Kia Cerato vs Honda City

Kia Cerato vs Honda City: Which Compact Sedan is Better?

Looking for a chic, comfortable, and well-equipped sedan? If your budget ranges from AUD $22 to $26, the Kia Cerato and Honda City are two of your best options. Both compact sedans are recognized for their stylish designs, fuel economy and great engines—and they are fun to drive, too! But which of them should you buy? Let us look at what both cars have to offer in terms of design, safety, and engine and transmission. Get a comparison of Kia Cerato vs Honda City and let know which is better for you.


With its refreshed front bar and grille, the Honda City is one of Honda’s greatest creations. The Japanese car company has done such a great job with designing the City that you would not believe it’s a micro sedan unless you peek at its boot lid badge! This car is so chic on the outside—thanks to its pronounced lines, good-looking LED headlamps, and hood that tilts down a fair bit—but you will also love how expansive it is on the inside. Even its interior is filled with sharp lines!

As for the Kia Cerato, the car is nothing short of amazing. It looks so hot from all angles and its side profile is just as great-looking as the Honda City, but its retention of Kia’s signature “tiger nose” grille is hands down the best part. Inside the Cerato are a host of lavish elements, including premium cloth seats and soft-touch plastics.


Despite its lack of AEB, the Honda City boasts of its five-star ANCAP rating. That tells you so much about how safe it is to drive despite it missing out on essential driver assist features. Among its most notable safety features are its emergency brake assist and flashing brake lights, reversing camera, and curtain airbags.

Meanwhile, the Kia Cerato also holds a maximum five-star ANCAP rating but unlike the Honda City that requires an upgrade before you enjoy all its top safety features, the Kia Cerato’s GT and Sport Plus models already come with all the advanced safety equipment you need at the base level, including its suite of airbags, reversing camera, space saver spare, ESP, and AEB.

Engine and Transmission

When it comes to engine and transmission, you may not appreciate how the Honda City’s gearbox has to plough through just to get the best from its 1.5-liter single cam engine. Given its capacity, it is not surprising that this engine is aspirated and has a high rpm, making it less efficient.

As for the Kia Cerato, only its GT model is the real athletic one in the family in terms of engine and transmission but you will love how its 1.6-liter turbo-petrol engine gives it a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which you will definitely need for nippy shifts. This engine is not only powerful but responsive and fuel-efficient as well.


While descussing Kia Cerato vs Honda City, the Honda City has a great interior and is a highly economical option for a small car, its performance on the road leaves a lot to be desired. Meanwhile, with all its safety features, practicality and good looks, the Kia Cerato proves to be a good value for money. It also comes in a wide range of models, so you will certainly find a Cerato that suits your needs.