Router Hacking by Russians
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The White House Warned Russian Router Hackers | A Story of Hacking

Trumps first year of administration seemed quite cool on Russian hyper hackers, reluctant to point out where they are awarded in the US election. Two months ago, the white house suddenly called out Russian for their massive hacking practice and intruders into US power grid and introducing new malicious programs.

Router Hacking

Now, In the last warning to Russian hackers, the White House has confused with the message again in a different direction, by blaming Russians not for their massive hacking practice, but for cyber espionage that most of the government tend to do (including US government).

On Monday, the hackers were again warned for their attempt to hack some routers and modems across the web, from home to small business organization and well-recruited organizations with the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, the White House, and UK National Cyber Security System.

The attack will enable espionage and capture others property which likes the Russian Federation’s National security and their economic purpose. And the report says about the attack and detection and gets rid of it.

White House cybersecurity coordinator Rob Joyce said that “When we see any malicious activity, it may be Kremlin or other state actors, will be pushed back” in a reporters call. “We condemned this malicious activity and added Jeanette Manfra a senior DHS official.

router hacking

But those messages are muddy for Russia from some intelligence and security community. Later all US government Hackers and especially those in NSA, perform a board intrusion into the world system for espionage.

Particularly, their target is to hack routers mentioned in Monday’s news, which is based on cybersecurity research. Pointing Russia for their spying the US government regularly does that Western Government has demanded Russians and other nations by prohibiting them from those malicious activities.

Last Month, Russian security firm Kaspersky researchers organized a hacking campaign namely Slingshot which spied on thousands of target places all around the world widely, with the help of an infectious MikroTik router.

This was later revealed that is US special operation command to monitor the ISIS members using internet café in Africa as well as the Middle East.

In a tweet, Kaspersky researcher Aleks Gostey reacted to the Monday’s alert. Previous leaks also showed that CIA and NSA to hack routers, in both big and small.

network hacking

Jack Williams, Former NSA hacker says that DHS alert’s about Russians hijack on the home routers when their users do not change the default password, which is a form of hacking even performed by unskilled cyber criminals.

Williams Says that

everyone hacks the routers, home routers with their default password owned, like thieves taking money from a public area unauthorized manner.

Williams says that rather than giving a serious warning to a cyber attack by Russian Government, be updated with the latest alert. Along the side, in relation to Kremlin and Trumps administration, it has been cooling down, as a part to oppose the on-going war in Syria. Lumping the router with these hackers seems to be confused with the stack.