Best Hotel Booking Apps
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By just using your smartphone, you can book a hotel room of your choice.   This is made possible through various hotel booking apps in India.   These apps have a lot of attractive features such as rewards programs, loyalty credit points, and last-minute deals. So in just a few minutes, you can view the hotel’s images, read the reviews, examine the ratings and make a decision quickly.

So because of all these features, hotel booking apps in India are the most preferred option while traveling, be it business or pleasure. So here’s a list of the top hotel booking apps in India.


Climbing steadily into India’s top 7 best hotel booking apps, Aertrip hotel booking offers the best immersive experience for exploring and booking hotels.   The app lists some of the best deals with the lowest offers. It is also proactive. Aertrip continuously updates newer and best deals obtained from various hotels. Aertrip hotel booking app is in the top 7 due to its transparency and top-notch service. Over the years, it has built an extensive network of business partners to meet its client’s specific needs.


A completely free app that does not require any advance sign-up to use its service, Trivago is now considered the world’s largest hotel information website. It saves effort and time because all types of hotels, from budget to luxury suites, are listed. So it is easier to compare the hotel prices from more than 200 third-party booking sites. It searches for over more than seven lakhs deals. So extensive is its database.


OYO rooms have become very famous primarily as a start-up. However, its popularity today is rising because of its excellent services. Also, in India, many travelers are limited by strict budgets. OYO rooms have tapped into this sector with lots of success by offering reasonable and economically priced rooms at great discounts.


Expedia’s hotel booking app stands out from the rest of similar apps due to its rewards program. The rewards given out are very versatile and flexible. So this serves as a significant attractive feature of this app. In addition, the Expedia App also has lots of filters and tools to make your choice simple and easy such as rates, star rating, distance from prominent places, etc., So choosing and selecting a hotel is a simple task through this app.


The Goibibo hotel booking app provides a smooth and excellent experience. It has some of the best hotel selections to suit every budget. In addition, there are great deals and discounts to make your choice easier. It is a trustworthy online hotel booking platform that offers convenience and security at the same time.


As the name suggests, the MakeMyTrip hotel booking app empowers Indian travelers with many choices and instant bookings. Many great discounts and deals are mentioned on its app. The user interface, too, is simple, and its site is easy to navigate. With separate sections for domestic and international hotels, available offers, and others, hotel booking is made simple and easy.

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This app needs to be signed in once for all time, and it will keep the user logged in. Afterward, it becomes very straightforward to search for hotel bookings and view the ones you made. One exciting feature is that this app allows you to save your favorite hotels and maintains a detailed record of your past, current, and future bookings.


  1. The first benefit of using a hotel booking app is its convenience. With just a few clicks, all arrangements can be made. You can review the photos, ratings, amenities, room details, etc., by browsing the hotel booking app.
  2. Great discounts, cash-backs, coupons, such as those available on Aertrip, make online hotel booking economical.
  • Using digital payment options, you can avail further attractive discounts.
  1. Policies and other regulations of various hotels can be read online to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


While the advantages detailed above are desirable, a word of caution is worth mentioning here. Because of many dubious websites, it is best to check for the credentials of the hotel booking app. Once you are sure of the app’s authenticity, such as Aertrip, you can go ahead with your hotel booking without any fears.


India is considered a traveler’s paradise because of its extensive sightseeing places. Not only that, there are a wide variety of hotels to make the visitor’s stay as comfortable as possible. So whether it is just for your business trip or a pleasure trip, you are sure to find a hotel of your choice and budget on the Aertrip hotel booking app.

So while the 7 best hotel booking apps for India are mentioned above, it makes sense to check if the hotel booking app is safe and secure. So make your choice accordingly and enjoy a safe and comfortable trip!