improve the conversion rate

What are the strategies to improve the conversion rate of your content?

From awareness to conversion, content intercepts users at all stages of the customer journey. So how to improve the conversion rate?

Giving life to an effective Content Marketing strategy means, first of all, never losing sight of objectives and purposes: your content must, in fact, be able to take users by the hand, accompanying them in a process of discovery, up to conversion and to loyalty.

Conversion rate? Yes, because the contents are not only able to generate and consolidate awareness with the help of Edmonton SEO agency, to promote visibility and organic positioning. An effective strategy is to take readers to the end of their customer journey and to take an important action (e.g. purchase, lead release).

How to optimize and improve the content conversion rate? Let’s find out which tips and best practices to apply to encourage conversions.

Weave your network and increase product visibility

Bringing users closer to their products, through the contents of a blog or magazine, can be a long process. A first and fundamental step towards the enhancement of one’s offer is to be able to weave a dense network of internal links.

Do you want to offer your readers useful ideas and insights? The important thing is not to lose sight of the final goal of your business and your business. Inserting links to products and services in a natural way in the text is one of the simplest ways to enhance them. In this way, users will have the possibility to switch to the conversion plan with a simple click.

Always remember that those who approach a brand through editorial or creative content may not be ready to make a purchase or request advice. This is where the skills of the Marketer and Content Creator come into play.

  • The links must not be invasive and disturb the reading process.
  • Always foresee the opening of the link on a different tab, so as to allow the reader to choose when to deepen the discovery of the product.
  • Content and product must be related and related.

Banners and CTAs: a communication that goes straight to the point

Making your products and services clearly visible, even within the content, can intrigue users and bring them one step closer to conversion.

If your goal is to sell food products, for example, why not think of an article containing tips and recipes? You can insert banners that lead directly to the purchase of the products used.

Not only that, by analyzing the behavior of users within the page you will be able to identify the best position in which to integrate them: do your readers focus more on the lateral sidebar, or do they prefer to interact with elements inside the text?

Banners are certainly an effective tool to encourage conversion, but they may not be enough to capture the attention of those who use your content. Providing clear and engaging CTAs is a best practice that must be adopted by all Content Creators.

You can decide to talk to users through images with links or buttons, the important thing is to pay attention to:

  • design, select the colors so that they are clearly visible compared to those of your site, and choose to pay attention to the psychology of color;
  • copy must be able to enhance the action that the reader will undertake;
  • dimension, more and more people are using the contents from mobile or tablet. When you design a CTA, remember that it must be easily clickable and visible enough even from small devices;
  • location, analyzing the heat maps of your site will help you understand which are the areas in which users are most concentrated.

Cultivate your contacts thanks to Lead Nurturing

It’s not possible to talk about content and conversion rate without mentioning Lead generation. In particular, offering users information and in-depth content (e.g. checklists, Q&A, infographics, white papers, or ebooks), free of charge and providing for the contact request, can be an effective strategy to make users perceive the value and proximity of the Brand.

Having a database of contacts is a winning weapon for all Marketing activities, offering the possibility of exploiting the information released by readers for Retargeting and Email Marketing campaigns through which to recommend to users the products closest to their interests and supporting them during the selection phase and the post-sale phase.

Pulling the strings… from information to conversion

Content is one of the most effective tools to bring users closer and get them to know a brand and its values. What can make the difference for the success of your Content Marketing strategy is the focus on conversion, whether it is sales or generation of leads.

Create a map of your goals and diversify the contents based on the results you want to achieve, without forgetting the 4 fundamental words: link, banner, CTA, download!