AmpliFi Wi-Fi 6 Alien Mesh Router
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AmpliFi Launched Wi-Fi 6 Alien Mesh Router (Now Available)

Ubiquiti launched its first Wi-Fi 6 router last month, the AmpliFi Alien. But the company was selling this router as single units. Recently AmpliFi has launched an Alien Bundle, in which the primary touchscreen router and a mesh point come clubbed together. With this newly launched router, you can save $60 while setting up two Aliens.

Features of the Wi-Fi 6 Alien Mesh Router

With its compelling and unique features, the AmpliFi Alien stands out as what may be called the most powerful home router available today. It boasts a WiFi 6 technology which is the next-generation standard for WiFi and other impressive features that makes it one of a kind of router with no equivalents.

Features of AmpliFi Alien

  • AmpliFi Alen has launched with 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi 6 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi 5 radios.
  • This will increase the capacity of your network by 4X and double the coverage but surprisingly the battery drain in mobiles is reduced.
  • It is powered by 8X8 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 Technology which makes a single AmpliFi Alien router perform with greater speed and cover a greater range than the older WiFi solutions.
  • It comes with AmpliFi Teleport, a free VPN service for all AmpliFi owners, which you can use to video call, watch local programming, or check smart home security from an Android, iOS device or even from another AmpliFi router. 
  • You can make guest access, set the parental controls, prioritize preferred traffic, and create secondary local networks by quickly setting it up using the AmpliFi app that is compatible with both iOS & Android, using automatic quality of service (QoS).

These were the key features of AmpliFi Alien. Here are some more details that you should definitely know.


The actual design of the AmpliFi Alien is beautiful. The black color of it blends easily with the background and is easy on the eye. It is a little taller than the base station of Google, and it is a bit bigger than the Old AirPort Extreme of Apple. The router, a power cord, CAT6 cable, and the instruction manual come bundled with the whole package. You can test the speed of your internet, make minor changes to the settings and watch the time using the touch screen that the router has.

Key Features of the Hardware

  • You can enjoy the performance of Wi-Fi 6
  • It has 5 GHz 8×8 Wi-Fi 6 radio with a maximum 4804 Mbps speed
  • AmpliFi Alien has 2.4 GHz 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 radio with a maximum 1148 Mbps speed
  • It has 5 GHz 4×4 Wi-Fi 5 radio with a maximum 1733 Mbps speed
  • AmpliFi Alien comes with a 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet switch
  • This router contains a touchscreen display

AmpliFi Alien Set Up

Setting up the AmpliFi Alien is pretty easy and it takes very little time. Ubiquiti claims a 1-minute setup experience for AmpliFi Alien which is actually met. You just have to use the app, enter the SSID, password and you are ready to use it. Its setup procedure is more than perfect. Setup of AmpliFi Alien is not one of those setups, where you have to restart the app a few times to connect.

Once you are done with the setup, you can get coverage from anywhere in your house. If you set up router 2 anywhere in your house, it will pair with the central unit within a moment. It uses a mesh connection to get connected initially, but if there is a wired backhaul you can switch to it using the app. The overall setup process is more than enough smooth and it’s one of the easiest to access home router you have ever seen.

What Makes AmpliFi Alien Stand Out of the Crowd

Maximum routers that launched in the last two years are almost the same. More or less they have almost the same features, and not that much reliable. But the mesh system that AmpliFi Alien includes, provides coverage for a larger house. 

The price of AmpliFi Alien is a bit higher, especially when compared to other brands where you are getting a router and two satellites at a lesser price. But you will get three features, viz. WiFi 6, router-to-router VPN, and Teleport (a free VPN service) that you are not going to find in any other router, which can be the main reason to get the AmpliFi Alien.

Wrap up

Its unique and robust features make the AmpliFi Alien one of the few routers that you may completely rely on for a powerful home network. Its design and specifications which are all discussed here make it perhaps a router from the future. 

One thing for certain is that with an AmpliFi Alien installed in your home, you’ll never again complain about a slow network or dead zones. The mesh technology that this router offers is the perfect solution for a large home and you can get it too for a great internet experience.