Earn From Google At Home In India
Earn From Google At Home In India

Is it possible to earn from Google at home?

“Online earning” – is something that almost everyone is talking and searching about globally. Time proves how online works and earnings are the most reliable way of living. 

Over the years, the ways of earning money and its values have changed significantly. The pandemic has just enhanced the overall process for the masses worldwide. However, no matter how much digitalization and progress happen, a section of people remain unaware of such things. 

So, for the interested ones, here will tell you about some of the famous and common ways to earn from Google in the comfort of your home. 

Google, as we know it, is a popular search engine used by people worldwide. We all are familiar with it. But what may not be familiar is that you can actually work online and earn from Google. Besides offering its users many useful features, tools, and benefits, you can now get your earnings. 

In this technology-driven era, anything is possible if you find the right way to accomplish them. Similarly, Google has become a more robust platform than a search engine. There are numerous ways to earn extra cash on Google. 

Now why we are emphasizing online earning here simply because it is not possible to get a job as quickly? People are now making more via different online platforms and online startups. 

For people who know about online earning but do not know how this guide will be helpful to you. Rather than wondering how to earn money with Google, follow here. 

Practical and popular ways to earn money with Google are as follows:

  • Google Adsense
  • Blogspot or Google Blogger
  • YouTube
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Google Ads/AdWords
  • AdMob
  • Search Engine Evaluation
  • Google Maps
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Remote Careers
  • Google Pay
  • Build and sell Apps on Google Play
  • Write and sell Books on Google Play
  • SEO Consulting

These are the famous and realistic ways to earn from Google at home. Discuss them in detail below so you can make a considerate income. 

Google Adsense

The most obvious way to make money from Google is via Google Adsense. The only pre-requisite here is that you need to own a blog or website. It helps monetize your webpage based on multiple variables.

One such variable or factor is the Cost-Per-Click (CPC). It is an advertising source. Suppose you own a blog. Now, if you want to monetize your webpage, you can optimize Google Adsense codes to it. That way, you will receive rates whenever a visitor clicks on the ads on your page. 

Youtube videos can also be capitalized with Google Adsense. The condition here is that you need at least 10,000 views to be applicable. Basically, you leverage the Ads clicks and website traffic to earn money from Google. 

One thing you should note here is that you cannot monetize your WordPress account with Google Adsense. For that, you have WordAds.

Blogspot or Google Blogger

You must have heard about professional bloggers who run websites. Most do so via the Google Blogger platform, also known as Blogspot. It is a blogging platform where you build your blogs and monetize them to earn money from Google. While the initial phase may give you no returns, it has enormous scope once your blog gains popularity and traffic. 

When your blog crosses the minimum threshold requirement, you can explore various ways to capitalize on it. Do the suitable optimizations to get high rankings on Google search. You can then register for Google Adsense and Google Adwords to run ads on your website. You can even get into affiliate marketing. 


For viewers, YouTube is the ultimate entertainment platform. It is addictive and valuable if they get the right content. Now, YouTube provides online jobs with Google to its users. That is why more and more people are directly engaging themselves in creating quality content for their YouTube channels. 

Earning money through YouTube is very basic. Suppose you got an exciting idea that users might like watching and following, open your Youtube Channel right now. Start making your videos relevant to your idea. Optimize them and put on a good and attractive title. Also, make sure that the video thumbnail is clickbait to the audience.

Once your videos reach a specific number, you can apply Google Adsense to it. Learning video SEO will be helpful. With time and popularity, you may even get sponsorships from brands. That will give you an additional side hustle other than earning from Google.  

Google Opinion Rewards

Do you know that completing brand surveys and giving your opinions or feedback will help you earn money? While you share your opinions for free, you get paid for that instead. 

Yes, there is something called Google Opinion Rewards from Google. You give your personal opinions to Google and get Google Play credits for free. Download the relevant app from Google Play Store and offer opinions or answer surveys when one is available. 

In most cases, Google pays $1 for your opinion. The surveys will be on anything. While the sum might be less than your expectation, the work is simple, easy, fun, and can be completed at any time. 

Google Ads/AdWords

Google Ads or AdWords is an indirect way to earn money from Google but is quite efficient. What it does is it lets you know about the trending and popular keywords on Google searches. You can then use those keywords to create content and post them on your site. You get to be a part of the market trends and make way for promotional content. 

AdWords is somewhat like Google Adsense but for advertisers. It presents your keyword-related ads to users searching for it, be it a product, service, or website. Technically, it helps attract users and audiences to your site.  


App development is an emerging career option nowadays. While there are many options, Google Play is one good option if you want to earn money from Google. Even if you don’t use the Google Play Store to offer your mobile application to users, apps on Android devices can be monetized via Google Ads.

You can use AdMob to earn online money if you know how to build mobile apps. AdMob is technically a revenue-generating tool for Android app developers. By monetizing the platform, you can even enhance the applications. 

AdMob is a sophisticated solution that manages everything from ad sales to generating reports and payments. Offering your applications on Google Play Store with paid services helps create higher revenue. 

Search Engine Evaluation

Even if we all use Google search every day, many don’t know that Google will pay you to assess the search engine results (SERPs). What if you searched for something on a search engine, but a completely different result shows up. Search Engine evaluation does precisely that. 

It helps optimize the search engine to perfection so that users don’t get the wrong results. People who are into search engine evaluation assess websites, web pages, ads, images, and many more that might impact the users’ future searches. It is like you are doing something to prevent the negative possibilities. 

Google typically pays about $12 per hour to search engine evaluators. So, it is not that bad, right? And the rate may be even higher based on the company you hire. 

Google Maps

When we go somewhere, we usually get location notifications from Google. It is a pretty prevalent feature worldwide. But are you aware that you can make money out of Google Maps? Yes, there are several easy-to-make money through Google Maps.

You can post location photos to enhance Google Maps. Name the picture and tag the locations when you post them. Google will pay you for posting relevant pictures. 

When you visit a new place, post reviews on them. Your feedback helps Google enhance its features. As a massive tool, it is often impossible to find every location on Google Maps. You can add and edit location information on Google Maps. Google will pay you for providing sufficient information on what was lacking. 

Overall, all these help improve Google’s statistics. 

Google Keyword Planner

Website owners and businesses can’t keep track of what users want. Google Keyword Planner is a fantastic tool that lets websites and companies figure out what their potential audience is searching for. This approach is more of a long-term process. 

When you determine what viewers are looking for, you can optimize and adjust your website to fit their preferences. Create content that is relative so that you can draw traffic. With time, you can potentially capitalize on your site traffic and earn profits. 

Noteworthy features of Google Keyword Planner are:

  • Produce language and location-specific results. 
  • Locate new websites, categories, phrases, and keywords. 
  • Analyze the historical data based on trending searches.
  • Estimate search volume trends on multiple keywords.

Google Remote Careers

Many influential platforms now offer remote career options to their users and followers. Fortunately, Google also hires remote workers. The category for Google Remote Careers is vast. You can apply for various positions in administration, operations, development, marketing, and so on. 

Interestingly, Google Remote jobs are not limited to employees but are also open to freelancers. Apply for one and wait for your career to take off. It will be worth earning from a remote Google job. 

Google Pay

We all know what Google Play is. It is an online payment app like PayPal. You can benefit or earn from this if you are into eCommerce or run an online store. 

People today still feel insecure about making online payments. So, Google wanted to eliminate this skeptical factor through Google Pay. Adding Google Pay as a mode of payment on your website can considerably attract and have successful sales. 

Build and sell Apps on Google Play Store

Creativity has every place to show their skills. Google Play Store is one place where app developers can put up their app ideas and make some money. As an app developer, when you upload your app to Google Play Store, you can integrate ways to monetize from the app. 

One way to earn from your apps on Google Play Store is through Google Wallet. If you are uploading your app to Google Play Store for the first time, make yourself a Google Wallet Merchant Account first. The registration fee might be $25.

 After that, log in and go to the “Financial Reports” section. Select the “Set up a merchant now” option. Finally, you can upload your app and start earning from it. 

Offering the app to potential users at a price is an excellent way to earn money. You can also set up monetizing elements like Google Ads in the app. There are also in-app purchases that can escalate your app earnings from Google. 

However, you must note that once you upload an app for free, it cannot be changed to a paid app later. 

Sell Books and write-ups on Google Play Store.

Do you have good writing skills? Do you want to make money out of your write-ups? If yes, you can earn money from Google by writing and selling your books on Google Play Store. By write-ups, we mean anything from short stories to poetry to a whole level. 

Join the Google Play Book Partner Program and monetize your ebook or simple books. It accepts books in both EPUB and PDF formats. You do not have to worry about the sales and distribution of the books. Google will handle the after-process. Once the sales are significant, you will receive the sales report and most of the sales revenue. 

The only demerit here is that the program accepts only a countable number of publishers. 

SEO Consulting

Simply creating a website and running it just for the sake of it makes no sense. That is, SEO is a crucial element of any successful website. While most website owners know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), not many can actually implement it. 

People with quality SEO skills are few. That is why Google offers an opportunity to those with skills the SEO Consulting. As an SEO Consultant, you help websites and businesses with your SEO skills.  


Hence, these are fantastic sources to start your online earnings from Google. Besides these, you can also find numerous ways to earn money from your home. But if you are looking for remote jobs with Google, this list might help you. 

What’s more advantageous about earning from Google is that you do not have to pay to get your work monetized. You simply have to meet some requirements and apply for it. And note that all these are legit good earning online options. While the earnings may be slow, it is worth trying.  

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