Why the US Is Still a Great Country to Invest In

Why the US Is Still a Great Country to Invest In

With all the recent negative news, it’s sometimes difficult for people to believe that investing in the US still makes sense. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are a growing number of opportunities in the United States. It’s a country that has seen exceptional growth and development over the past century and shows no signs of slowing down.

Let’s look more closely at why the US is still a great country to invest in.

Biggest Market

With a gross domestic product of $18 trillion, the United States remains the largest economy for consumers. There are approximately 325million people living in the country spread across a vastly changing landscape, with state, county and city preferences that vary as much as the accents from place to place. For companies interested in the consumer dollar, American consumers spend more than anyone else too.

There are trade agreements to facilitate selling to foreign countries, so production and export is still a vibrant business sector in the country. Don’t believe that everything is imported from China because that’s simply not the case. Many products are proudly made in the USA, especially when it comes to smaller businesses.

Innovation Hub

Whether looking in Silicon Valley or the centre of finance in New York, the level of research and development is impressive. Many of the latest popular apps and innovations in finance are coming from minds across the United States. To protect intellectual property, there is a complete system of checks and balances, a patents system and copyright protection too.

Business incubators have popped up at many of the country’s best universities, helping students bring their business ideas to life. The US has always been extremely entrepreneurial, with a culture where entrepreneurs are still revered.

A Strong Investment & Banking

The US banking community is robust and dependable. It has the protection of the US government behind it which doesn’t let it fail. Federal deposits are insured by the FDIC fund to safeguard depositors’ money, which gives savers confidence in their banking institutions.

Investment banking and wealth management also has a strong basis, with a number of prominent Wall Street investment banks seeking to represent wealthy decamillionaires and investors with hundreds of millions or billions to put into the market. Indeed, Fahad Al-Rajaan, who was the Chairman of Al Ahli United Bank until 2015(the largest lender in Bahrain), is also involved in the US through his Chairmanship of the Wafra Investment Advisory group based in New York.

Talented, Trained Workforce

The US workforce is a talented one. It has a deep pool with endless highly-trained people who want to work hard for their company and produce results. The level of collaboration and productivity outstrips most other nations around the world. Even the holidays are shorter at two weeks in most cases, with many workers putting in extra unpaid hours to complete their assignments on-time.

Along with the trained workforce is a customer service focus that is unlike anywhere else in the world. The level of service far exceeds what is expected and normal in other countries like the UK, France or Holland. It is sometimes shocking to new visitors who haven’t experienced it before.

There are plenty of great opportunities to invest in the United States;it’s not too late. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, with a regulatory system in place to support and help businesses succeed.