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Rise of Cryptojacking – Prevent Unauthorized Access To Your Computer

CryptoJacking is the new way to get access to someone’s device in order to mine cryptocurrency. Once you tap on a certain link, it will direct you to the malicious site from which the criminals will get all the data.

When you receive a malicious link and unknowingly tap on it, you will get an email that will be loaded with the crypto mining code on the device. And as a result, you will notice the performance of the device is slowing down randomly. 

The Underlying Risk of Crypto-Jacking

Crypto Mining is consuming half a percent of the overall electricity from all over the world. In short, it is affecting the parties. Most precisely, it is targeting mass employees from all over the world. So, the employees are at risk. And not only the cybercriminals are gaining profit out of this, but also by doing this they are earning a large number of Bitcoins. 

Why are Cyber Criminals getting into Crypto Jacking?

One of the prime reasons why cybercriminals are opting for crypto-jacking is mainly due to the intervention of malware and ransomware and they are making a profit out of this.

Now, most organizations lack security and protection, when it comes to keeping the employee’s data safe. Between July and October 2019, it was heard that the malware attacks dropped by 54.2% and the malware volume decreased by 15%. Besides, the ransomware attack was almost dropped by 5%.  

The other reason why the cybercriminals are indulging in the crypto-jacking is that, in 2018, the entire crypto market was running into loss because of the mass fall of Bitcoin, but the cryptocurrency was at its peak at that time. 

The Uncertainties Involved in Cryptocurrency 

To take out a large amount of money the criminals are indulging more into illegal activities. But, crypto-jacking is at a high risk nowadays. It is almost impossible to run a low-level criminal operation without any suspicion. 

In the long run, while operating the business, one or the other time, the cyber-criminals are bound to fall into the suspected list. But from this, only the organizations are suffering as they lack in providing maximum security to their employees. The enterprise administrators should be very careful to protect their websites from such criminals. 

How to Stop Crpytojacking?

The one and the only way to put an end to the rise of cryptojacking, which is also the most possible way to defend against cyber attacks is to stop the gateway of the malware with the help of the firewall for email security. 

If this isn’t the case, you need to enable the Capture ARP protection process, to block the malware site automatically. 

But depending on the organization’s strength and market value, they can set up the blocking process which generally tends to vary. It is necessary to find the endpoint security product that delivers citation behavioral detection. This includes the installation of the behavioral-based antivirus that can detect the activities of the affected systems. 

Procedure to Shutdown Cryptojakcing

To stop the criminals’ actions and rise of cryptojacking, the administrators need to remove the malware. Thus. he or she can protect the damaged system files. Not only this, the admin can roll back the system to its previous state. And it is very important to fight against the newest forms of crypto mining malware no matter what trends are coming up in the crypto market.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why is Cryptojacking bad?

Like ransomware, cryptojacking itself may be used as decoy to prevent even more severe attacks
Other attacks can be combined with counterfeit antivirus software to attack victims by announcing their pay for cleaning their apps in disturbing blend of malicious mining and ransomware.

What is Cryptojacking attack?

Rise of Cryptojacking occurs malicious activity when cybercriminals hack to software installation on business as well as on personal computers, laptops and devices. This software uses the power and resources of the computer to mine the wallets of unsuspecting victims, either in cryptocurrencies or steal them.

How do you check for Cryptojacking?

Open the Activity Monitor (Mac: Finder Applications Properties Activity Monitor) Task Manager (Windows: ctrl+alt+del). Watch to see whether your CPU resources are maxed to 99% or more.