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The Calculation Of A Physicist To Draft A Router

 A slow Wi-Fi signal is worse than no Wi-Fi signal. So it is always advised to have a recommended place which helps for the configuration of the Wi-Fi signal. Recently a physicist developed a mathematical model to find the best place in order to place your router.


Physicist Jason Cole: He discovered a new formula to find the best place to construct the router. The process stands on the plan of the house.

The Process Of Jason Work: He followed four steps to discover the placement of the router.

  • Designing of the floor plan
  • Allotment of refraction value
  • Including of Helmholtz equation.
  • Prediction of electromagnetic waves.

Designing Of Floor Plan

First, he drew the house plan in order to determine the place. The house plan helped him to draw the exact location of the router.

Allotment Of Refraction Value

The refraction value was assigned to the designation.

Helmholtz Equation

The passage of the electromagnetic waves can be predicted by the Helmholtz equation. To define it in a practical model he chooses 2D setup.

He used a linear equation in order to find the relationship between the grid systems. The electromagnetic waves started to fade in the long distance.

The sparse matrix is used in this practical model. A mat lab used here is the Handy mat lab function, spy. It is used to find the nonzero matrix.

The brightness of the Electromagnetic waves is the only key to the process

Derived Solution

Finally, he defined that the middle of the room is the best place. He defines that if we are too close to the router, it is almost possible to get the full attenuation of the signal.

Cole explained the above model in concert plan as well. He performed this to stop the unwanted reflections. This particular model was similar to the wireless fidelity signals.

router draft physics

It is cleared that you are far away from the place it is much difficult to get the signals. The signal optimization would be far and good if you placed the router around the nearest place.

The Wi-Fi parameters lie on the wavelength, position and the refractive index of the place. In case dependencies of the time and the sinusoidal oscillation have no effects in the Helmholtz equation.

An antenna will be in the power-on condition for the process. The final result can be varied from different places due to the refractive indexes.


You can use the machine type of layout to define the above equation. The storage of the sources is kept in the grid. The process is done in order to satisfy the RAM.

Resolution and the refractive index should be at some point to find the place of the router. This method is to find the best place to set the router to fetch the signals.

Most probably the signal completely depends on the design of the router. This method will help to enhance the signal power.

It is derived that the middle place of the home is the best source to keep the router for the signal transmission.