Funfair Attractions

Top Funfair Attractions You Should Enjoy

Funfairs and carnivals call out to the inner child in each of us. They’re an opportunity for adults and children to indulge in a fun-filled experience that they will remember for a long time. Funfairs are vehicles for everyone to laugh out loud, enjoy the thrilling rides and partake in various activities that will test their mettle, skill and bravado.

A good funfair incorporates a lot of elements. It has to have enough safety precautions to keep the fairgoers safe from harm. Moreover, it needs a lot of stalls offering souvenirs, food and enjoyment. It must also have enough attractions for the fairgoers to have a great time.

If you’re thinking of putting up a fair for your company or locale, you should find someone to partner with to ensure that you provide a spectacular event. They should have the expertise to run different rides and put up several funfair stall for hire for concessionaires to provide a variety of offerings.

Here are some of the funfair attractions that your potential clients will enjoy.

Shooting gallery

Who doesn’t want to try their hand at a game of skill? A shooting gallery offering prizes for a required number of hits will attract a lot of fairgoers. Your players will receive several tries on a cork or pellet gun to knock down targets, and it’ll be a surefire way to keep them entertained. They may even reap benefits for their shooting prowess.

Strength striker machine

One of the best ways to keep your fair interesting is to put up a strength striker machine. Your fairgoers will try to hit the bell as a show of their strength. The harder they hit the target with the hammer, the higher it goes. If you use the right strategy, you’ll have a line of people willing to outdo each other and set a new record.

Tin can alley 

Kids and adults can try their hand at knocking down stacked tins to win a prize. Your funfair stall could either use a baseball or a bean bag to tip the cans over. It is a game of skill and luck, and your fairgoers would line up to test their mettle.

Bumper cars

Fairgoers who have that competitive streak will love a few minutes on bumper cars. You could set up a challenge between two competing groups or have them race around the track for a cuddly prize. With the correct safety gear and supervision, even kids can partake in the action.


A fairground staple, carousels are an iconic attraction that appeals to adults and children. They’ll enjoy listening to the organ music, appreciate the lights and the design of the horses and animals that they can ride.

Ferris wheel 

Another iconic funfair attraction is the Ferris wheel. This provides fairgoers with a bird’s eye view of the fairgrounds, and it can even be a romantic getaway as each pod can seat two people. They can enjoy the view or have a good time eating their snacks as the machine whisks them up for a spin.


A funfair needs several attractions to keep the fairgoers excited and happy. If you want to organise a fair for your company or community, you need to consider safety and a variety of funfair stalls and attractions to draw the crowds.

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