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FIFA 21: Release Date, Price, Pre-Order, Features & Much More

Electronic Arts (EA) has now a piece of good news for all Football fans. FIFA 21 is about to release this year. The gaming research and development world has faced a lot of difficulties due to the pandemic issue. Till now there was a question, in every fan’s mind, about the delay of the FIFA 21 release date. The answer is “NO”. The gamers, as well as the fans, don’t have to wait for long.

FIFA 2020 release date was in September 2019, whose percussion is still there in every gamer’s memory. Now, FIFA 21, whose release date is 9th October 2020, is going to be another blazing football simulation video game. The official trailer is already on social media as well on every video platform, released at the EA Play event, in the month of June. 

FIFA 21 on Several Gaming Platforms 

Just like the other FIFA versions, EA is launching this next-gen and has created a lot of hype when compared to new FIFA games. Further, it can be played on three major platforms. They are on the PC, Sony PlayStation (PS), and Microsoft XBOX. Owners of PlayStation 5 will gain an immersive gaming experience with the help of the DualSense Controller haptics. 

Fan’s Expectations Fulfilled

After the release of FIFA 20, fans expected more upgraded graphics and tangible gameplays. If you consider yourself to be a top-notched gamer, then congratulations, EA is going to fulfil your gaming ideals. After FIFA 21, the game will also provide you with 8K super Ultra High Definition gameplay with photo-realistic faces. 

FIFA 21 Features

In this version of FIFA, gamers will get all the authentic character behaviors which the real players reveal in on the field. Electronic Arts have named this new feature as “Off-ball humanization”. If this feature works out correctly, the new FIFA game could have a massive breakthrough this year. 

The players in the game will look just like the real footballers which will genuinely look sensational. The quality of the crowd in the football stadium is steadily improved including the emergence of weather effects. The gameplay is absolutely paramount and EA hopes that the presentation will impress the fans as well. 

The career mode of FIFA 21 is thought to get the maximum attention. The game will choose automatically the player’s nationality and clubs as said by EA. This is really a sign of encouragement to gain career mode’s extreme popularity with the games and there is a huge expectation with the FIFA release date.

Game Editions 

As FIFA 2021 release date is known to you, there is also other information that you should take into consideration. FIFA 21 is going to release three editions which are Standard, Champions, and Ultimate. All of these editions will be available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. 

Game Upgrades

Before the FIFA release date, as a fan and a gamer, you can relax and don’t have to worry about the game upgrades. If you have a PS4 or Xbox, you can easily buy this same version. And later, upgrade the game without spending a single penny. 

However, according to some statistics of EA’s Dual Entitlement program, the upgrade is not arriving before Christmas 2021. So, all you need to do is to hold your patience and wait. Your old game data will be carried forward to the new version of the game, which will be a great sigh of relief. 

Gameplay, Graphics and Visual Advancements

EA has improved its graphic, visuals, and boot time in their new FIFA 21. After the announcement of the FIFA release date, it is expected that while playing the game, you will experience lightning-fast load time, kick, pass, and shoot the ball much smoother than ever. In addition to that, it also consists of deferred lightning and rendering, high-level animations, and next-level stadium atmospheres. 

Predictions for the Cover Picture

Now, there has been a lot of discussion going on about who will be the cover star of this new FIFA game. In the trailer, you have seen most of Kylian Mbappe, who plays in the Paris Saint-Germain club. There is a huge hype that he can be the cover star according to the voting polls, which are still open on FIFA’s official social media pages and websites. 

Gaming experts are predicting that EA might choose Kylian Mbappe for Standard edition, Kevin De Bruyne who plays for Manchester City for Champions Edition. Last but not least, Franz Beckenbauer plays for Bayern Munich for Ultimate Edition. Now, all you need to see is what happens after the FIFA 21 release date. 

Pre-Order and Get Exciting Gifts

As the FIFA 21 release date is underway, you can pre-order it and get exclusive gifts. In addition to that, you will also get many premium contents that will be present inside the game. There is supposed to be 3 days of early access to the mega FIFA database, world-class potentials for FUT matches, and special edition FUT kits and many more. All of these offers are applicable in standard, champions and an ultimate edition, only if you pre-order your copy.