The VFX and animation industry in India was estimated to be 95 billion rupees in 2019. If this growth continues, it is estimated to reach 156 billion rupees by 2022. There has been an increasing demand for the Indian animation industry worldwide.

In earlier years, bulk animation included only 2D content and some 3D content. But at present, the scenario has evolved and changed a lot. The Indian animation industry has obtained its hold in the international space by funding more in technology, shaping eminent artists, and changing better infrastructure in moviemaking.

An animation video designed by an animated video production company creates a positive impact while explaining to the core audience about the products and its services of any business.

The animation industry is growing at an increasing pace in India and provides many aspiring job seekers opportunities. The major types of animations done in India are 3D, 2D Animation, and VFX.

Many top animators have successfully designed excellent animation works that are equivalent to the working ways of foreign animators. With the increasing assistance of the workforce and government, this industry is evoking interest among the target audience.

Custom animated video effortlessly exhibits the brand. Videos are the best way to connect with the audience since they can see characters and objects in motion. These animated images keep them engaged for an extended period.

The companies receive lots of advantages of creating custom animated videos for promoting their products. An animated video production company knows the exact ways to attract the target audience or customers.

They also come up with innovative ideas, where promoting a brand looks a lot more fascinating. Here are the benefits of creating custom animated videos.

  1. Easy to understand

It is effortless to understand animated videos. Promoting the product with an animated video is the easiest way to exhibit how a product works. The characters built in these videos can do anything the animators want them to do.

The most complicated attributes of any business product can be explained easily by animation. At the same time, this also interests and fascinates the customers about the products. With these animation videos’ help, it is even possible to create characters, travel through time, and many more.

  1. Bring ideas to life

There’s a benefit to explain the services and display the products visually to the client, using animated videos. The purpose of explainer videos is to bring the concept or ideas to life. An animated video will explain the business idea to the client.

Thus, it can certainly help the businesses in closing the deal. It is not possible to shoot and make videos depending upon the imaginations in reality. But animation can put all the ideas into reality by using different characters and showing their actions.

  1. Easy to search

The most common technique to target the customers is to make them search for the products by promoting them. Animation videos can be made available in all the results of search engines. It will make it easy for consumers to know about the product.

Videos can quickly get the highest rank in Google results. Other digital platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and other media, are easily accessible. It is even possible to find the perfect spot on any of these platforms to make the video easy to search.

  1. Educate and amaze customers

Custom animated videos created by animated video production companies have the power to keep the customers glued to the screens. It is the simplest way to make them watch the videos.

The animation is also a great strategy to narrate the stories of moving objects and receive the attention of potential consumers by creating connections with them via different online videos. It can persuade the customers or viewers to buy the product in due course.

A great video, along with a perfect script, can never fail to grab the target audience’s attention. The videos will educate the people and indeed amaze them. They will get good knowledge about the products and services offered by the companies.

  1. Easy communication

The customers will get bored if they have to study through a complicated explanation for a product’s workings. The only solution to this problem is conveying the message to the customers by making an animated video.

With a small and simple video, the information can reach them easily with a pie chart, bar graph, and others. It enables easy communication with potential customers.