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Honest Review – Flexclip! Is It A Reliable Video Maker Or Not!

Are you a Video Blogger?  Want to shoot videos at a regular interval or just trying to capture some special moment of life? Well, in this modern era, video creation and editing tools come in handy to display and store your cherished moments in the best possible approach.

I used to believe that video editing is a challenging task. But after searching for videomaker reviews, first, let’s take a look at the details in this FlexClip review!

Well, I believe video editing is an absolutely challenging task. And frankly speaking, I really love to click pictures and make videos. And after taking snaps/videos, I always look for online software that puts an additional excitement to my photos/videos! But, after lots of research, I found FlexClip – a software that claims to make it much easier. Well, initially, let’s take a look at the details in this FlexClip review!

FlexClip | Explained

FlexClip is a handy tool that can be used for making videos that are compact and enticing. I personally used this product and seriously find it is easy to navigate. Well, with its uncomplicated interface, users often find it easy to make amazing videos within a while. Its ambitious suite of tools for video making enables your business to attract customers to click, influence their purchasing intent, improve overall traffic to your site, and encourage and develop an amazing idea in your social media platforms.

Of course, this software is absolutely handy for content and business specialists who are gearing to promote a product, or any sort of service through compelling video content however, do not have the proper skills for operating additional nuanced platforms open in the market. This is really convenient to use, comes with storyboarding utilities as well as plenty of content templates along with stock videos and music in order to help you identify your creative vision.

An Overview

Whether you are a professional video maker or don’t have any idea about video editing, you can find this software very convenient for sure. So, if you’re an intermediate or beginner in this video editing world, this tool can be an ideal fit for you and lets you explore plenty of their templates. Hence, you do not necessarily have to begin from scratch.

While utilizing the assistance, I firmly believe that FlexClip is way more helpful to commercial video makers and online marketers.

The most exciting thing about Flexclip, it works amazingly in the Chrome browser.

Key Features of FlexClip

  • Online video maker and editor
  • Completely HD video export
  • Ready-made Templates
  • Entirely customizable
  • Stock photo or video resources
  • Video splitting, zooming, and merging
  • Watermarking
  • Multi-media library
  • Voice recording

You Might Be Confused Why Do You Require  FlexClip?

The advantages you can get from the tool can be enormous if you comprehend how to use it in the proper manner. Well, the interface is straightforward enough to understand, along with the point that intermediate or beginner video editors will find the features implemented more than satisfactory.

Do you have fast video stories to compose or videos to edit? Do you search for a ready-made video Ad campaign, a mere greeting video, or a corporate presentation video? Well, keep reading my FlexClip review.

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Look at the Benefits of  FlexClip 

Free to use

Unlike any other tool available in the market, FlexClip is entirely free with zero hidden charges. Well, you all can experience the privilege of this advanced tool without any monthly subscription to think of. You only have to sign up and FlexClip hands you all the accessories along with some amazing media you need to direct and make your video.

Video editing Utilities

Access utilities for basic as well as advanced editing. With FlexClip, you can trim your videos without even compromising the quality. Text tools are free for you that can be really useful to add titles, captions, and even texts to your videos to better send your information across. You can even blend plenty of video or image assets in your gallery with a few clicks.

Voice-overs improve the tone of the video. FlexClip has a voice recording facility to support you recording your voice on the go and interpolate the narration in your video. In addition, it has a mechanism for adjusting aspect ratio, watermarking, photo to video conversion, setting overall resolution, video zooming, and video splitting.

Content templates

The tool comes with a large library of music, photo content, and video for immediate inclusion in your video clip. You can utilize this to establish your vision and deliver your key messages more strongly.

Technical details

  • Devices Supported- Web-based
  • Language Support- English
  • Pricing Model-  Free
  • Deployment-  Cloud Hosted
  • Customer Types- Freelancers, Small Business, Medium Business, Large Enterprises

What Care  Does This Vendor Offer?

  • Tickets
  • Email

How to access FlexClip?

There is a Free variant of FlexClip. But, it comes with plenty of restricted facilities that will find way ​less than standard. Users can always reach out to the official site of FlexClip and all you have to do is register for FREE, later you can utilize the highlights they offer without even spending a dime.

But, it is also true that they have additional packages where you need to spend a certain amount for getting more beneficial facilities. Well, for this FlexClip review, we’re utilizing the ​PLUS package of the web-based video editor​.

The Interface

The interface seems not only crisp but also very smooth, which is delightful to the eyes right from the bat. Well, users can find, all the principal alternatives that are available at the top from where they can choose the one they want. In the straight right corner, they can access their own profile. Moreover, users can SignOut or reach out to the tutorials from here.

Each and every facility is self-explanatory. Therefore, if you want to proceed with a new project, then navigate to the Create tab, where you can begin your new projects. So, all you are ready to begin this! 

Well, click the Create menu, and this will redirect you to a sheet where you can choose the type of video you desire to produce. If you’re to hover over any of the template cards, this confers you a small brief about how the end product will turn out to be. This highlight proved useful to me in selecting the right template at my convenience. 

When you have chosen your template, you could say you’re halfway through. And actually, it’s that straightforward!

FlexClip Highlights in Detail

The features tab is where you find information about each and every editing facility that you can apply to your videos. Well, you can find, there is a different card for each and every feature available, which makes the display seem clean and also makes it simple for you to select the one you prefer. The description of every function makes it even more transparent about what it does and also aids you in choosing the suitable one for you. Therefore, simply proceed with the FlexClip review, let’s consider the highlights in a detailed manner.

Trim Videos

It lets you split a clip you desire from a video file. And, you can settle on the length of the video. Furthermore, you can potentially decrease the significant portions from a lengthy video that you caught and want to be saved. A handy highlight to trim the video for any of your social media platforms or wanna make the video combination smoother.

Therefore, the entire process goes like Trim>Preview?Save?Done!

Combine Music to Your Videos

FlexClip aids you to add Royalty-Free music to your videos. Additionally, it also supports various audio forms at your convenience. It offers compelling editing tools in order to assist you to adjust the music according to your preference. Customize the background music to your desire from vast stock music.

The most satisfying part is that you can search and combine music as per the feeling of your video. Additionally, you can combine your music files, as well.

Record Voice

Well, you can also record your own voice and combine it over your video with some uncomplicated clicks. That is how simple it is. Having a voice-over highlight in a web-based video Editor is astounding. But, the ease of executing the task with FlexClip will astonish you for sure. 

Therefore, record your audio or narrations and add them to your videos according to your taste and preference. 

Add & Edit Text

Moreover, you can also add text to your video in order to help audiences recognize your video content thoroughly. In fact, FlexClip has a number of text styles that can be used. Therefore, you can add any sort of text style and edit the text on the scene at your convenience. FlexClip also permits you to position your text sections. In addition to all the highlights, you can also customize the time frame from when the text should develop and disappear on a scene.

Furthermore, I absolutely love the presence of the font selection and text color option. And overall, FlexClip covers all the options you will require for text editing.

Custom watermark

It is as the feature details, users can add watermark to their videos and promote their brand. This highlight comes in pretty handy if you make videos for a living or if you are a YouTuber.

Aspect Ratio

Adjusting aspect ratio is the basis of the primary editing that approximately any device capable of recording videos can do. Well, naturally, FlexClip also offers you this highlight without any undesirable hassles. 

Video Resolution Options

FlexClip allows users to make videos up to 1080p. In order to satisfy your personal needs and provide you with the customizations you want, it also provides 480p and 720p. Depending on the device as well as the platform that you would desire your videos to play on, you can choose the composition and resolution you believe will be the most desirable fit. 

Photo to Video

The video maker comes in more conveniently than you believe it would. For photo slideshows or presentations, users can make them professionally on the go without getting any skills. Text editing and music tools can also be employed to make them even more beneficial.

The picture setups supported at the time of writing this FlexClip review are JPG, GIF, ICO, SVG, BMP, WEBP, PNG.

Video Splitter

FlexClip is an excellent video splitting tool that you can use in order to split video files into various segments smoothly and fast. Well, if you’re searching to split down your videos without having to get yourself into all the mechanical stuff, then FlexClip is as simple as it can get.

At the time of writing this FlexClip review, the video formats supported involve MOV, M4V videos, WEBM, MP4 videos.

Zoom videos

Feel like the video you capture is too zoomed out? Are you hardly visible while standing next to a wonderful piece of visitor attraction? So, zooming in on a video is extremely simple now, and you shouldn’t worry about it too much. 

So, your audience will concentrate on the things that you want. 

Rotate Videos

Caught a video upside down or sideways? Don’t worry, FlexClip has got you covered. You can also rotate the footage. Moreover, you have a storyline with a unique click.

Creating Videos

After purchasing FlexClip, I created some small projects to figure out whether the software performs as per the standards.

Scene Planning

I have made a small Promo video for Halloween. But, the funniest part is, neither I have intended anything, nor I have any sort of script for the project. Therefore, my analysis will be on the go. I will find out what I can arrange with FlexClip on the go.

Composing & Editing with FlexClip

The video composing and coediting part is the most peaceful I have come across in modern times. Each and everything is visually delightful. And, everything is in the same room where I expected them to be. I am compiling a ready-made template. Therefore, my work becomes more convenient from step one.

What’s Lacking

While designing some of my sample projects, I have noticed a few concerns which might bother you a bit.

  • Now, it is not possible to combine various Text blocks on a single scene. A workaround is to divide the scene and attach new text.
  • In the video export part, I will like to see a single-click opportunity to share the video straight to Video sharing stages like Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Lack of an Undo button. In case you make an unexpected deletion or modification on the scene, you will need to remake the entire element again. The absence of an undo is of real inconvenience.
  • As of now, the greatest video length is 5 minutes. Therefore, it might not be the best fitting solution if you want to make an extended event or family vacation video.

FlexClip is Listening

During the FlexClip review, I talked to the FlexClip team regarding the above-mentioned problems. They were seriously fast to respond and notified me that they are aware of the restrictions. Moreover, they are running on forthcoming updates, which will resolve most of the issues. They are considering expanding the video output limit, which is currently restricted to 5 minutes.

In the Nutshell

In order to sum up my FlexClip review, I believe that it is a perfect video maker. It is a real blessing if you want to build professional video stories in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, you don’t need to take any video editing lessons.

FlexClip offers excellent value for your money. As for buying a Video Editor, Royalty-Free Audio & Video packages will charge you way more than the FlexClip Plus program.