Top Ranked Total War Games

10 Top Ranked Total War Games (Ranked from Worst to Best 2020)

War games are tremendously popular among all generations. Here, total war games ranking love being a hero and fight battles against a strong villainous army. But what most people do not understand is that these war games are not just about fighting with some opponents, it requires lots of strategies and planning to win any battle. So, let’s have a look at the Top Ranked Total War Games on PC. 

The TOTAL WAR game series is considered to be one of the best war-based games when compared with other such games in this domain. The Top 10 Total War Games Ranking (ranked from worst to best) are now gaining fame and are being installed on every gaming PC/ device.

10. TOTAL WAR Games Ranked: ROME 2

Release year- 2013

According to several gamers, this is the worst of all the games of the TOTAL WAR series. Not because it’s less in the grandeur of the characters are less equipped but it’s just not like other TOTAL WAR Games Ranked. So, it ranks at the 10th position while considering Top Ranked Total War Games.

Playing it sometimes becomes very difficult because of its transitions. Others have felt that the setting of ROME 2 seems very cartoonish and that it is nothing like real Egypt. The game failed to impress the war game lovers in most of the aspects of what a real War game should be like.


Release year- 2018

TOTAL WAR SAGA: THRONES OF BRITANNIA  faced a lot of criticism from day one, as it was released, being compared to another TOTAL WAR game. The cities, warzone and even the characters are like the other games. 

THRONES OF BRITANNIA has a new region and geographical area which is set in 878 AD. In the game, the players assume the role of Alfred the Great and fight the battle against Viking Invasion. But instead of getting excited by this, gamers find it boring because of the huge similarities with ATTILA.


Release year- 2019

Another game from the Creative Assembly that didn’t make it to the top of our list is TOTAL WAR: THREE KINGDOMS. This game is based on the epic revolution to Unite China during the Three Kingdoms Period. 

This game enables the players to choose from 12 different Warlords to rule over the world. But the only drawback is the graphics. The User Interface of the game is not very smooth which sometimes causes a hindrance for gamers while playing the game.


Release year- 2016

The WARHAMMER edition of the TOTAL WAR series is the first one where they have introduced our gamers into the world of fantasy. With the release of many DLC in the year 2016, it became much easier to play. 

Though after the release of its sequel it is being overlooked and remained as one of the mediocre games of the TOTAL WAR series.


Release year- 2006

This is not something that people don’t like, in fact, this game is loved by several war game lovers. The updated version or simply the sequel of MEDIEVAL, the TOTAL WAR; MEDIEVAL II is a much better version. It has several additional elements like loyalty, religion, and espionage. 

Moreover, the battlefield and the war zone are incorporated with even mightier and stronger villains which gives justice to the exact theme of TOTAL WAR games. But when compared to the latest edition of TOTAL WAR games, it seems quite simpler and is often underestimated because of that. 


Release year- 2009

Another fan favorite is the EMPIRE-DEFINITIVE EDITION. It brings the Age of Enlightenment with 3-D combat in the gameplay. It truly depicts how the naval army used to battle against their enemies in the 18th Century. 

Although the game was released in the year 2009, it was updated to the DEFINITIVE EDITION version last year and from then it gained popularity. 


Release year- 2017

The sequel manages to surpass Total War: Warhammer with its smart vortex campaign and inventive factions. The most interesting thing in this game that attracts a lot of gamers is the addition of Dragons and magic on the battlefield. 

Other important features include lizardmen who have the most colorful forces and the scaven who protect the undergrounds during attacks. With the new additions like Dinosaurs vs rats vs elves vs bad elves, along with the campaigns like the excellent Curse of the Vampire Coast it has impressed us all.

The best part is, the designers of the game have resolved all the minor disputes that were there in the original version and made it more modern and technologically advanced.  


Release year- 2010

This is the first game in the TOTAL WAR series that is not based on one Historical event, rather it just focuses on the actions and deeds of one General. This game is considered to be the most accurate game of all the TOTAL WAR series in terms of correct historical depiction, character depiction, and even the battle uniforms. 

The intense battles with loads of bloodshed look quite satisfying with the use of Gunpowder Warfare. This is one of the classics of the TOTAL WAR series.


 Release year- 2015

After several changes in the traditional TOTAL WAR series games, the new edition from this series ATTILA is worth the notice. If you are playing the TOTAL WAR series games for the first time then start by playing any other game from this series like TOTAL WAR: ROME etc. Thus, when you play ATTILA for the first time you will get to notice the difference. 

This game is loved by the gamers not just for its theme but for good quality graphics and modern gameplay execution as well. In ATTILA, you can destroy the cities and burn down the whole region during the war. 

Moreover, in this game, there are several Nomadic tribes who are constantly rampaging across Anatolia. ATTILA truly depicts the situation of the people after the collapse of the Roman Era.

The war zone and the fighting pitch are completely different and more advanced than any of its previous versions. In other TOTAL WAR games, if you lose a war, you will just face a defeat. However, if you lose any war in ATTILA, you can even lose your entire city. So, the stakes are very high in this war.


Release year- 2011

If you want to play the best of TOTAL WAR games then you must start with this. SHOGUN 2 is the next edition of the original game SHOGUN but it is better in every aspect. This sequel features the theme of the  Fall of Samurai expansion. 

The Fall of the Samurai expansion brings it in line with other gunpowder-era Total War games. Its graphics, as well as its sleek design, is top-notch. The transitions, gameplay, settings and even the execution is class apart. 

It’s been 10 years since the release of SHOGUN 2, and still, it manages to retain its position as the best TOTAL WAR game.