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Stolen Or Lost Phones!!! Block your Stolen Mobile Quickly

Now, you can end all your regrets after losing the phone. You may not get your mobile phone back but you can do something that can prevent any random person from accessing your mobile phone. The Central Equipment Identity Register portal permits you can block the lost or stolen mobile phones.

The process has been already initiated in Delhi NCR and really helping people to block their mobile phones. You cannot allow the contents of your mobile phone to be discovered by some stranger.

How to Block Stolen or Lost Mobile Phones? 

You can now block the mobile phone with the help of the official portal from the government. After you realize that your mobile phone is either lost or stolen in the crowd, don’t panic. Keep your mind patient. Let the Central Equipment Identity Register or CEIR do the work for you. 

The initiative was launched in Mumbai in the month of September’19. Well, you can avail the benefits from this service too, if you are a resident of the Delhi-NCR region.

The motive of the initiative is that no stranger should have access to the contents of your stolen or lost mobile phone. That’s why you can block your smartphone through the official website and confirm that none can unlock it, anymore. 

If you don’t reside around the Delhi-NCR region, then also there is nothing to be worried about. The service will be available soon in your region, as well. The authority is working on extending to the other regions all over India, within 2020.

This official URL of the website of CEIR:, works on the process of the blocking that relies on the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI number) of the smartphone. But one needs to go through the First Information Report or FIR as soon as the device gets lost or stolen. Then, he or she should start off the blocking process.

Blocking Procedure to Ensure the Security of the Phone

In case, you have lost your smartphone, firstly file an FIR, then you should opt for this blocking process. You have to keep a copy of that FIR. You can get a duplicate SIM card from your telecom service provider. 

Fill some forms before registering on the website of CEIR. These include the identity proof, the copy of the FIR. you may be asked for the mobile phone purchase invoice, as well. You have to upload all the scanned copies of all the required documents. 

Obviously, mention the IMEI number of your mobile phone from the mobile retail box. This IMEI number mainly helps the mobile phone to get blocked. If the mobile phone was set for dual-sim, then mention the second IMEI number, as well. You can notice both the IMEI numbers mentioned on the retail box of your smartphone. 

If you have lost the retail box, you can get the IMEI number just by dialing *#06# from your phone. In addition to this, you should note down the IMEI number somewhere safe. Don’t forget to mention the brand, including the date when the phone was lost, police complaint number, etc. 

You have to additionally upload all the required documents along with Identity proof like Adhaar, PAN, Voter ID, etc.

What If you Get the Mobile Phone Back?

Luckily, if you get back your lost or stolen mobile, somehow, you have to report at the same police station. Only after that, you can unblock the IMEI number on that official website of CEIR.

You have to fill out and submit another similar form. After the submission, the process can take some time. You have to check the status of their smartphone from the CEIR website.