How to make a CV attractive to recruiters?

How to make a CV attractive to recruiters?

A curriculum vitae must include not only the essential headings but also an attractive visual. This is what allows your CV to stand out in the eyes of recruiters. So what are the elements that make a CV stand out? Here are four CVs that stand out.

The professional CV: targeted for companies

Representing the most widespread curriculum vitae in companies, this type of CV is produced by students or professionals. It is an attractive CV when it is clear and airy. This type of CV leaves out the frills and focuses on skills, objectives, achievements, and professional summaries.

However, the layout of this CV makes it possible to differentiate between the different sections that are important to recruiters. If the published offer is on the internet, then the format of your curriculum must be digital. In this case, PDF formats are the most suitable for making a CV attractive on the internet.

The CV with a simple template: the basis of CVs

A simple CV is a usual format that you should have when updating your CV. With a font specially adapted to the CV, the simple template puts a special emphasis on elegant designs.

Indeed, with a simple template CV, the header is bold and so are the headings of the different sections. This makes the CV clear and impresses recruiters with its basic form. Just with a different font and bold headings, your simple template CV is digestible and makes for quick reading.

Modern CV: updating aspirations

A modern CV is the sum of recruiters’ aspirations while eliminating the flaws of other CVs. In effect, this document combines the clean style of a professional CV with the simple ingenuity of a basic CV.

In practice, it is the most attractive CV according to recruiters, because it focuses on your experience and the summary. These two elements are essential headings for any recruiter and their pagination remains the most visible.

So it is useful for those who are practicing and who have many diplomas and experiences targeted for a position. Moreover, this type of CV is much more used by those who operate in the field of sales and education.

Functional professional CV: the savior

Not everything in working life can be rosy, sometimes you have spent a year on a sabbatical. Sometimes chronological points of a CV are missing, so you have to find a solution. The solution so that recruiters do not feel this gap is to adopt the model of a functional professional CV.

This type of CV attempts to fill in the gaps in your chronological history of experience section. This CV successfully diverts recruiters’ attention to the education and skills sections.

Whether it is a professional, functional professional, simple or modern CV, the internet offers its pre-made version. All you have to do is type in the name of the CV you want and fill in the information.

Additional tips

Another action that some companies ask for is to send a video CV. They take this initiative in order to quickly filter out those who are really keen on the opportunity. If asked, you should prepare a short two-minute video to give an introduction of yourself, your career objectives, and the main reasons why you are interested in applying.

In this case, it doesn’t really matter if the job seeker reads a document during the video. After all, the role of HR is not to judge your artistry, but rather your ability to communicate and the clarity of your ideas. Now that you know how to write a good CV, why not try writing one? There are some templates available on online platforms.

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