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How the Development of Virtual Reality Affects Gambling in Hungary

Virtual reality transports users into a different world. Even if you don’t have the chance, time or money to visit awesome places around the globe you can just put on your VR headset and be there in an instant. Moreover, you can visit outer space or the non-existent world of zombies or pretty much anything else that the developers have come up with.

VR technology is becoming more and more popular everywhere in the developed world and this is the case with Hungary as well. In this article, we are going to discuss with Hungarian iGaming expert, Szilvia Sultés, how virtual reality is affecting the online gambling market. You can read more about Szilvia here.

Why is Virtual reality so immersive?

When flat-screen TVs and monitors appeared, the quality of our visual experience changed exponentially. HD and later 4K technologies then brought us razor-sharp images so that everything on the screen seemed more realistic. When we thought that the visual experience cannot get any better, virtual reality was developed.

Putting on a headset and turning your head to see different angles of your environment truly transports you into that world. It cannot be compared to even the best quality curved screen.

Research shows that VR gaming gives a far better gaming experience than playing on a PC or console. In fact, virtual reality is so realistic, that it is used in education and training.

So apart from shooting at zombies or playing video poker online, doctors who practice field medicine might benefit from VR simulation exercises.

Virtual Reality in casino environments

Video gamers have been enjoying virtual reality for a while now and finally, VR technology is entering the world of online gambling. The main advantage of virtual reality is how immersive it is so naturally, those who are after immersive gameplay favour VR gaming.

Virtual reality is very popular in Hungary across many age groups. In Budapest, you can try out the VR experience even if you don’t own a headset, as the city houses a one of a kind VR theme park.

Gamblers who enjoy a real brick-and-mortar casino experience have been missing this element in online casinos. Game developers’ answer to this issue was creating live dealer games in which players have a real-time video connection with a studio where a real dealer is dealing physical cards or spins an actual roulette wheel.

Live dealer casinos have been a hit; however, it is still not the same thing as being in a physical casino. VR is clearly the next step and developers are working on more and more game options.

In gambling VR games such as slots already exist. VR slots are a step up from 3D slots and when you put on your headset you feel like you are in a Las Vegas casino surrounded by hundreds of other gamblers and slot machines. The first VR casino on the market was Slotsmillion.

When you play there, you can walk around the casino and sample different games. There are more than 40 slot machines to choose from and they look just like those physical slot machines do in land-based casinos.

The effect virtual reality has had on casino table games is also significant. With a Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift headset you can play VR poker alongside several other players. As you are interacting with other people in this game, you can read their body language even if you are not seeing their actual faces.

When you wear a VR headset, no one can see your face or what you wear either. But you can select your avatar and this is what everyone will see. VR makes online casino visits to a social experience and therefore we cannot stress how immersive of an experience you will get.

The only downside of VR casinos is the price of the headsets that is quite prohibiting for many – especially young people – in Hungary.


Virtual reality is super popular in Hungary in video gaming and it is getting more and more popular in online casino environments as well. People who are after an immersive experience should definitely consider investing in a headset.