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Reason behind PS5 launch delay in India, Full details with examples

While hovering through different websites in search for a substantial answer to quench the thirst of knowing the reason behind the delay of the much awaited launch of the mighty Playstation 5, We come across a very unusual information about a random indian holding the trademark ‘PS5’. An individual from Delhi beat Sony to the PS5 trademark filing in the country by three months.

The PlayStation 5 is up for pre-order in maximum international locations beforehand of its release on November 12, however it’s now no longer the case in India. Sony hasn’t announced PS5 pricing or availability for India, and a brand new info indicates Sony has a larger hassle on its hands: it would not very own the trademark for the PS5 in India.

The same individual who registered the PlayStation 5 trademark in India before Sony, delaying the launch of the console in the country, additionally runs a fraudulent PlayStation 4 accessories outlet. The launch date of the next-gen console turned into finally found out for the duration of the PlayStation Showcase in September, with the gadget set to hit store cabinets on November 12, 2020 in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, & South korea and on November 19, 2020 in the rest of the world.

This debacle explains the Sony not being able to launch the next-gen gadget in the Indian marketplace till the problem is resolved. Reddit user Angrypixel89 has additionally observed that the individual that registered the trademark additionally owns the Kakooze trademark, which is a virtual outlet that sells counterfeit PlayStation 4 controllers and accessories. Sony has therefore had the listings for the fraudulent merchandise eliminated from Amazon, however there has reputedly been no new horizon for the PlayStation five trademark case.

The uncommon collection of activities that has stopped Sony from being capable of launching the PlayStation 5 as scheduled in India is embarrassing for the brand like Sony. Although India isn’t always historically a massive aspect for the gaming industry, the marketplace is evolving and this can certainly be a setback to Sony. It’s even extra regarding that this person became additionally capable of selling counterfeit PlayStation 4 and other accessories on Amazon unnoticed for what appears to had been a very elongated time.

Till then hers is a detailed preview of the specification of the power packed PlayStation 5. The specifications of PlayStation 5 is all geared up with powerful configurations. Here’s a detailed list of the new additions:

Central Processing Unit: AMD Zen 2-based CPU, 8 Cores / 16 Threads, up to 3.5 GHz
Graphics Processing Unit Architecture: RDNA2-based GPU, 36 CUs up to 2.23 GHz, 10.3 teraflops.
RAM: 16GB GDDR6, 448GBps
SSD: 825GB Custom PCIe SSD
Expandable Storage: PCIe SSD Slot, External HDD
Disc Drive: Ultra HD Blu-ray, up to 100GB/disc
IO Throughput: 8-9GB per second (Compressed) and 5.5GB per second (raw)

Building the specifications of PlayStation 5 has been apparently developer-friendly. But despite the effort, there are some key configurations that add powerful weight to the console.


PlayStation 5’s success depends on the SSD significantly. With the addition of 825GB storage space, SSD practically creates a vast world for the gameplay, in terms of theory. Besides, SSD in PS5 will be useful in loading games from its own memory instead of the RAM memory. Thus, the performance rate will be increasingly good with less time taken for operations. For instance, booting up from the home page will take less time in response. Here’s an interesting fact that depicts the power of SSD in PlayStation 5. Apparently, Epic Games denoted that the developers of PS5 had to rebuild the Unreal Engine demo when an SSD was added. It majorly implies that SSD can make performance and speed smooth so why not tune up the environment with a little more detail?

GPU (Custom Processor) :

After reviewing, PlayStation 5 also comes with a unique Graphics Processing Unit that has a frequency of 3.5GHz. That implies that the console will run on 8x Zen 2 cores whereas the PS2 Jaguar would run at 1.6GHz. This sets a huge difference in the performance. That being said, the AMD RDNA 2 is made for customization. The GPU works all the 36 units which run at 2.23GHz. The introduction to this specific configuration makes the backward compatibility with PS4 much easier. Instead of a million codes, the architecture of the GPU resolves the issues of gaming compatibility. However, the GPU mimics that of the PS4. If the method is compared to the Xbox series then the emulator may not be as unique but it still fits as a solution.

Tempest 3D Audio:

PlayStation is coming with its audio support that is also significantly powerful due to Tempest Engine. According to Cerny, Tempest Engines can hold the value of hundred in terms of audio sources which is depicted as a refined but complex system of sound. To make the distinction more vivid and clear, Cerny made use of an example and that is rainfall. He mentions that the peculiar sound of rainfall comes to a single track. But with the newly carved audio support features like 3D audio processing, in Sony PS5, a character in-game, would be able to hear it distinctively for every raindrop.

Or to make it more clear, a character in the game would be able to hear any object pass through the front to the back. Similarly, from the right side to the left side without any distortion. The surrounding sound might be one of the biggest secrets of Sony’s success. Cerny also mentions that the development team, instead of using the same chain of the algorithm to produce uncountable sound sources, they look forward to building on simple yet precise algorithms. Thus, the sole purpose of refining the audio deck is to give more weight in sound directionally & sense of fulfilling presence in the game to make it more real.