How To Play Minecraft With Friends
How To Play Minecraft With Friends

How to Play Minecraft with Friends – Unlock he Multiplayer Magic

Do you want to enjoy Minecraft with your crew? Well, playing an online game by yourself does feel monotonous after a while. Playing with friends is what you need to do to have a blast with your gameplay. Find several ways to play Minecraft with friends in this guide. 

Minecraft does have the Multiplayer option that unlocks many other in-game elements. This guide will provide insight into Minecraft Java Edition (JE). So, if you are new to the game and wondering how to play Minecraft Java, follow here. 

Since its launch, Minecraft has been one of the most popular video games at the top of the list. No doubt, the Minecraft Java Edition has flawless and limitless possibilities in single-player mode. But, the features and functionalities are no less in its Multiplayer mode. You can play with your friends remotely. 

There are many ways to play Minecraft with friends. You can use LAN servers, enter Realms, create private LAN servers, etc. At the same time, Minecraft Java Edition multiplayer mode is exciting; many players like this game for amazing surprises in the gameplay.

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Now, while playing Minecraft with friends, there is one thing you should take note of. You and your friends must be playing the game on the same Minecraft version irrespective of the Edition. Let’s say that you were playing on the Java version for better understanding. Well, there are a few ways to enter into multiplayer mode here. 

The top ways to play Minecraft Java Edition online with friends are:

  • Manually create a Minecraft Java Edition server.
  • Enter the Realms server.
  • Use a LAN server.

Let’s move ahead and see what these methods entail. 

Play Minecraft Java Edition with friends

To enter the Minecraft Java Edition multiplayer mode, servers are essential. You and your friends will be playing on the same server. You can find thousands of pre-existing Minecraft servers. But, playing with friends by creating LAN servers or entering a public server is one way. Creating a Minecraft JE server is best for more private gameplay with only your friends. 

The steps to manually create your own Minecraft Java Edition server are as follows:

Note: This process applies to creating Minecraft Java Edition server on Windows 10, Linux, and Mac computers. 

  • You must have Java installed on your device. If not, download one from the Java website for free. If you are using a Mac device, you need to download an additional Java SE Development Kit. 
  • Now, open any web browser, find “,” and choose the “Java Edition Server.”
  • On the next screen, download the Minecraft Server software. It will be saved as a “.jar” extension file. 
  • For less clutter, open a new folder on your computer and locate the “.jar” extension file in it. From this point, place all the server-related files in it. 
  • Now, open a plain text document. Find the “Folder” tab and right-click on it. 
  • Click on “New” > “Text Document.” Name the document “start.txt.” For Mac, use the TextEdit app to create a “.txt” document. For Linux, simply use the “cat” command. 
  • Next, go back to the main Minecraft Server download page. You will see a command text now. Copy that. 
  • Go to the “.txt” document and paste the command text. 
  • When you see the “minecraft_server.1.16.5.jar”, rename it to “server.jar.” Players can change the RAM allocation for the game using the same line of code.
  • You can now save the file and name it “start.bat.” Delete the previous “start.txt” file.
  • Open the “start.bat” file and let it process. 
  • After completion, you will see a “eula.txt” document in the folder. That document is the “End User License Agreement” document. 
  • Open the “eula.txt” document. Change the code from “eula=false” to “eula=true.”
  • Your new server generation will initiate when you run the “start.bat” file again. 
  • Go to the server folder and open the “” file to customize your game when it is done. 

Finally, your Minecraft JE server is done. So, you see, you can play Minecraft free, no download. 

The steps to joining your private Minecraft JE server on the same device running the server:

  • Open “Minecraft” and choose the “multiplayer” option.
  • Find the “Add server” tab on the screen. 
  • Now, enter your Server name and input “0” under the space for “Server Address.” 

Play Minecraft Java Edition with friends – Enter the Realms server. 

If you want to play the Minecraft Java Edition on a private server, you should enter the Realms server. However, this method is not free, though. Realms is a Minecraft feature that enables players to play with friends on a monthly subscription personal server. 

If you are not into technicalities, this method would be the best option rather than getting into coding and commands to create a server. Realm is a feature that players get in Java Edition at a cost. A total of 10 players can enter one Realm in one go. 

The steps to create Minecraft Java Edition Realms server are as below:

  • Launch “Minecraft” on your device and click on the “Minecraft Realms” tab. 
  • When you click on the “Buy Realm” button, you will be directed to the official Minecraft website for a subscription. If you have a Realm setup, simply click on the “Subscribe” button to set up your Realm. 
  • Once you get the subscription, go back to the “Realms” tab and check the listing for a green light. 
  • Click on the green light and then hit the “Play” button. 

The steps to joining a pre-existing Minecraft Java Edition Realms Server:

  • You need an invite to join another player’s Realm Server. 
  • If you want to invite players to your Realm, find the “Configure Realms” tab and click on the “Players” tab > “+” > enter the friend’s username to send an invite. 
  • If you got a Realms invite, you would find the invitation in the “New Invitations” icon. 
  • Click on the icon to see your Realms invitation. Select the one you want to join and hit the “Play” button. 

Play Minecraft Java Edition with friends – Use a LAN server.

LAN servers are typically known as Local Multiplayer servers in the Minecraft world. This method is applicable if you use the ethernet network or Wifi at the exact location. 

The steps to make a LAN world to play Minecraft Java Edition for free:

  • Open Minecraft on your device and enter single-player mode. 
  • Find the “Game Menu” by pressing the “Escape” key. 
  • Select the “Open to LAN” option. You can also add game modes and cheats for other players to use. Now, click on the “Start LAN World” button. 

The steps to joining a LAN world to play Minecraft Java Edition for free:

  • Open Minecraft and hit the “Multiplayer” tab. 
  • Find the “Scanning for games on your local network” option on the list.
  • Once it is found, double-click on the relevant “LAN World” and press the “Join Server” option.


We hope this guide helps you seamlessly play Minecraft Java Edition with your friends. Playing with friends will enhance the Minecraft experience. 

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