Google Chrome’s Next Big Feature Is Duet-Friendly UI For Tab Groups

For the last few months, Google was planning to introduce the duet-friendly UI feature, primarily for Android users. Now, the Android apps have combined with Chrome’s duet redesign and that includes the Group tab feature also. 

Recent Changes

The Chrome App has made certain changes in the Android system in the last few years. It has brought the Open Tabs feature in the Grid tab layout. The Group tabs have made it easier to access the various pages that you can now open from the Chrome apps. 

Apart from this, a new feature has come along in the Android operating system, which is the “Duet” redesign in Google Chrome. With the coming up with these features, Google has made it less complicated for the users to access the browser. 

About the Duet-Friendly UI Feature

The newly designed Duet feature in Chrome is for accessing the Browser’s entire UI. You can easily access the links from all the opened tabs in Chrome. In the new Group Tab feature, you will get a “Chrome on Android ” feature at the bottom of the Android apps and the best things regarding this app is, it occupies a little space and you can easily install it in an Android device. 

You will get the Group tabs in the form of a floating menu. You can add or remove multiple tabs from the Tab menu. To do that, you just need to tap on the plus icon (+) or minus (-) icon. You can even hide the tabs from the menu by just opening the main tab of Chrome. And enabling this feature will help you to access the website directly. You don’t have to go to the search bar to visit the main website. 

Upcoming Feature

Chrome is trying to introduce some other features, as well,  in the redesigned UI option, where the developmental phase is still going on. But the release date of the newly designed UI feature is still on hold. All we can say is the redesigned UI feature will yield a more stable version of Chrome for Android users.