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5 Tips for Improving SEO on Shopify in 2022

Shopify SEO isn’t that much different from the normal search engine optimization you do on WordPress – just some specifics. For example, to increase the visibility of your store’s products on Google, you need to take care to add relevant keywords to product descriptions and alt-texts of images.

Also, Shopify SEO also includes taking care of duplicate content on your site. This is especially important if you’re doing a squarespace to shopify migration. Duplicate content is one of the problems unique to Shopify, as opposed to WordPress. So, let’s take a look at some strategies you can use to improve your Shopify store’s ranking in Google.

5 Shopify SEO Strategies to Improve Ranking in Google

The success or failure of your SEO campaign depends a lot on your keyword choices. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs don’t take a minute to do keyword research. It’s not enough to just insert keywords everywhere on your site.

Incorporate keywords into your page content

At this point, you should have keywords that you want to target. The next step is to make it easy for Google searchers to find your pages using those keywords. It’s best to start with your homepage, product pages, and product category pages.

Improve the navigation of your site

If your site has a good navigation structure, users will stay on it longer and your Shopify store ranking will increase significantly. In other words, if your site has a good structure, users will stay on it longer and your Shopify store ranking will go up significantly.

Get more backlinks to improve SEO

The number and quality of backlinks to your site have a huge impact on the search ranking of your Shopify site. For this reason, getting as many high level backlinks as possible is important for SEO success.

Optimize your site for high load speeds

How do you feel when you try to open a web page that takes more than 2 seconds to load? Frustration, right? Chances are, you’ll leave the site. That’s exactly how visitors feel if your site takes forever to load. Not only will this lead to more bounce rates, but it will also affect your site’s ranking in Google searches.

Use the right SEO apps

If you’ve ever managed a WordPress site, you’ve probably heard of Yoast SEO. There are many other Shopify SEO apps that can help improve your SEO strategy. You’ll find them in the Shopify App Store. Keep in mind that if you’re thinking about doing Shopify to Magento 2 migration, you’ll need to rework a lot and use other apps.

The point of optimizing your Shopify store for search is to attract a lot of traffic. However, if you can’t convert that traffic into sales and subscriptions, what’s the point? Apps can help you turn your site visitors into buyers and subscribers. They allow you to create marketing campaigns in the form of pop-ups, slides, and floating panels.

It is important to take a competent approach to setting up SEO. Remember, it is the target audience that found you on its own that can make sure your business will thrive for years to come.