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Best Features that makes Android 10 a Remarkable Choice

Android with its 10th release included a host of changes and enhancement. It was formerly known as Android Q in the beta stage and after months of development, it’s now officially launched.

Android 10 was unveiled for the first time at the Google annual developer conference I/O. Google launched Android 10 with a series of new features which includes the long waited dark theme and improved privacy.

Here’s an in-detail review of the best features that Google included with Android 10.

1. Dark Mode

The dark mode was a long wait for Android users and it was delivered. The idea behind the dark mode is that it will turn your device from a lighter to a darker hue. It makes it easier for your eyes while on the phone and also reduces battery consumption significantly.

You can enable the dark mode by pulling down the quick settings from the notification panel. Also with Android 10, this feature will turn on automatically once the battery saver is activated.

After the launch, this feature will be limited to Google services only (Gmail, calendar, photos). But Google is offering API to other developers to enable the dark theme over every application once the battery saver is activated.

2. Smart Reply

In Android 10, Google included smart reply service for all its messaging services and also for some third-party apps. This feature will include machine learning and give a predictive automated reply to your messages.

The smart reply feature will suggest three short responses to the message you received. As with an emoji or a predictive short reply. Basically, it will anticipate the words you would generally say in those situations. 

The smart reply feature can also predict actions in Android 10. If someone sends you a link for a video then it will automatically suggest you open YouTube, thus it comes handy at times.

Also with Android 10, there are 65 new emojis inclusive of the gender that you can choose from.

3. Incognito Mode for Google Maps

Incognito is a very popular mode in the Google Chrome web browser. It is basically like a private search when you don’t want the browser to save your personal data. With Android 10 this feature officially comes in the form of Google Maps. 

Now, you can search for any place or direction without saving the data and also keep your Google account independent of any linkbacks.

By tapping the profile picture present beside the search bar on the top of Google Maps a user can activate Incognito Mode. User’s data may not be tracked but Google can still track the IP address of your device for security reasons.

4. Improved App Permissions

Google improved the privacy and location settings on Android 10 helping users to gain more control over how they use an application. With more advanced privacy protection feature, users can choose how to share the location data with other apps. 

You can either choose from the 3 option-Only while they are in use, All the time or Not at all. They will also receive reminders if an app uses their location in the background. There are also other new features in Android 10 like you can now opt-out for ad re-targeting. Also, Personalization and other privacy settings are available under one roof in Android 10.

5. Focus Mode

With the rise of Digital Wellbeing, Google is adding one more new feature to let you focus on your work. The focus mode is still in beta mode in Android 10. It basically allows users to exclude particular apps that they want to avoid over a time period. 

Once the Focus mode is activated it pauses the application and the notification is kept hidden for the given time. You can block any messaging or social media application in Focus mode. This is a helpful feature that lets you concentrate on more important things in your life when you need it.

6. Smart Access to Settings

In Android, you can easily toggle between your settings by sliding down the notification bar. But with the Android 10 update, it becomes smarter. Now, settings are summoned automatically when required by a popup window.

For example, if you want to use a web browser, then you had too previously turned off the mobile data. Now, the browser will automatically pop-up on the settings panel, suggesting you to turn on the mobile data. 

This feature is a handy inclusion and the user may be toggling between settings panel with more convenience and ease.

7. USB Functionality Warning

With the Android 10 update, Google is bringing the best functionality to its users. Now, if the USB port is wet it will display a warning about it to the user. 

Similarly, if the USB port overheats or misused by any connected accessories then it will display a warning. Android will disable the accessory till the issue is resolved or until they are enabled back on.

This feature is great as the USB port suffers the most rear and tear over time. So, these warnings are a welcome feature to Android users.

8. More Reliable Security Updates

One of the major updates that are about to come with Android 10 is the support of security updates via Play Store. It is due to Project Mainline that Google decided to bring some of the security updates through the Play Store.

This will reduce the waiting time for security updates remarkably as you wouldn’t have to rely on the operator to approve the security updates. Furthermore, it will come through the Play Store, the size of the updates would be lower. Also, it won’t require a lengthy installation process for it.

Although you would get updates regularly, some of the security vulnerabilities would still require traditional security updates for a fix. This is definitely one of the major updates and for me one of the best features in Android 10.

Even after launching Android 10 officially, Google is still improving its features, with support for hearing aid and live transcription. Also, with the new file app and depth format, it makes Android 10 one of the best updates from Google.