How to Fix Mac OS Monterey Freezing? Here’re The Easy Fixes

Encountering mac OS Monterey freezing issue?  Well, don’t worry! We have got you covered. Once the news of mac OS Monterey was introduced in June 2021, it was known as the next-generation OS.

However, like the majority of the new OS introduced, they come with major to minor technical bugs & glitches, & if you’re confronting mac OS Monterey freezing up, then you are not alone. Fortunately there are a number of ways that you can do to get it running smoothly.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What’s new on mac OS Monterey?

Well, while comparing with mac OS Big Sur, Monterey comes up with lots of notable features that will give the users an amazing Mac experience. The notable features include:

  • FaceTime upgrades including SharePlay, spatial audio, & so on
  • Universal Control across various devices with the singular mouse or track-pad
  • Crucial Safari revamp & overhaul
  • New Shortcuts application
  • Major privacy improvements as well as enhancements
  • Live Text
  • Visual Lookup

Well, mach livers always find new mac OS releases exciting, however they get frustrated that mac OS Monterey freezes like many people out there.


Mac OS Monterey freezing fixes

Well, here we are going to mention some great tips for you, thus buckle up & get ready to fix the problem.

1. Reboot the device

This is painfully apparent, however, it requires to come at the top point of the list; a simple reboot can do wonders & fix multiple problems like macOS Monterey stalling or freezing up. Therefore, before doing anything else, give your device a quick restart.

Head over to the Apple Menu > hit the option named “Restart.”.

2. Detach from all connected devices

If the reboot did not work, the very next action is to detach all the devices, like keyboards, headphones, speakers, mouse, & even the external drives. Eliminate them all securely & check your Mac in order to verify if it still freezes. Re-attach all the external devices one-by-one. It can often fix the mac OS Monterey freezing problems.

3. Reset your NVRAM

Well, resetting the NVRAM can also aid to fix different Mac problems.

NVRAM which is actually known as Non-volatile random access memory is actually where all the local settings are saved. And depending on the Mac model, aspects like startup disk selection, display resolution; time zone, sound volume, & recent kernel panic information are saved there.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward to reset, here’s how:

  • Turn off the Mac device.
  • Wait a while & turn it on while pressing down Option-Command-P-R.
  • Here, you are required to wait for a while; you’ll hear 2 startup sounds.
  • And lastly, release the keys.

Well, does your device have a T2 security chip? If yes, then the method will be a bit different: you need to release the keys once the Apple logo comes up for the second time.

4. Check for unwanted viruses & bugs

If resetting the NVRAM did not aid unfreeze mac OS Monterey, then it’s worth performing a check for malware & viruses. Problems with Mac slowness & freezing are the general symptoms.

Well, this is the dreaded subject no Mac owner requires to deal with, bugs get more sophisticated by the day, therefore, it’s worth verifying that nothing bugs is at play.

There are a number of protection software that you can use in order to remove the bugs and malware. Make sure you always opt for the dedicated Malware Removal module that not only finds & eliminates malware but also renders real-time protection.

It’s simple and straightforward to use, and Apple notarizes it, therefore for those worried about using third-party applications, rest assured it’s absolutely safe & checked. Here’s how you can check for virus & bugs in just a few clicks:

  • In the very first place, make sure to invoke the application — you can always download the free version.
  • Choose Malware Removal & hit the button named Scan.
  • Wait for a while to complete the scanning process. If any kind of unwanted bug in software is found, you must follow instructions that come up the screen to eliminate it.
  • If you are virus-free, head over to the next step.

5. Reset the SMC

Your System Management Controller looks after a few things like your power management, MacBook fans, & battery. A simple reset can fix each and every problem like freezing. Depending on which device module you’ve, the instructions may differ.

6. Run Apple Diagnostics

If, after attempting all of the above, the Mac Monterey freezing issue still persists, then it’s time to run an Apple Diagnostics! And here’s how:

  • In the very first place, prepare for diagnostics
  • Turn off the Mac device.
  • Detach each and every external device & be sure your Mac is attached to power.
  • Ensure your device is on the flat surface with proper ventilation.
  • Turn the device on, pressing the power button as your Mac begins.
  • Once the startup options come up, simply release the keys.
  • Now hit the Command-D.
  • Once done, turn the device on, instantly pressing the D key.
  • And when the progress bar comes up and enters the required details & hits the OK button.

So when the whole process gets completed, you will find the results, involving reference codes; you will be able to find out actually what they all mean.

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Then, you will be able to select the following:

  • Repeat the same test – press Command-R.
  • Reboot the device – press R.
  • Turn off your Mac – press S.
  • If Apple Diagnostics does not find anything, then keep reading.

7. Start your Mac in Safe Mode

Starting in Safe mode is another amazing approach to resolving such kinds of annoying problems; however it also makes sure the integrity of your startup disk & restricts particular processes from running.

In order to check if MacBook Monterey freezing still appears in Safe mode:

  • Choose the Apple menu > hit the option Shut Down.
  • Wait for a while, afterwards reboot your device, and instantly press the Shift key.
  • When you find the login window, release.
  • In order to leave Safe mode, just reboot the device without pressing any keys during startup.

8. Clean up your device

If Mac Monterey still freezes even after performing the above instructions, then it’s time to give your OS a complete cleanup & optimize its performance in the correct manner.

For cleaning up, you can use any reliable as well as trustworthy application. For downloading the application, be sure you follow the online instructions.

And that’s it, very simple & straightforward right? Now the device will be optimized as well  running smoothly, in fact, your mac OS Monterey freezing is actually a thing of the past.