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What Is a Career Headhunter and What Exactly Do They Do?

Are you wondering what a career headhunter is and what they do in their role? If you’re interested in the headhunter career path and want to find out more, keep reading. 

A career headhunter is a professional or an entire company that provides recruitment services for many different kinds of businesses and organizations. To learn more about this job and to see if this might be a good career option for you, keep reading this simple guide. 

Career Headhunter: The Basics 

Headhunters are professionals that are hired by companies to find talented and qualified individuals to fill positions that the company is in need of. They are often also referred to as executive recruiters. They tend to have a specific pool from which to select employees from and they usually take extreme measures to find talent, often looking at the talent of their competitors. 

Headhunters are typically hired by companies that are in dire need to fill an important position within their company, one in which they are not able to fill on their own. Typically, headhunters are only paid on contingency, meaning that they are only paid by companies if they are successful in filling the empty role. They will reach out to individuals who meet the role requirements and offer them a salary and other details about the role to see if they can find someone who is the right fit for the position

What Makes a Good Headhunter? 

Whether you are thinking about becoming a headhunter or are interested in hiring one, there are some qualities that make a successful headhunter that you should know about. A good career headhunter will search for qualified candidates and reach out to them beforehand letting the potential hire know that they are a good fit. They will look a the candidate’s roles, accolades, and experience in order to determine whether or not they would be the right person for the job. 

A professional headhunter should avoid asking potential candidates about their current pay or salaries but should instead share information regarding the pay, benefits, and workplace culture of the company with the role they are trying to fill. Headhunters should be prepared when meeting with potential hires and should show that they have done their research and homework on the candidate ahead of time. A headhunter should have great communication skills and should be available to both clients and potential hires regarding any questions or concerns they may have along the way. 

To be in this role, one should be organized and should act professionally, making sure to value the time of their clients and potential hires. They should also be good at research, as they will need to find out about the backgrounds of potential hires as well as the companies they are working for. 

Career Headhunters: A Brief Overview 

Now that you know more about what a career headhunter does, consider becoming one or hiring one today. 

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