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Microsoft Refund Request | Learn How To Do The Office 365 Refund

On the off chance that you bought an item from Microsoft or Microsoft Store, you can make a request for a return. At that point, you need to check whether your item/product is acceptable for a return. On the other hand, if you bought an item from another company and want to return the product due to any uncertain scenario, in that case, you may contact that company to ask about an exchange or refund(subject to their own exchange or refund strategy). Moreover, you can also review your order history in order to confirm your Microsoft refund request.

Note: In the event that you want to cancel a  free preliminary membership or Microsoft membership, including Microsoft 365 and Xbox Live, see Turn Off or Cancel billing on a Microsoft membership. On the off chance that you see any kind of additional charge in the recurring bill, you may have disabled it after the expiry date. Keep in mind, Membership renewal dates and charging dates are completely different.

Microsoft Store Request Refund or Exchange

You might control the exchange, return, or any other related activity on the Order History page.

In order to Microsoft store request refund or exchange, follow the undermentioned steps

Step 1: Initially, navigate to the “Order History” page and then choose the option named “Microsoft return request”. In any case, if you do not find the “Return” option, in that case, you need to understand that your product is not eligible for “Exchange or Refund”.

Note: Products might be available for the exchange or return policy involving physical things like packaged software, Xbox controller, Surface, or virtual reality headset. Subscription/Service or Digital gift cards might also be eligible for the Microsoft return. On the other hand, digital goods such as games, applications, movies, books, TV shows are not eligible for a refund or exchange.

Step 2: After performing the above-mentioned steps, you need to follow the instructions that come up on the screen in order to receive one kind of shipping label for the Microsoft refund request. But, in case, if you do not find the shipping label, then you may need to take help from customer care.

Step 3: Once you get your product and find it eligible for a return, in that case, you can process with the replacement or Request refund Microsoft. Keep in mind, you will find all these statuses on the “Order History” page.

How to Request a Refund from Microsoft?

Once you request a refund, you will get your full amount of money, less the handling, and original shipping charges. All the refunds are processed within 4-5 business days after a customer returns their item or product. Note: Microsoft Returns are only available for the authentic payment option.

Inaccurate or Unexpected Charges

For addressing the inaccurate or unexpected Microsoft charges, you need to carefully notice the Charges from Microsoft. If you see that there is a valid reason for the charges, in that case, you don’t need to do anything. However, if you don’t find any valid reason, then you can directly contact Microsoft Support.

Furthermore, for any kind of further assistant, you can directly comment in the below section, and we’ll revert you back as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I request a refund from Microsoft?

Sign in the History of your order, and select Return request. 
You might not be eligible for return if you don’t see the Request for return. 
See Microsoft Sales Conditions for more detailed information on the return and refund policy.

How do I contact Microsoft for an Xbox refund?

You can submit refund request if you pay with your account balance and don’t see your buy. 
At you can cancel your Xbox subscription. 
If you are eligible for refund, you will be given the option to receive one automatically, and no refund request will be required.

How many refunds does Xbox allow?

You can give refund per year per account. 
You have their online chat service to call or use, which believe is the easiest. 
It was an honest error in my case, when bought the wrong version of the game wrongly.