link to your post for the original source of the asset.

Bottom line

You can rely on stock video sites if you do not want to spend money and time shooting videos and footage. With the right source, you can get high-quality video content for free with no copyright or watermark issues. 

The only thing you should note is to ensure compliance with the site’s terms & conditions and licenses.

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