Top 5 Reasons To Include Zenith Watches In Your Collection

Today, with a lot of fashion trends that are being introduced, it is not so hard to picture any business or formal occasions where all the attendees are not wearing a timepiece. In fact, they have become one of the most typical accessories one should wear during casual days or a special event. But, just because everyone is investing and having it does not mean you should too. Probably, one of the questions that would immediately come up to your mind is, “will it be worth it?.”

While there are a lot of luxury watches that are being introduced today, Zenith watches are keeping their fame for providing world-class quality timepieces for their valued customers. Are you having thoughts about investing in these watches? This article will give you five of the best reasons why spending on Zenith watches is worth your money.


Zenith is well-known as the maker of the El Primero. A unified, automatic chronograph movement that earned a place on the cathedral of remarkable calibers. Today, the company has also become known and respected for providing classically designed watches that come with an excellent value and friendly price.

Aside from its fascinating characteristics that are able to compete with other watch brands, Zenith has evidently more accessible price for elegant lines of timepieces. You can find an entry-level Men and Women’s watch at a very reasonable price being introduced in the market today.


When it comes to watch investment, one of the most frequent recommendations is to get in-demand watches. People who have an eye for watches believe that Zenith does not receive the recognition that they deserve resulting in a low supply of watches compared to other well-known brands.

The brand also makes sure to spend enough time on every piece they make; hence they produce less, but the demand is very high. In addition, the fact that there are very few of these high-quality watches being sold guarantees that they will keep their value.

Numerous watch collectors are looking exclusively for Zenith watches; therefore, you are perfectly secured if you know a perfect place to find and sell. You may also want to take note that the company’s name is rising to make it the ideal time to invest.

Accuracy Of Its El Primero

Zenith’s El Primero was unveiled to the world in 1969, and since then, it has been considered one of the world’s most significant and most precise movements. It is not surprising for a timepiece to become classic. However, it is less common for a watch movement to become even more popular even after more than 50 years and reach legendary status.

After 50 years in the industry, Zenith again showed that there is no other watchmaker that can compete with its mastery of large production of high-frequency mechanical watches at a very reasonable price. The brand’s El Primero has set the bar high ever since 1969, and their heritage continues up to the 21st century.

Complex Movement

Watches are usually rated by their complexity, or in the horology world commonly called “complications,” and this is where Zenith unquestionably excels. Complications that have perpetual calendars and the same advanced tourbillons and features are considered to be on top of their game. However, only a few numbers of manufacturers were able to produce such a mechanism.

Zenith does not only create the first mechanism that has high-frequency tourbillion through El Primero. In fact, they doubled it with the Defy in years. Some watch manufacturers do not produce tourbillon watches; therefore, Zenith can be considered a star when it comes to complexity.

Redefines Watchmaking History

Apart from the recognition Zenith received over the years, the brand did not hesitate to add even more exciting innovations to its long list of achievements. With the Defy Lab, the brand exceeded the balance spring principle that has been mechanical movements’ characteristics.

The Zenith Defy Lab was launched in September 2017 with the heart of Zenith Oscillator. It has 60 hours power reserve, has a movement beats of 15 Hertz, and is said to be more accurate than the El Primero. This line of watches was very limited in that only ten were produced.


For most people, a watch is personal. Everyone has their preferred style and design. This means that we cannot say what a good or a bad watch is. However, we can identify the qualities of a good watch and brands. A lot will agree that Zenith is one of the best when it comes to producing top-quality timepieces, making it one of your must-haves.