repair deck stair treads
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Techniques to Repair Deck Stair Tread like a Pro

Before knowing about the importance of deck stairs and how to repair them, you should know what are the materials that are used to make them. This will help you to keep the stairs well-maintained in the near future. Deck stairs are made of 2×12 stringers, 12 to 16 inches apart. They usually have toe kicks, treads and railing and play a very important role, as it also enhances the structural design of your house.

Deck stairs are also very comfortable, but we often take them for granted. Thus, following all the safety measures are also very important. It may look very simple to construct stairs but a lot of frameworks go into this small area. To repair deck stair tread you can take the best service from carpentry Dubai. But, before that let’s look at the common problems that you might face in the long run.

Some Common Problems that you will Face

Problems are inevitable, so you must be careful about it. To solve these problems you can take help from carpentry Dubai. Preceding that, to gather further information scroll down.

  1. Gather Proper Knowledge about Codes

If you are constructing a deck on your own, you should have enough knowledge about it. Lack of knowledge can create a dangerous situation. It is better to take help from experts. You can also seek help from the best carpenter Dubai.

  1. Proper Railing

If you want to use the railing to guard the stair, then use the proper one. Insufficient or inadequate attachment can be unsafe for you. Leaning on railing can be very risky. You can’t control everyone, but you can take precautions beforehand.

  1. Staircase 

Generally, you will find that there are some defects in the staircase, which can be very dangerous if you have kids around. You should see that the stairs should not move or swing while you are using it. If you think the staircase is improper, then you should take help from professionals.

  1. Damage Wood

See whether there is any damage to wood or not. Broken or decayed wood can lead to a major accident. If you see any kind of replaceable piece, do it as soon as possible. You can also contact carpenters in Dubai.

Reconstruct Or Repair your Deck Stair Treads

To repair or reconstruct deck stair tread you can follow the step given below. It can be very tricky to work with deck stair tread, but with proper attention and implementation of the right tool, you can do it. If you have enough knowledge, then follow the instructions given, or else you can contact a professional for help. Basically, the choice is yours.

  1. Replace Deck Tread

The first and foremost thing is to be very careful while replacing stair treads. Draw out the board very gently, by using a screwdriver. Don’t use too much pressure or force. You can use both a hammer, along with a screwdriver. The stair stringer is very weak. They can be easily broken, so try to avoid breaking them. Once the board is drawn out, pry out nails by using a nail puller.

  1. Cut the New Deck Properly

Place a properly sized board after removing the old one. A circular saw will be best to cut the deck. To make sure that it is clean and straight, square up the end of the board. You must use a 2x scrap as a prop block to make the cuts. Do maintain some precautions to avoid any kind of problems.

  1. Join the New Deck Carefully

Use a combination of glue or adhesive and screw to attach the new deck. Using a fastener would be a bad option, as it may enlarge the cracks on the stringer. You can use a small bead of adhesive at the top of the stringer. Use a strong adhesive which can bond quickly. You can use a screw to make it tight. Maintain all the safety while repairing your deck stair tread. If you are unable to do it, then take help from carpentry Dubai.

  1. Add some Extra Support

If you see down, at the bottom step, the tread is struck out, then it has a chance of breaking. So to add some extra support, add a little ledger strip beneath it. Use adhesive to attach the extra support. When it will dry up, it will be strong enough not to break again. After a few weeks, it will be ready for stain and weather seal.


That’s how you replace or repair deck stair tread. Be very careful while doing this. Take all the precautions and if you are not that confident then take help from professionals. You can contact the best team of carpenter Dubai for professional guidance.