How does smart Water Leak Detector Works

These days smart home technology is evolving at a great pace, and so the business opportunities for home service handyman (plumbers) and HVAC professionals.

Due to the property of certain smart home products to prevent property/asset damage, it was a necessary move to calculate that smart water leak detectors were the next big thing in smart technology. Smart leak detection systems can provide you or your clients with the peace of mind that if a leak occurs in their home or office, the leakage can be stopped from creating any damage in less than five seconds depending on the brand of the smart water leak detector.

Not only this helps them to save thousands of dollars in any form of damage, but also this can also help your home service provider venture. Here you can know more about how smart water leak detectors work and see how to use this technology in saving your precious property.

Three things you should know about smart water leak detectors:

1. This technology is dynamic.

Smart leak detector systems provided by different brands are available in the market, but it’s almost inevitable for a system to not include these 3 main components which are monitored by an application for mobile phones, tablets, or computers: Sensors – the idea is to place the sensors at specific locations in a house where leaks are possible or frequent, such as with faucets, appliances and water heaters. This helps you to detect a leak and accordingly customize a solution based on your customers’ requirements and problems.

Pro tip: Always choose sensors that can monitor water temperature, it will help you or your clients be monitor any leak and prevent the chances of pipes being frozen.

Shut off valves – Like with the case of sensors, shut off valves can also be placed at strategic & researched locations. Service, Maintenance & Installation by a skilled plumber is very important due to the fact that cutting into a water line can be required depending on the type of shut off valve.

Pro tip: Many brands, provide shut off valves for application in both HVAC and plumbing applications. This makes it quite easier for you to get a glimpse of smart water leak detection solutions for you or your customers.

Hub – A well installed centralized hub perfectly combines the sensors with the shut off valves and transfers necessary information to the system’s app.

Pro tip: Always go for a smart water leak detector system that has ability to give back-up power and should be capable enough to transmit important information through radio frequency. This will provide you or your customers with an added value of security if in case the power is out or Wi-Fi not working.

2. Smart water leak detector system installation takes little time and effort.

As mentioned earlier, certain shut off valves must be installed by a skilled handyman if cutting into a water line is required. For you it might be a hectic work but for a plumbing professional, however, this is as simple as installing a standard brass valve.

The specific shut off valves vary from brand to brand, but they are available in standard residential sizes or variations for easy & quick installation.

When the shut off valves and other components are installed, the smart water leak detector system installation is usually done through the compatible app on your or your customer’s mobile phone, tablet or computer. This allows you and your customers to go for the settings and preferences based on their requirements.

3. It can integrate with other smart products.

Although it depends on the brand, your or your customers can assimilate their smart leak detector system with other smart home gadgets. This will help to upgrade their smart home and further enhance their security. Smart home product integrations include:

Thermostats – A very popular smart home gadget that provides smart leak detection assimilation is the Google Nest thermostat. When combined with a smart leak detector, this makes it possible for customers to control their HVAC unit from anywhere they go.

Smart speakers – Certain smart leak detectors provide Voice assistant skills. Just by a simple voice command, you & your customers can control the water in their house at their jurisdiction.